An ominous insult

Students’ unwarranted contempt for a national leader doesn’t bode well

Do you get a certificate of some kind for having been brainwashed?


More and more it seems that’s what colleges should hand out.

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At Bethune-Cookman University’s commencement Wednesday, students disrespectfully and disgracefully turned their backs and tried to boo U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos off the stage.

These were not isolated protesters. Reports say 60,000 petitioners demanded beforehand that DeVos be removed as commencement speaker.

What a debasement of their own school – and what a damning indictment of American higher education today.

Moreover, the Florida chapter of the misguided and partisan NAACP called for the resignation of the college president and board chairman due to rumors that protesting students might be punished – as they very well should have been.

Historically, colleges and universities were places of boundless imagination, intrepid intellecutal exploration and robust discussion and debate.

Those days are over. Today, higher education in many places has become a thought-free “safe zone” where students demand to be protected from ideas they find frightening or foreign.

Today’s college campuses are increasingly palaces of political correctness where conservatives are unwelcome – sometimes violently and other times, such as at Bethune-Cookman, rudely, coarsely and contemptuously.

If colleges and universities aren’t going to teach their students how to think – or at least how to let information in – then surely they ought to teach manners and respect.

These deplorable incidents have become all-too-common on college campuses, as schools and the media have inundated the young with more indoctrination than doctorate. If one strays from the politically correct party line – by, for instance, promoting school choice in the face of an oppressive public school and teacher-union alliance against it – then one is not welcome. At all.

There are two tragic ironies in this particular case.

One is that people such as Sec. DeVos are fighting to bring school choice to populations that can’t otherwise afford it – well-to-do families already have it – and minority students figure heavily into that equation.

A second irony is that, of all places, one would think respect for others would be most cherished at a historically black college, given the historic lack of respect accorded African-Americans. Sadly, the students at Bethune-Cookman have just treated Ms. DeVos the way their parents and grandparents were too often treated.

What a horrible shame, and an ominous portent for the future of America.

To our liberal friends: We could use your comradeship in the furtherance of freedom, not just of speech but of thought.

As they were during the IRS’s harassment and obfuscation of conservative nonprofits in the lead-up to the 2012 election, conservatives today are under siege – this time not by the government, but by the anti-free-speech far left.

The actual violence in places such as Berkeley has been repeatedly joined by equally abhorrent violence of intimidation, threat and – as in the case of Bethune-Cookman – intransigent intolerance.

In standing up against free speech, and so disrespectfully, young people are not only limiting themselves intellectually – by refusing to listen to views that are unfamiliar or even uncomfortable – but they’re doing great harm to the republic and the civil dialogue that is its lifeblood.

Dee STAFFORD 17 days ago
Excellent editorial.

Apparently, HBC have become havens for Critical Race Theory which teach little respect for anything that does not toe the line of victimhood and anti-whiteness. 

I have  been a supporter of HBC because they gave a chance for black students who would have had a hard time adjusting to "standard" colleges a chance to learn and educate themselves; but, based on what I saw at B-C I now have no use for them and they can shut them all down as far as I'm concerned.  

It just goes to show the students who can't cut it at a standard school of higher learning do not have the social skills deserving of the higher education. 

 The same goes for about 50% of the white students in all colleges as well. College education outside the STEM fields is no longer deserving of any  support.
Johnny Rio 17 days ago
The problem of rudeness at colleges that borders on criminal behavior is not limited to HBC's. Students have become Che Guevara t-shirt wearing, red flag waving, NeoMaos attacking anyone not espousing the Party line. Decent, successful folks are hated. Betsy DeVos has donated tens of millions of dollars to schools and nonprofit organizations yet she is vilified?

They're in this alternate universe were decency and courtesy are unknown. It's a school taught socialist wonderland, where they are completely unreachable.
Jerry Whitcomb 17 days ago
You know what we have too many students.

I think we should stop the "blanket" federal student loan programs.

Federal student loans should only be given to students with the highest qualifications who will be majoring in hard degree specialties and in the numbers the Dept. of Labor certifies will be needed in that specialty in their graduating years. 

If we need doctors, IT people, and rocket scientists.....fine. If they want a degree in 17th century poetry, community organizing, or any other non-productive liberal arts degree, they had better snag that part time job bagging groceries and the Bi-Lo. 

We could also fund some two year programs to train plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, appliance repair persons, LPN's, and HVAC technicians. 
chas cushman 17 days ago
The racial hatred that has been spread by dumocrats and black leaders, like the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung, has created a lot of bitter blacks. Most of the teachers in black colleges and many in mixed colleges SPREAD racism EVERY day. Most of us have had enough.
cb freeman 17 days ago
Ignorance is bliss , unfortunately it is not without cost .
With 70% of all black children being born without both father & mother , the destruction of the black family happening in real time ,
& the chances of a black male ending up in prison rather than Bethune -Cookman is a much surer  bet  , this is the most identifiable  focus of protest being  identified & taught  by today's intellectual  narrow minds of hate  ?
The education for these young people is just beginning .
The greatest lesson yet to be learned that anyone is capable  of  dispensing injustice .
Regardless of color you are , or what environment the injustice is dispensed from .
And that " no justice , no peace "  is a doubled edged sword which can
cause self-inflicted wounds .
chas cushman 17 days ago
You are correct. The Great Society and dumocrats have destroyed a majority of black families and many white families. But blacks keep on voting for the dumocrats. I guess the dumbing down in the guvamint school has worked.


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