What in the world do they want?

Anti-capitalists and anarchists who laid siege to Hamburg must be dealt with

Matthias Schrader/Associated Press Members of the “black bloc” light flares as riot police arrive in a street during a protest against the G20 summit in Hamburg, northern Germany, on July 7. The leaders of the Group of 20 met July 7 and 8.

If this holy mess had happened in America, it would’ve led the news for weeks: Hamburg, Germany, aflame and in shards, with nearly 500 police injured, due to left-wing rioting at the recent G20 Summit.


Instead, the increasingly trivial, irrelevant, goofy American media were atwitter and agog that President Trump had the audacity to send his daughter Ivanka to sit in for him at one G20 meeting.

As others have pointed out, if that had been Chelsea Clinton sitting in for a President Clinton, the media would’ve been fawning over the empowerment of a woman. Oh well.

Meanwhile, a growing international disorder of anarchists and anti-capitalists laid waste to yet another gathering of the world’s leading economies and successful, civilized nations.

Why? Who are these people, and what in the world do they want? Clearly it’s not freedom. And, like their kindred left-wing agitators in the United States, they don’t seem to care much for free and fair elections, at least when said elections don’t go their way. As if communism is so much more attractive an alternative.

Do authorities around the world not notice when these people jump from summit to summit, country to country, continent to continent, after having emptied out the shelves at BlackCladGoonGear.com? Why can’t they be identified and stopped at the border (outside of the European Union, anyway, where passports are required to border hop)?

And what’s with the international media calling these “protests”? If these are just protests, why are the “protesters” so often masked and armed?

These poor little “protesters” in Hamburg blocked streets, smashed windows, trashed cars, set fires, pelted police with bottles and more, and even pointed lasers at police in a helicopter, injuring the pilots’ eyes.

They branded their violent tantrum “Welcome to Hell.” Perhaps. But it’s a hell of their own making, no one else’s.

“Hell” organizer Andreas Blechschmidt explained that the fury was over the belief “that G20 policies worldwide are responsible for hellish conditions like hunger, war and the climate disaster.” The Welcome to Hell website promised action “against the patriarchal and capitalist state of affairs.”

There you have it – in their own words. They’re against free markets. That means they’re either for some form of communism or sheer anarchy.

And seeing their repeated behavior over years and years of traveling the world only to destroy it, it’s not a stretch to believe they see anarchy as a legitimate, acceptable option.

Which is, not to put too fine a point on it, insane.

But what’s even crazier is that the free world is putting up with it. Over and over and over and over.

Again, why don’t the G20 nations make a point of arresting, fingerprinting, identifying, watch-listing and prosecuting every one of these shiftless ne’er-do-wells?

Perhaps here’s one reason they don’t: They’re just not all that committed to protecting Western civilization. President Trump expressed unabashed support for Western values in his Poland speech – and was oddly pilloried by the left for having done so. Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart’s response was headlined, “Trump’s white-nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw.”

There you have it. It’s racist to defend your civilization. So, as Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake suggested for her own city in 2015, maybe our leaders should just give “those who wish to destroy” the “space to do that.”

Not everyone is so suicidally tolerant, thank God.

“Allies of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel,” wrote British newspaper The Guardian, “have called for new curbs on leftwing extremists, including a Europe-wide register, after her decision to hold the G20 world leaders’ summit in Hamburg ended in violent clashes and injuries to nearly 500 police officers.”

German justice minister Heiko Maas promised more money for combatting left-wing extremists – while also throwing up his hands and pledging no more world leaders’ summits in any German city.

“Germany has reached a historic high point in terms of politically-motivated violence,” Maas said.

Added German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière: “The events surrounding the G20 summit must be a turning point in our view of the leftwing scene’s readiness to use violence.”

You think?

Patrick Paarman, a spokesman for Saxony-Anhalt’s police force, said many officers may need post-traumatic stress disorder. “There were large numbers of violent people, whose main goal was to kill or injure police, or to cause maximum damage,” he said.

Let this be a lesson to the United States: It cannot shrug off the leftist violence seen in recent months in such places as Berkeley.

And until the West, and in particular Europe, deals with it in earnest, the anarchists will get just what they want.




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