Dear Mr. President

File/Associated Press President Donald Trump talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan after the House pushed through a health care bill in May. The president needs to take hold of both himself and his agenda to see it through.

Dear Mr. President,


There’s a running gag in the disaster spoof movie Airplane in which deadpan passenger Leslie Nielsen repeatedly opens the cockpit door and tells the crew in crisis, “I just want to tell you both, good luck and we’re all counting on you.”

That’s our more serious message to you today, Mr. President. We’re all counting on you.

Even those who didn’t support your election, and bitterly oppose you to this day, are counting on you – whether they cherish the thought or not. This country, this economy, needs you.

With mighty executive powers and a robust bully pulpit, presidents have a singular capability to harness the political winds and alter lives and reshape the nation. Because of America’s vast influence, that carries the potential to buffet billions around the globe.

No other individual in human history had so much sway over so many.

And, as seen in The Lord of the Rings and like literature, awesome power can either reveal character or change it.

As a newspaper company that heartily endorsed your election, Mr. Trump, we believe you want only the best for America – and, notably, for each American. It’s interesting, and sad, to see so many on the left try to paint you as racist when, in fact, we believe you’ve shown your heart to be quite the opposite. Those who won’t give you a chance are largely only hurting themselves.

Further, your background as a businessman has taught you how unique and imperative our individual liberty is – and how crucial it is to unleash pent-up potential by cutting the shackles of taxation and regulation and letting us live our lives as we choose.

As we write this, we’re confident you’re going to do just that. And we can’t wait.

Of course, Republicans in Congress have been more than slothful in putting your agenda into action. They seem to have forgotten why we elected you. They’d better wake up and get their job done.

As for Democrats – we’ve never seen such mass animus toward a president. They’ve yet to accept the election results, and never will. And they’re in the early stages of what looks to be a four-year – perhaps eight year – virtual sit-in. They seem to have ceased all efforts to help govern. They find it more appealing to merely protest and obstruct.

It all comes down to you, Mr. President.

No pressure, mind you.

Ironically, as breathtakingly powerful as a president is, it’s all the more illuminating to consider his limitations. Paradoxically, though he has the most power of any individual in history, in many ways he has less than the CEO you used to be.

It is beyond an elected president, in this country anyway, to order his universe as completely as a CEO often can. There are political and judicial forces that form a formidable headwind. And while the media should merely be a questioner, these days they seem more of an executioner.

Where a CEO can command, a president must persuade. And even when a president has the power to do something, it’s sometimes best he not – such as the firing of the head of an agency, the FBI, that is investigating your associates.

Now it’s been reported that the special counsel appointed to head the Russia probe is also investigating whether you committed obstruction of that inquiry.

While many of our conservative friends are crying witch hunt – understandably, perhaps, since there’s not a shred of evidence you colluded with the Russians in last year’s election – both the special prosecutor and his reported investigation of you are a direct result of your own actions, most notably the firing of James Comey.

And your tweets.

We realize you feel Twitter is the best way to get around the hostile media to the people. No doubt. But in many cases you’ve become your own worst enemy – distracting all of us from your accomplishments and plans, stoking the opposition, and keeping your administration’s own bugaboos going.

We beg you, Mr. President: Put down the smart phone and pick up the mantle that has been handed to you. Quit fanning the flames that others have set at your doorstep. Let the inquiries go on while you laugh off your critics’ derision, as your predecessor was so adept at doing, and focus like a laser on improving our lives. Replace the nosediving Obamacare, reform and lower our taxes to get our economy moving briskly again, and don’t be dissuaded from keeping us safe.

You’re on the right track. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked.

Good luck, Mr. President. We’re all counting on you.

Jayce James 8 days ago
Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own counsel: Stephen Ryan, of McDermott, Will & Emery. When your lawyer hires a lawyer, chances are the "Winning" is over. When the orange buffoon promised more jobs, who knew he meant in the legal profession?
chas cushman 7 days ago
three and half more yrs of Trump and then 8 yrs of Pence. Don't let your head explode. LOL

William O. Darby 6 days ago
You DID mean to say, seven and a half more years of Trump, didn't you Chas...???
William O. Darby 7 days ago
When your lawyer hires a lawyer, chances are the winning is over."
No, JJ, when that happens, someone is just demonstrating that they are a lot smarter than their ill informed critics.

Jayce James 8 days ago
Days to hit a 60% disapproval rating:
Carter: Never
Reagan: Never
H.W. Bush: Never
Clinton: Never
W. Bush: 1,756
Obama: Never
Trump: 144
But The Chronicle loves this guy.
Val White 7 days ago

The skewed questions these liberal polls pose are no guideline to put any faith in as witnessed during the campaign.

Liberal poll takers love to ask gotcha questions to end up with the outcome they engineer.

Dee STAFFORD 7 days ago
When the people who voted for him are polled, 96% say they will vote for him again. Rasmussen latest poll has him at 50% approval.  There is nothing he can do that would get 30-40% of the people to support him because they are brainwashed by the left.
chas cushman 7 days ago
yeap, the same poll that said the lying amoral old ugly hag was going to be our next president.
go take your meds
William O. Darby 7 days ago
OzBama - Never, but then he never really accomplished anything.
Carter - Ditto (Other than giving away the Panama Canal)
Clinton - Ditto, until the GOP took control of Congress.

it's never about being liked, it's about getting to the objective.

The Trumpster steps on a lot of toes, but he sure does get things done doesn't he? 

Even when his own party drags their butts.  And it's not his fault that your side controls the polling apparatus.

You people can't win, and you DON'T KNOW HOW to lose with dignity.

Angie Hicks 6 days ago
From the same pollsters who said Hillary would win in a landslide.
Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
An excellent and spot on editorial....with two exceptions.  I can understand how even the most conservative among us can have differing--and erroneous--positions on these two issues.

First, I don't think Trump had any option but to fire Comey.  He had failed to respond to a request from the president to track down the source of the leaks by refusing to do so.  We now know why because he was one of the leakers.

Second, he refused to put out the information that the president was not being investigated for the Russian collusion knowing that the president was not involved.  On three occasions he told the president he was not under investigation and he withheld that information in order to make the president appear involved.

Third, he should have been fired for the way he handled the Clinton investigation alone.  Comey acted as the judge and the juror rather that the sole role of the FBI to be an investigative agency.  He overstepped his bounds and duties.

The bottom line is Comey was acting like he was totally independent of Executive Branch and was going rogue with his anti-Trump agenda.
Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
The second thing I believe the editorial is off base is the tweets and I can readily understand how people can honestly believe that.

I see Trump as someone cut from different cloth that standard politicians and he believes tweets do two things: One they allow him to go directly to the  people with no filtering and political correct screening.  Granted, sometimes they would appear to have been better if they had been screened; but, that ain't Trump who says what's on his mind.

The other thing tweets do is throwing a morning bone to the media who will chase them like a cat after a laser dot on the wall or a Lab chasing a tennis ball.  It's like he gets up and says, "Here boy.  Go get it." and then watches them scurry off like the two animals above.
Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Dee, i agree with your assessment on the tweets. I liken it to Trump is and has been playing chess, while everyone else thinks they are in a checker game. 

Another point, when the democrats and pundits are complaining, it means one thing. They don't like it because it causes them problems.
And another. Has anyone heard the dem's say anything bad about Mueller being special counsel? If he was anywhere near the middle as all suggest, they would be screaming.
Jayce James 8 days ago
In the next 36-48 hours, a big story regarding Trump/Russia will hit the news.
David Jefferson 8 days ago
CNN runs a new one every day. Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to make that "prediction".
Val White 7 days ago
Even after it has been proven there is NO there there, you uninformed libs will still keep believing these false allegations. 
William O. Darby 7 days ago
Considering that the lefty-loonies control the news, that would be no great shock.

The surprise would be if it DIDN'T happen.

The bottom line is, THERE'S NO THERE, THERE. 
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
And when the story DOESN'T hit the news, will you stop bringing up this Russia nonsense?
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
No she will not. She is just repeating the talking points of the clueless leaders of her party.
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
That will be that there is no story. You lost, get over it until the next election.
Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
The editorial is right about the difficulty of a CEO adjusting to the tremendous inertia in people responding to his wishes. 

This is nothing new.  President Eisenhower said when he was a general there was instance response to his  orders whereas the responses to his utterances as president were much slower...if at all.

This is the way it is with all large organizations.  General Creighton Abrams said when as head of the Army as the Chief of Staff it was like being at the helm of a ship and it took all his  strength to change the course of the ship one degree.

The great thing about Trump and his experience as a highly successful CEO is his ability to compartmentalize and not dwell on things.  He will do one task, meeting or event and then put it out of his mind as he moves to the next thing to do.

Based on my reading of history, I believe President Trump has  assembled the best cabinet in the history of America.  His business experience has shown him that people should be put in positions because of their expertise and merit to do the job with the best interest of America rather than party or special interest groups in mind.

 This is in direct contrast to what previous presidents, especially Democrats, have done to please political parties, special interests, political correctness and diversity.

Trump has adjusted well to the lack of instant responsiveness to his wishes as compared to being a CEO.  Even with that, he is getting a tremendous number of things done that are making America Great Again even thought they are not covered by the media.
Johnny Rio 7 days ago
Going along with Dee, the tweets are misunderstood by many much as the Trump led revolution was missed by even some of the most ardent conservatives. Many of us, early on, saw the movement he represented to stop the insanity of growing socialism.

Trump is a populist who understands TV and social media. He is able to get his message out and create interest, and excitement  even when he Is being slammed by the mainstream liberal media. View his presidency and tweets in the draining the swamp way they are intended. 

William Harpine 7 days ago
Never seen such animus? Have you forgotten birtherism? Merrick Garland? Good grief. 
Johnny Rio 7 days ago
So because Republicans wouldn't vote for confirmation of a liberal Supreme Court Justice, it's somehow equivalent to the insane violent attacks on them? Good grief.
Val White 7 days ago

Yep, two perceived wrongs make a right.    Have you forgotten who started the birther movement (Hillary's campaign).  Have you forgotten who started the business of not allowing a president to appoint a SC Justice in his last year in office?  That was Harry Reid. 

In other words, the left can do it and it's overlooked, swept under the rug, ignored or denied.  But let a Republican take the path the democrats carved and the left uses it for a justification of obstruction. 

And the left wonders why conservatives don't bother to watch the MSM????

David Jefferson 7 days ago
Mr. Harpine, are you seriously comparing the Media Controlled Anti-Trump frenzy with the kid gloves Obama got? 
Val White 7 days ago

Mr. Trump is still learning the underhandedness of politicians and, no doubt, is listening a little more to his advisors.

if the MSM were honest reporters, they would be touting the accomplishments Trump has made in his short time in office instead of lying about him, his administration, and reporting unsubstantiated, anonymous allegations.

JEAN BARNEY 7 days ago
The Trump Train.has stolen the media"s cheese as a result of Twitter. I am happy for that! 
Continue to use Twitter Mr. President.
This paper is slowly dying given the recent reduction in news pages, the ads out weighing news pages, and the recent increase in subscriber prices.
Before our eyes we are witnessing the withering away of "The Oldest Newspaper in the South.". 

John Barney
William O. Darby 7 days ago
You got that right! 

I'm thinking that at some point, in desperation, the Chronicle is gonna announce that they're going all digital. 

Don't know what the wife will do then. I think sometimes that she believes a keyboard is something you hang your keys on.

Don't get me wrong. She's a smart woman, just something of a luddite. 

And she loves her morning paper. 
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
William, I think I like your family. I agree with your insight and facts from your post, but I agree with your wife, I like to hold the paper with my morning coffee.
Tom Taber 7 days ago
Great Editorial, but I have two comments.  First, I think he should keep right on tweeting.  I think he uses it as a direct, uncensored, uninterpreted link to the American people.  He bypasses the media.  It infuriates his opponents (including the media) but his "regular people" love it.  Second, firing the FBI Director was a good thing and a necessary thing.  The mistake he made was waiting too long.  He should have trusted his instincts and he should continue to do so.  Frankly, I think he's done a remarkable job, so far, and I hope he has the courage and tenacity to hang in there.  It won't be easy, but he may be the only person now in politics who can pull it off.
I agree, it's fun beyond compare to see his toadies say one thing, trying to calm the waters and then have the Red Faced Idiot shoot out a Tweet that shoots them and himself in the foot. Like When he admitted on film to trying to commit adultery and when he confessed to obstruction of justice in the Holt interview. He's stupid.
Tom Taber 7 days ago
"Red Faced idiot."  "stupid."  You enlightened democrats sure love to call names and sling insults as a preferred method of communicating your thoughts.  No wonder normal people have abandoned the democrat party.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
Imagine the response if someone had posted something about "the black faced idiot" just 7 months ago.
Ruth Matterson 7 days ago
Yes, Mr. President, keep right on tweeting!
William O. Darby 7 days ago
Oh, he will, he certainly will. 

It's the only way to get past the filters of the left wing media.
cb freeman 7 days ago
All things which so helped Trump become president continue not 
only unabated  , but with even more vitriolic  bloodlust and hate  from the party 
of intolerance & hate . 
Please don't change a thing  , and we will gladly  give you as much rope as ya'll need .
Jayce James 7 days ago
This morning, The President woke up to news that 7 US sailors have died. He has chosen to tweet about witch hunts and poll numbers.
Val White 7 days ago

After an assassination attempt on one of our congressmen, the MSM is bringing up the phony Russia thing again instead of talking about Sen. Scalise's family.

Nothing else to call what the dems are doing but witch hunts.

What amazes me is that the FACT that the guy had a history, this was a nutcase, and Republican rhetoric was the excuse.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
Care to share what that history was?
William O. Darby 6 days ago
Nutcase yes,  A Bernie Sanders volunteer nutcase.
Tom Taber 7 days ago
Unlike you, the President won't politicize the loss of the seven sailors.  He will mourn their loss with great reverence and he will assure their families are supported to meet their needs.  Normal people don't seek to gain political advantage via the death of American servicemen as you have chosen to do.
You don't really believe that DO you? He's politicized every other tragedy, here and anywhere else he could! Oh, I forgot, Republicans subscribe to "alternate facts".
David Jefferson 7 days ago
Priessman, Trump could personally cure cancer and hand you a tax free check for $1,000,000 and you would still complain. 
William O. Darby 6 days ago
And he offers his prayers and condolences for the victims and their families, but somehow, about that time, your moron filter kicked in and so you missed that part.
Tom Golden 7 days ago
Trump is behaving like the narcissistic buffoon that anyone who hadn't willfully deluded themselves could see he has always been.

Why the ACES, or anyone else for that matter, is surprised by this is a perpetual head-scratcher.

Nothing has made my opinion of the intelligence of the far right plummet like their continued belief that Trump was ever a serious candidate, or that he could lead any organization that wasn't made up of anything but Yes-men. 

Throughout the campaign he repeatedly demonstrated that he had no serious policy ideas, and no coherent political identity or philosophy. His understanding of the world appeared to come primarily from being spoon-fed what to think by the conservative arm of the MSM -- and sorry ACES, no matter how much you try to paint it as the bogeyman "other," YOU are the MSM too.

The disappointment you are experiencing with Trump is the result of building him up in your head to be something he never was. 
Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Gee Tommy, great job of sizing up our candidate, doesn't say much for your side, cause he beat yawl handily. Maybe in 8 years you all can manufacture something after lying to the public.
Tom Golden 7 days ago
More people voted for Clinton than Trump, genius. If "yawl" think Trump's electoral college win represents some kind of voter mandate, then you're a little confused. 
Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Tommy, come on, you're smarter than that. The founders set up the electoral  college for a reason. But , hey most of you all wouldn't understand, I guess!!
William O. Darby 7 days ago
As long as the Socialist-Democrats can use taxpayer fund to provide EBT and 70 other programs to leaches, said leaches will vote by the millions for them as payback.

That's why "more" people (leaches) voted for Clinton's wife. AKA, the whiner.
chas cushman 6 days ago
LBJ said, I will have them ni**ers voting for the democrat party for the next two hundred yrs.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
He played by the rules and won.  If a football team gets 5000 yards rushing but still can't cross the goal line, the other team wins.  We have rules...and they were followed.  YOUR candidate chose not to campaign in vital areas.
William O. Darby 6 days ago
No, she was too stupid and low energy to campaign in several states.

Trump would visit three states during the same time she made it to just one. After which, she retire to rest a day or two before going back out.
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
hrc did win by 3 million votes, but take away the far left cal and ny votes and Trump wins by several million. Maybe ny and cal should start  their own country.
William O. Darby 7 days ago
"Nothing has made my opinion of the intelligence of the far right plummet like their continued belief that Trump was ever a serious candidate, or that he could lead any organization that wasn't made up of anything but Yes-men." 
And yet he has been wildly successful while you.....?

|Just what have you done?
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
"Nothing has made my opinion of the intelligence of the far right plummet like their continued belief that Trump was ever a serious candidate...."

Well....he beat YOUR candidate.

B. M. Michales 5 days ago
tom, we are not disappointed in Trump. That is just some more of the msm talking points.
BRAD KYZER 7 days ago
Trump is probably the finest conman to ever occupy the White House. About the best compliment I could ever give. Hope and pray the American people don't get numbed down or dumbed down to accepting his idea of what our country should be like. The real America is a far better place than what Trump is selling.
Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Bradley you keep  getting things partly right, like the conman thing. He just left office and can't help yawl anymore. Oh my bad, he's the reason the democrats don't have any control anymore.
BRAD KYZER 7 days ago
Understand Trumps support is solidifying, kinda like a cow patty out in a pasture for a few days, then the stink bugs come and roll it away. We can hope.
Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Bradley there you go again, that hope thing. obama ran a campaign on it. Don't you remember Hope and Change, to funny, kinda didn't work out. SAD!!
BRAD KYZER 7 days ago
Old Trumpy Dumpty is the one doing most of the hoping right now. He hopes Robert Mueller doesn't nail him for obstruction. He hopes his Russian mess goes away sometime in the next few years. He hopes he doesn't step in something new to stink up his world, but that's doubtful.
William O. Darby 6 days ago
Do you and AA share the same underpaid writer?
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
When the Russia and obstruction thing is over will you promise to quit posting for 3 months if nothing is found?
William O. Darby 7 days ago
"We can hope."

And you should do that. After all, you can't win without cheating (ask Bernie) and you can't lose with dignity.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
Seems like every one of Brad's criticisms of Trump are nothing more than childish name calling.  Is that all you really have?
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
Yep you sound like the hope and dream type.
William O. Darby 6 days ago
"Trump is probably the finest conman to ever occupy the White House"
While Hillary was more like the tallest midget in the show.
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
I think you forgot about the community organizer that never held a real job, now that was a con job.
Nancy Albert 7 days ago
I think Trump throws diversionary stink bombs to the bottom-feeders. Then, they are too busy with the character assassination to notice that he's getting a whole lot done and the liberals don't even know about it.
Ruth Matterson 7 days ago
Anyone, including the ACES, who did not call out Trump for his birtherism lie for five or more years has ceded any right to complain about Trump detractors.  You didn't mind it when he and conservative talk show jocks built a following by trying to delegitimize Obama by calling him a Muslim, a non-American and such foolishness.  

For someone who had a denigrating name for all of his political opponents (lying Ted, Lil' Marco), Trump is mighty thin-skinned. And so are his supporters.  For the record, I am giving Mr. Trump the same chance these ACES posters gave the last president. We endured your vitriol for eight years; you NEVER accepted that Obama was elected twice by electoral and popular votes but now you plead for non-Trump voters to give him a chance.  

Angie Hicks 6 days ago
"We endured your vitriol for eight years;" many Democratic law makers were shot by Republicans?

And for the record....just who didn't accept that Obama got elected.  I for one accepted it....I didn't like it, but I accepted it.  Big difference.
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
bho is a muslim.
Ruth Matterson 7 days ago
 My mantra has never been to treat others the way they treat me, but I must say it is rich to read pleas from conservatives asking others to do what they have not been willing to do when someone other than their party occupies the WH. 

if you want a more civil electorate, start with the person in the mirror.  It works.
William O. Darby 7 days ago
The loser, Nancy Pelosi said the shooting at the ballpark was caused by Trump's disrespectful tone during his campaign.

Wonder just how far back she would be willing to go.

The next day the Democratic-leaning Chicago Times observed, "The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dish-watery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States.....

The date was November 20th 1863 and the president was Abe Lincoln and the "dish-watery utterance" was a reference to the Gettysburg Address, held up today as one of (if not the) the greatest speeches ever given.

The Dems hateful rhetoric goes way, way back.

William O. Darby 7 days ago
Are you certain that "mantra" is the word you meant to use, TM?
FRANKIE MAY 5 days ago
This was a very good editorial.  You hit the major points.


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