A national news crisis

Media covering Trump should take deep breath, stick to facts

The media and Democrats, someone else noted, have become like car alarms: honking the horns so much that people have started ignoring them.


We don’t know at this point whether the Trump administration is, indeed, causing a national news crisis seemingly every day – or if the media are going on and on about nothing.

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“Mainstream” news outlets were whirring that the republic was teetering this week because Trump spilled some intelligence beans about ISIS to the Russians in an Oval Office meeting. Officials at the meeting dispute the anonymously sourced news account.

Then there’s the Comey Memo, which alleges Mr. Trump suggested that the FBI director make the probe against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn go away. Obstruction? Or, if true, an innocent hope for an innocent, beleaguered friend? We just don’t know – and it may simply be in the eye of the beholder.

Either way, of course, if he even broached the probe with then-FBI Director Comey, it’s a complete blunder by the president. Surely even a non-politician such as Mr. Trump should realize the impropriety of even hinting that an investigation of his campaign should be swept away.

Still, even months into all these contretemps, one has to wonder how much fire there is to go with all this smoke.

In any case, the nation’s capital is nearly incapacitated by it all; Democrats issue new calls for investigations and impeachment almost daily – and threaten to hold the vacant FBI post hostage until there’s a special prosecutor; and work-weary Americans come home each night to new allegations and partisan attacks that seem to shake the very core of the country’s foundation.

How much longer can we go on this way?

Again, how much of this is Trump stumbling – and how much should he be forgiven it, as our first non-politician/military veteran president – and how much are the kneejerk media being manipulated by Trump enemies across the aisle and inside the shadowy bureaucracy and intelligence “community”?

Again, we just don’t know.

We wish the national media would, as former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw implored, take a deep breath, calm down and stick to facts.

To that we would simply add: There’s never been a greater danger of reporters being used by disgruntled and ill-intentioned government workers under the cloak of anonymity. Remember: In many ways, the entrenched, murky bureaucracy is what our first true citizen-president has been sent to Washington to do battle with.

As journalists ourselves, we’ve occasionally availed ourselves of sources who felt compelled to remain unnamed for their safety. But it’s been done sparingly, and never under such an electrical storm of partisan warfare.

Maybe it’s time the anonymous sources in Washington started standing up and being held accountable for their leaks and allegations.

In any event, everyone involved in this Kabuki dance – from the president to his staff to the federal workforce to the news media – need to be more cautious than they ever have been in their lives.

The stability of our nation seems to rest on it.

Jayce James 12 days ago
"No politician in history has ever been treated as unfairly".
William O. Darby 11 days ago
And some posters never think before they reach for the keyboard.
Jayce James 12 days ago
Angie Hicks 12 days ago
Not relevant to the topic, and tasteless.
William O. Darby 12 days ago
Angie - You expected common sense?
Johnny Rio 12 days ago
Your link is in Spanish. Figures.

The media has gone crazy and plays off of made up stories for days. The good news is they don't really touch Trump. It's actually fun to me watching the snowflake hysterics with the liberal news media. I have not seen one substantive thing with all these illegal leaks to the Wash. Post and NY Times.
Jayce James 12 days ago
A Special Counsel has been appointed. His name is Robert Mueller. This newspaper is late on everything.  Trump has something Nixon never had. Immunity from a GOP Congress.
Angie Hicks 12 days ago
Immunity from what?
Johnny Rio 12 days ago
So give up now and melt away.
Val White 12 days ago
There's been ZERO proof of any crime, so Trump doesn't need immunity.
Jayce James 12 days ago
The press has no subpoena power. Let Mueller do his job.
Johnny Rio 12 days ago
Comey's notes over the past few years will be interesting. Especially those dealing with Obama and Hillary. Do you think Obama telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin he would have more flexibility to negotiate on issues like missile control and to give him space was collusion with the Russians?
Val White 12 days ago
Of course, you'll get no response on BHOs collusion with Russia.  Whatever the left does is okay even to the point of putting our nation in peril.
William O. Darby 12 days ago
No subpoena power but they do a darn good job of character assassination on conservatives. 
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
The press, like you, can and does lie with Impunity.
Jayce James 12 days ago
"No politician in history has ever been treated as unfairly".
Donald J Trump
commencement address
May 17, 2017
US Coast Guard Academy 
New London, Conn.
Mr President, JF Kennedy is on line 1
Mr. President, A Lincoln is on line 2
Mr. President, Julius Caesar is on line 3
Mr. President, are you taking any calls today?
Does anyone in this town follow the news?
Jerry Whitcomb 12 days ago
Yep....I follow the news. Not worried a bit. Don't think Mueller will find anything....but if he does......our fall back position is Pence. Same policies, more palatable......and can serve out Trump's term and STILL be re-elected for 2 more terms.

We are not worried a bit. Hopefully having Mueller will free up the FBI and Justice Department to reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation and investigate the Obama administration illegal surveillance and unmasking.
William O. Darby 12 days ago
"Not worried a bit."
Well, I am.

The Democrat/Socialist game plan is to grind down progress and accomplishment by this administration by constantly throwing up new and groundless allegations and charges.  These will be picked up by the leftist media and talked to death.

If they can keep this going for another eighteen months or so, (not that hard to do) the public will get so tired of it, they will likely, out of disgust, vote out enough conservatives to shift the balance of power in Congress. (Again, the game plan.)

At that point, welcome back to the dreaded deadlocked government. A condition that the lefty-loonies thrive in. From that point on, all lack of progress is blamed on Republicans and that charge is enthusiastically reinforced by the media.

And we are back to becoming a large scale version of Venezuela.
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
If REAL conservatives stop giving "lip service", act accordingly to the tenets of the U.S. Constitution and use it to it's fullest capacity against the anarchist left, we will have peace on Earth. The time has come to CRUSH the democratic party by any means (legally).
Jim Campbell 12 days ago
Pence, you think so ... you obviously haven't looked into his past record.  Hahaha!!!
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
I, personally, don't give a rat's a** about Vice-president Mike Pence's past. It's his and my future that I care about.
William O. Darby 11 days ago
And "obviously" neither have you!
William O. Darby 12 days ago
Just wondering, what moron would logically attempt to compare the murder of a sitting leader by a psychopathic killer, to a "political" assassination of a politician by the press.

And when too, has murder of a human being ever been evaluated (by anyone) as either "fair" or "unfair"?

Ms. James, Dr. Freud is on line 4. 

Jim Campbell 12 days ago
No, if anything they follow FOX which is "shallow" and pervertd.  They live in their own alternate reality.
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
You are correct. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength and good sense to see the real picture with FOX NEWS.
Angie Hicks 12 days ago
What have they reported that is not true?
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
Yep, we follow the NEWS. What is it that you follow?
Roland SASSER 12 days ago
I wonder when the Democrats and their lap dog media sensing the end of Trump will begin their assault on Mike Pence. The sad reality is House Speaker Ryan would become VP and that's not good. Let the Special Counsel do his job. When are the Trump advisors and the Republican Party going to figure out that every photo, uttered word, innuendo, tweet, hand shake, etc. will be presented in the most negative way possible. 
chas cushman 12 days ago
Trump has his faults but he is a 1000x better than the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung and the corrupt amoral old hag.

ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
Every person who served in the brobama administration should be prosecuted for complicity before, during or after the fact of abetting criminal activity. Drain the swamp.
Val White 12 days ago

When it comes to a leak and accusation that may lead to impeachment or prosecution, the leaker should be required by law to come forward and disclose how and where s/he received the information that was leaked.

The left will continue throughout the next four years to make phony accusations and use anonymous sources as their reason for calling for one investigation after another. 

Even when none of the left's accusations are proven, they will point to all these phony "scandals" as if they were real in 2018 in an effort to win seats back in congress.

ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
It's simply time to CRUSH the democratic party.
Dee STAFFORD 12 days ago
First, if the president had committed obstruction of justice in his conversation with Comey, then  Comey is guilty of a crime in he did not report it within 24 hours.

What if the president said, "I like to see this investigation wrapped up as soon as possible so we can get on with other things."?  That is not a crime or obstruction of justice or pressure.

Now, the Washington Post is going on sources who were not in the room and don't even work for the government.  The  media is also going on a "memo" read over the phone by an unknown source.  They have not even verified if the memo exists or if it says what the "source'' says it does.

Let's just understand the long knives of the media, the Democrats, the entire left, nevertrumpers on the right, and the establishment Republicans who are concerned about their fiefdoms --in essence, everyone in the swamp--to destroy Trump.

Trump is doing what he said he would  do: go in and attack the establishment who has been ruining the country for decades.  He is the wrecking ball and was God's chaos candidate to fix America.
Dee STAFFORD 12 days ago
As to the meeting with the Russians in the White House.  There is classified information that we can share with foreigners. There are some things which are classified "NOFORN" which means they are not to be shared with foreigners.

However, there are instances when we share Top Secret and below information with foreign governments and military.

The president has the authority to share and declassified and reduce the classification of intelligence information.

What this is all about is the enemies of Trump are saying, "See, he is so dumb he can't even handle classified information."  Nothing is being said about the intentional putting classified information over unsecured servers as Clinton had done.
Dee STAFFORD 12 days ago
I think President Trump needs to go address the American people and tell all of his many accomplishments so far, what his plans and proposals are, and that he wants the American people to contact their representatives and senators and tell them to get moving and pass the things he has proposed in order to Make America Great Again. 

Remind the people he was sent to DC to  drain the swamp and he needs their help.

I think it maybe time for Prebius, Trump's chief of staff, to go. A good and strong chief of staff would have been able to run a more disciplined administration than he has.  Apparently, he does not have control of the people working in the White House as he should.  Perhaps, Newt should be called for the job.
Val White 12 days ago
I have a feeling Trump and Newt would have clashed too much, but you're certainly right about Mr. Priebus.  I like him and respect him, but he doesn't seem to have what it takes to keep Trump from saying the wrong things.
BRAD KYZER 12 days ago
What Trump is doing now was totally predictable. His whole life he has been able to bully people and get away with it. What we now have in the White House is a person with the emotional stability of a first grader with an anger management problem. At first I thought he did and said stupid stuff as well attacked people for effect. Truth of the matter is he can't control himself . Most scary is he has nuclear codes. I agree with other writer , whining in front of graduates of one of our service academy's was in extremely bad taste for someone who is supposed to be commander and chief.
William O. Darby 12 days ago
The immature, accusing someone else of being immature. And here we go AGAIN with the dreaded "he has nuclear codes".

I guess that's supposed to scare us.

Guess what Brad? The little mental nut-case in Pyongyang (the guy with the really bad haircut) has nukes, threatens to use them each and every day. You don't seem the least bit worried about him. I'm betting that psycho keeps the button to launch his nukes in his hip pocket. No codes required.

Is it because he runs a socialist dictatorship that you admire and trust him more than Trump? 
BRAD KYZER 12 days ago
Can't imagine who would admire the guy in North Korea, doesn't make me feel better having Trump as the one dealing with him. Don't know about the maturity thing you can be the judge. Assure you if I were in his position, I would not be whining like a baby at a commencement address or sitting around tweeting out insults because I got my feelings hurt. Time to be a big boy.
William O. Darby 11 days ago
Well, right now, Brad, your choice is between your legally elected government and chaos. In effect, between Trump and people such as Kim. Between the coal miners of West Virginia and the Ninjas of USC Berkeley.

The fantasy about impeaching Trump is just that, an elusive dream.  He will serve at least four years. What happens in 2020 will be up to him (and his opposition) but it would be nice to see our politicians work within the system. 

We are closer than you might imagine to seeing fistfights on the House or Senate floor. What ever happened to civility?  We need more diplomacy and less raw, agenda driven politics.

As for Trump's "whining", I've complained about that once or twice myself on these pages, but I don't see it as a major issue.

At times he comes across like Ronald Reagan, and it's very uplifting......
........then without warning, he shows us Ronald McDonald. It would be nice if he'd stop taking things so personally and grow a thicker skin.

It's obvious that he shares the same love of America that most of us have.  Given our options that's more than enough for me.
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
brad, brad, brad. Unless you have personally "analyzed" President Trump, as the other 50,000 moron psychologists, psychiatrists and psychos claim to have "arm-chair analyzed",  I trust you as much as I trust a rabid skunk.
chas cushman 12 days ago
What you say might be true but Trump is a 1000x better than the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung he replaced. Obama's 'Dreams from My Father' was the hatred of Great Britain, the USA and white men. Obama should be charged with treason. Obama would rather see this country destroy rather continue to be run by white men.
cb freeman 12 days ago
Irony of Ironies  it would be for Comey who not long ago looked into the camera and read a virtual laundry list of criminal top secret disclosures , stonewalling ,
Attempted erasing & destruction  of evidence ,  only to conclude that he could find :
                           " no criminal intent "
To now say he clearly sees criminal intent months after the fact , and yet only days after he was canned , by the very person he says he now sees the
the intent in .
ROY WHITLEY 12 days ago
The Chronicle's editorial section reminds me of the Wall Street Journal, in that they are rather sensible, but the rest, as is the WSJ, is mostly BS.
BRAD KYZER 11 days ago
Mr .Darby, see we are on the socialist thing again. When you don't agree with someone call them a socialist. 
Trivia question. When is an insult not an insult? 
The obvious answer: When it is administered by a Nazi.
ROY WHITLEY 11 days ago
brad, brad, brad- it's ok for the whacko left to refer to sensible Americans as fascists but to call you a "socialist" is a desire for me to not to have a conversation with y'all. How do you converse with turnips?
BRAD KYZER 11 days ago
Just as soon stay out of name calling.  Just responding to insult
Angie Hicks 11 days ago
You want to stay out of the name calling, yet you call other posters "nazis" and call the President a little baby.
Can you spell hypocrite?
Gary McNeal 11 days ago
Cant wait to hear MR. DARBY'S response!
Val White 11 days ago
You obviously don't know what Nazis are or you'd recognize your own party as being the ones who resemble them.
William O. Darby 11 days ago
Sorry, Brad  -  If you were to conduct yourself as a fascist, I'd call  you a fascist. If you were to conduct yourself as a sexual pervert, I'd call you a sexual pervert. If you were to conduct yourself as an anarchist, I'd call you an anarchist. If you made it clear that you didn't eat meat, I'd call you a vegetarian. 

You implicitly support socialist ideology therefore, I'm left with no alternative other than to call you what you are.  You have made it clear that you prefer that the government control and redistribute (most or all of) that which those of us opposed to you claim as the product of our own labor and investment. What else is that but socialism?  (You probably think of it as "Social justice.") A rose by any other name........?

Bernie Sander's is not shy about admitting his socialist beliefs, so what's your hang-up? Get on board before that train leaves the station.  If you don't lean socialist, then why identify (and vote) with others who do? It makes no sense.

And pardon me for noticing the obvious, but your "trivia question" is just undeniably dumb. You can take that as an insult if you like.  However, if you consider me to be a Nazi, then I'd guess that you think it's NOT in insult even though I intended it to be.

Very convoluted and conflicted reasoning.  I can see where you would be confused about your own politics. 

William O. Darby 11 days ago
"No, if anything they follow FOX which is "shallow" and pervertd.  They live in their own alternate reality."
Calling an organization that is as diverse and as complex as FNC "shallow" does nothing but identify you as unable to do more than parrot mental midgets such as "Mad Max" Maxine Waters. 

The biggest problem I see with Fox is that they have far TOO MANY leftist loons on board. That's situation that you don't see replicated (with conservative voices) on any of the rest of the major media.  Why do you suppose that is?  (I view it as the weakness of being "Fair and Balanced")

As for perverted, (I think that's the word you were searching for), you should learn to spell it.  But before you go there, check out all the perverts and sexual deviants your Socialist-Democrats keep offering up to us.
William O. Darby 11 days ago
"The time has come to CRUSH the democratic party by any means (legally)."
When they show up at conservative events wearing their black ninja outfits and masks, carrying clubs and Molotov cocktails, then it's time to abandon "legal" responses. and reply with violence.

That's a lesson we need to learn and learn fast.
William O. Darby 11 days ago
I'm just wondering....

Were Jayce and AA separated at birth?


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