High-stakes cage match

Democrats are over the top while Trump has put himself over a barrel

Rarely has a world leader so quickly and easily turned a nuisance into a crisis.


Donald Trump did just that with his abrupt and poorly reasoned dismissal of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

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Certainly Mr. Comey had few fans on either side of the aisle after clumsily injecting himself into the presidential election last year. Indeed, a parade of Democrats chastised him in recent months, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

But in his oddly timed firing of Comey, while an investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is still ongoing, Mr. Trump has inadvertently opened up a new front in the war against him. And he has made it nearly impossible for his supporters to defend the firing of even a pariah such as Comey.

That’s a pretty neat little trick.

The official reason for Comey’s termination was termed “inexplicable” by conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer – and, at best, the reasoning seems contrived: that Comey mishandled the Clinton email scandal last summer.

Really? It took this long to figure that out?

By some news accounts, Mr. Trump was actually said to be livid at Comey for failing to publicly clear him in the Russia probe. If so, Trump has only added legitimacy to the investigation by lopping off its head.

Reaction by Democrats was predictably hysterical – with talk of a “cover-up,” though no crimes have even been cited, references to Watergate and calls for an independent prosecutor to look into the Trump camp’s alleged ties to Russia.

A special prosecutor appears all the more likely now. The president appears to have only made things worse for himself.

Mr. Trump could have – and should have – let the Russia inquiry take its natural course and, if he’s in the clear, let it blow over. During the pendency of the probe Comey was, for all intents and purposes, untouchable. Instead, with Comey’s firing Trump has only had the issue blow up in his face, and has ironically only put wind in the probe’s sails.

Comparisons to Watergate and the “Saturday Night Massacre” – in which President Nixon tried to forestall an investigation of him by seeking the ouster of its special prosecutor – are premature and, at this point, inapt. There’s not one shred of evidence the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians – and even Obama intelligence officials such as James Clapper have said so.

Still, firing a key official out of anger – if that’s what Trump did – would be very much Nixonian.

Even if there’s nothing to the Russia allegations, the president has carelessly given them new life. The future of the Trump presidency now feels at risk.

Likewise, over-the-top Democrats appear to be mortgaging the future of their party and betting everything on getting this president. But what happens if the Russia probe doesn’t turn up anything substantial? What will be left in the Democrat arsenal? How will they look, if not reckless and obsessed?

As this to-the-death cage match goes on in a Washington intent on cannibalizing itself, Americans must wonder: Where does this leave the rest of us?

Dee STAFFORD 19 days ago
Look, if the President of  the United States tells the head of the FBI he wants him to look into the source of leaks and also who did the unmasking the names of American citizens in intel reports and the head of the FBI refuses, he gets fired!

Nothing is going to change as to the Russian investigation .  The FBI has been incompetent under Comey.  There are a number of investigations that went on in his tenure that never was completed as they should have been.

Comey had forgotten whom he worked for in the Justice Department and got too big for his britches.  One example is the press conference he held about Clinton's emails.  The FBI is not in the business of recommending or not recommending prosecution.  It's job is to present the results of the investigation to the AG and then the AG takes from there.  Comey acted as police, judge and jury in that case and should have been fired then.

There was no good time to fire him without someone going after DJT's scalp. The yelling now shows the hypocrites that the Dimms are.

As far as McCain and his broken back mountain boy Graham, they are both Trump haters and would have preferred Clinton over DJT and will stick a knife in his back every chance they can.

Trump did the right thing. Krauthammer is and always has been anti-Trump and his paralysis seems to be moving to portions of his brain.

Bottom line is Comey has destroyed the credibility of the FBI and hurt the morale of the rank and file by not backing them up.
Trump will not lose any of his supporters because he did what is right.  The only thing wrong was poor staff work in not knowing Comey was not in DC to get his termination letter.

Johnny Rio 19 days ago
Trump has said church is out dealing with government bureaucrats. He has them in a rear naked chokehold and makes the snowflakes melt in hysterical flames. He fired the egotistical Comey for good reasons.

Now Democrats call for a special prosecutor when Jake Clapper and Sally Yates say there is no evidence of collusion with the Russians. You prosecute someone when there is evidence of wrong doing...duh.

How about a special prosecutor for Nancy Pelosi's insider stock trades? Something there is evidence of. Susan Rice demanding classified info from the NSA about Republicans? Passing out classified info to the liberal media? Lots of things need a special prosecutor, but not something that not one person has evidence of.
BRAD KYZER 19 days ago
Comey was operating in uncharted waters. To our knowledge we have not had a national election so affected by interference from a hostile foreign government. They utilized one of the biggest scumbags on the planet, Julian Assage , to get their information out and unfortunately some American citizens bought in. I doubt that Trump was personally involved but he associated himself with some shady characters like Flynn and Banyon who have proved to be capable of most anything. Comey was not perfect, but at least he has character, something Tump would know little about. Hopefully this Russia investigation can be wrapped up with the truth being told, whatever that is.
Dee STAFFORD 19 days ago
Brad, How did the Russians influence the election?  There is no evidence.  Assage said he did not get the information from the Russians. 
Podesta was hacked. He was not broken into. His password was caught by someone who has admitted it in a pshing attempt.

Have you ever heard of how Ted Kennedy went to the Russians in 1984 asking them to help him defeat Reagan?  You may want to look into that. It was discovered when records were made available after the fall of the Soviet Union.
Angie Hicks 19 days ago
Tell us EXACTLY what you think Russia did that influenced the election.  I won't even ask for evidence....I just want to know what you think they did that kept Clinton from winning.
BRAD KYZER 19 days ago
A declassified report released in January by U S intelligence agencies concluded that Putin actually directed the effort for Russia to influence the election in favor of Trump. The Russian Federal Security Service , successor to the K GB entered DNC server undetected for a year.GRU, another Russian military branch hacked the DNC and released emails to Wiki leaks which published them. The RNC was also hacked but since the Russians favored Trump they didn't release info. The FBI clearly thought a  further investigation was warranted which agitated Trump and got Coney fired.
Angie Hicks 19 days ago
So the only thing they did.....and you posted this....was expose the corruption of the DNC.

And there is no evidence that the RNC was hacked.....you just made that up.
chas cushman 18 days ago
The truth means nothing to the Left. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill and get in bed with anyone even terrorist to achieve their Marxist, communist and perverted goals. The REAL sad part is the ignorant/stupid sheeple will keep supporting and repeat what ever the dumocrats feed them.
ROY WHITLEY 18 days ago
You mean to tell me that the Russians could have even hacked mata hilliary's PRIVATE SERVER?
ROY WHITLEY 19 days ago
So you have information that rational Americans don't?
ROY WHITLEY 19 days ago
Journalists questioning the presidents validity in firing Comey? That's like asking a turd why the horse ate hay.
BRAD KYZER 19 days ago
Actually asking trump a question would be the same as asking a Turd. Good point
ROY WHITLEY 18 days ago
The turd got canned.
BRAD KYZER 19 days ago
I did not make anything up, bottom line a country which was our bitter enemy for 50 years prior to their collapse and who is now led by a person is a product of that era and wants to make Russia great again decided they
wanted to influence our election for what ever reason and did so. Regardless of your political affiliation as American I believe you should be concerned about that. But that's just me .
chas cushman 18 days ago
I did not make anything up, bottom line a country which was our bitter enemy for 50 years prior to their collapse'
Brad, you must be mistaken. I remember in 2012 when the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung laughed at Romney when he said Russia was our # 1 enemy. Now Brad are you saying the race baiter was lying??
BRAD KYZER 18 days ago
After WW11 we had the Berlin Wall and the blockade, during the Cuban blockade of early 60's , a Russian submarine trying to run the blockade actually loaded a nuclear torpedo  and was about to fire , putting us into WW111 when cooler heads prevailed. The Russians put 4 combatants to sea for every one of ours prior to 1990 collapse. The mission of my squadron was to track the 2 ballistic middle submarines targeting the east coast each containing 16 nuclear warheads. That all came down when the Russian economy collapsed. Putin would like to bring back Russian glory. I don't know why he hacked our election but he did and we should be upset about it.I have never experienced the pure hate of Americans for other Americans expressed in these discussions. Truely weird .
Angie Hicks 18 days ago
You didn't make anything up?  Where's the evidence that the RNC was hacked?  You have NOTHING.
Tom Taber 19 days ago
Here's where we part company.  The Editorial says "A special prosecutor appears all the more likely now. The president appears to have only made things worse for himself."  I couldn't possibly disagree more.

Actually, this Editorial must have been written by a democrat.  Certainly not by anyone conversant with what's actually been happening as regards this entire fiasco, but rather one who develops their opinions based upon FAKE NEWS coming out of the mainstream media and Congressional democrats.

Appointing a "special prosecutor" is neither appropriate to the legal issues at hand, nor wise from a political point of view.  There are NO criminal investigations revolving around the FAKE NEWS story about "collusion with the Russians."  None.  There may be a National security investigation in progress from whence criminal issues MAY be appropriate, but none have been shown to date.  You don't have special prosecutors involved until there is a crime to prosecute.  Seems pretty fundamental, doesn't it?

The democrats want a special prosecutor because they want to keep this issue boiling forever.  They don't want to find the truth, they're petrified that the truth will take away the only issue upon which to base all of their hatred and disrespect for the President.  They hope they're able to keep in boiling because maybe, just maybe, Trump will throw up his hands and resign.

Stop with the special prosecutor nonsense.  Stick with the FACTS at hand.  Donald Trump is the President of the United States.  He fired Comey because he chose to fire him.  He has every right to do that.  Even Comey admits it.  We don't need weak sisters rushing to cooperate with the democrats just because they're squirming.  When's the last time you saw democrats rushing to cooperate with Republicans when Republicans complained about the actions of a democrat President?


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