Here’s an idea: Let Trump do his job

The left wants to strangle this presidency in its crib, whatever the cost

Just imagine in your mind’s eye comedian Jeff Foxworthy saying the following:


“You may be in a Third-World nation if a congressional election 90 days into your president’s term is already seen as a referendum on his rule.”

That’s how farcical American politics have become in 2017.

Democrats – who never have accepted the November election results – and the “mainstream” media – who never have accepted the November election results – are now hopscotching in unison from one special congressional election to another, breathlessly hoping for a belated electoral comeuppance for our new president.

On Tuesday, it was to replace Rep. Tom Price in Georgia’s Sixth District. Price is now secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Democrat Jon Ossoff has real shot at rebuking Trump in Georgia election upset,” blared a hopeful pre-election New York Daily News headline.

“The anti-Trump resistance has its first real chance at victory Tuesday,” the story’s lead paragraph crooned.

The “resistance” – we’ll get to that word in a second – almost got their wish Tuesday for an outright 50-percent-plus-one victory over a crowded and divided Republican field. Ossoff garnered 48 percent of the vote, and he doesn’t even live in the district – and his public leadership experience is about as solid as an Atlanta highway.

If those weak credentials can muster that much support, Republicans had better close ranks, and fast. Thankfully, that’s already happening. Republican front-runner Karen Handel is winning the support of several of her former political rivals now that she is facing Ossoff in a June 20 runoff.

But back to the Daily News: Notice the writer’s use of the word “resistance,” totally buying – hook, line and sinker – the far-left’s nutty rhetoric that seeks to somehow equate its election deniers to – what, the French resistance in World War II? What utter blather.

Yet, this is all the Democrat/media cabal have going for them – especially now that, after the Syria missile strike, it’s been revealed that President Trump either was not a colluder with Russia after all, or was a pretty poor one.

If the laws here allowed snap elections, as they do in some countries, we’d have had one already by now.

At the same time as they hope for rebuke at the polls, the anti-Trumpers are staging tax-day themed marches that are, likewise, thinly veiled attempts to overturn the November election by attacking the president on his personal taxes.

The irony – completely lost on the chronic agitators, no doubt – is that, if they truly had their way, these tax-day protesters would indeed change the election result and install a Democrat. Said Democrat would undoubtedly keep current tax rates or raise them, not lower them – making these tax-day protests perhaps the first in recorded history ultimately aimed at higher taxes, not lower.

It might be radical these days to suggest it, but let’s let the duly elected president take his policy proposals out for a spin. Despite all the premature gnashing of teeth, it might result in a more prosperous and secure country, and maybe even a safer world.

Of course, that would require allowing the president to actually do something before being second-guessed.

Roland SASSER 5 months ago
Trump has been trying to fulfill his campaign promises even as the Democrats and lefties are doing everything in their power to stop him. I watch the national news every night and they portray every Trump story  in a negative light. It's amazing how they twist the words to make him look bad. At this point in time, Trump has accomplished more in less than 100 days than Obama did in eight years. I agree with the editorial, Hillary would actually raise taxes, not lower them. I wonder if all these left leaning voters actually realize what an "everything is free society" would actually cost them personally. Sorry snowflakes, I can spend my money much more effectively than the feds. 
Johnny Rio 5 months ago
The left is bringing out their Brownshirts to attack in the streets and their propaganda machines to attack in the media. Disgusting. As far as Jon Ossoff, the left media appears to be trying to rationalize what's probably an upcoming loss. Watching MSNBC, they now say he's not a resident of the district.

With Karen Handel now asking Trump to campaign for her, the whole liberal narrative of Trump is harming the Republican Party and the nation has the leftist newspapers' editorial fairy tale writers embarrassed and searching for new nursery rhymes or something.
Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
We shall see, but you better read up on her.  She is bad news.
chas cushman 5 months ago
She is much better than the dumocrat. 

William O. Darby 5 months ago
Benedict Arnold would be better than your average lefty-loony.
Johnny Rio 5 months ago
Heck, Ossoff sounds like a Republican.

Val White 5 months ago
Trust me, he is not.  His resume reads like BHOs and Hillary's together.
Val White 5 months ago

Not only is he NOT a resident, his funding came from OUTSIDE Georgia.  Just like BHO's handlers, Osoff will have someone pulling his strings also.

I wonder if those who put up that 8.3M are getting some counseling.   

Val White 5 months ago

Ossoff is a young outsider with little to no political experience, speaks with bravado and is backed by millions of dollars from the left.  Is this the left's attempt to groom another BHO.

In another 5 years he'll be of age to run for chief executive and the democrat voters will swoon and run to the polls in an effort to give us 8 more years of BHO's un-American failures.  

Dee STAFFORD 5 months ago
Excellent editorial and spot-on comments.

THE reason Trump is not getting more things done is PAUL RYAN!  Ryan is the Speaker of the House;  yet, he thinks he is suppose to implement HIS agenda and not that of the president.  His job is to implement Trump's agenda as he is the head of the party and elected by the country and not a district in Wisconsin.

He has never supported Trump and refused to encourage the members of the house to support him.

I know of no one other than Trump who could withstand the assaults from the left, the media, and the internals of the Republicans and get done what he has.  The focus and constitution and stamina of DJT is amazing.

Trump has to put forth his agenda and then tell the Republicans in Congress to follow.  He is going to have to go over the heads of congress and go to the people.

I'm tired of people blaming the Freedom Caucus and the conservatives for congress not doing things.  It is the FC and other conservatives who are preventing the RINO's from putting forth Democratic lite items.

Dee STAFFORD 5 months ago
As to the Democratic pajama boy in the GA 6th District.  He is pathetic in numerous ways.  He has no agenda other than to obstruct Trump.

His lack of morals is showing by living with his girl friend for 12 years and not marrying her.  That does not set a positive example and further reinforces the tolerance of out-of-wedlock births and supporting shacking up. 

Of course, asking the Democrats to put forth moral leaders is like asking pigs to fly.
William O. Darby 5 months ago
I wouldn't make much of the fact that Ossoff has no experience and NO leadership abilities.  Obama was elected with basically the same skill set.

The Lefties only need a figure head. Someone to rally around to get the vote out.

Better we get organized now behind our own.


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