Bottom Line: VA Firings

How many federal government scandals and outrages have there been in the past 35 years or so? Can you even count them? In contrast, when was the last time the federal bureaucracy was held accountable in any significant way?

Sure, there’s the occasional bureaucrat caught in such a high-profile net that he just can’t escape culpability — such as former General Services Administration official Jeffrey Neely, partying lavishly on the taxpayer’s dime and photographed in a Las Vegas bathtub with libations nearby. But even he only received “a term of imprisonment (three months) and fine at the low end of the guideline range.” Not since President Reagan broke the illegal PATCO union strike has the bureaucracy seen mass accountability. Until now.

The Trump administration has fired over 500 Department of Veterans Affairs employees and suspended another 200 and demoted another 33.

Mr. Trump meant it when he said he’d start fixing the agency, and thank heaven.



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