Is the U.S. becoming ungovernable?

Unruly town hall crowds show key to self-governance: governing oneself

We’ve been blessed to live in one of history’s rare self-governed nations.


But today, the “self” part seems to have taken over – making the “governed” part increasingly unworkable.

Case in point: California Congressman Doug LaMalfa recently gave up trying to interact with rude, combative and unruly constituents at a town hall meeting in Oroville. After two hours of heckling and other verbal abuse, he simply left the stage.

He ultimately returned and finished a Powerpoint presentation, still having to speak above a din.

This is just the latest example of a disheartening, ominous trend of incivility, childishness and self-centeredness among the citizenry.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to 16-year-old Greyson Reynolds, who had seen the congressman give a similar presentation to a much more polite audience of teenagers at his high school.

“Night and day,” the student told a news station. “It’s hard to believe that these people are grown adults and those people, the people at my high school, are children. You’d think it was the opposite.

“I think the immaturity is astounding.”

We do too. And unfortunately, it’s all-too-common today.

Apparently the current voting-age population has thoroughly given over to the pervasive “customer is always right” culture of the past few decades. We seem to think we can get our way all the time, in everything. And many carry on like toddlers if they don’t.

Unless we take this 16-year-old’s advice and grow up, we risk becoming utterly ungovernable.

The key to self-governance is governing oneself.

Dee STAFFORD 5 months ago
What we are facing today is the same agitators that were behind the mayhem of the followers of Lenin in Czarist Russia and Hitler in his early days in Germany.

Make no mistake.  These people want to bring down the United States of America as we know it and turn it into a total fascist/socialist country. 

These disrupters are not the voters of the districts for the most part. They are people brought in from the outside to stifle any rational discussion between the congressman and his voters.

The Democratic party and its followers are bordering on being anarchists who will stop at nothing to attain their destructive goals.

To answer the question: No, the country is not un-governable. It's going to take strong leadership on the part of the Republicans and I think getting rid of Paul Ryan should be the next step. He is almost as large an impediment to Trump as is Schumer.

  Implementing Trump's agenda will get America back on track away from the  headlong fascism shift of the last eight years under Obama.
Jim Hall 5 months ago
Dee, wish you right about restoring freedom to America.

When will the true believers in freedom, civility and rule of law take to the streets?  This is what the Marxist want.  Open conflict that can be blamed on the right.
Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
It is not true that people are being brought in to agitate.  I was at Joe Wilson's town hall and all of those folks were local, except for a few from Columbia.  This is a lie being spread by conservatives, because they do not like people smart enough to dissent. 
Jim Hall 5 months ago
The God fearing, family loving, hard working, gun owning, tax paying middle class of America is the "thumb in the leaking dike".

How much abuse can this buffer between the rich and poor endure?
chas cushman 5 months ago
The Marxists, communists and perverts that are running the dumocrat party will do ANYTHING to achieve their goals. Lie, cheat, steal or kill and get in bed with anyone including terrorist. And the stupid dumocrat sheeple go right along.  
Roland SASSER 5 months ago
Like the bumper sticker on my car "Liberals love free speech until you disagree with them". The sad reality is that  God fearing, family loving, hard working, gun owning, tax paying middle class of America don't riot, loot, burn, or disrupt town hall meetings. They listen with an open mind and vote their conscience.
Jerry Whitcomb 5 months ago
"“It’s hard to believe that these people are grown adults "

They are not civil adults.......the are in the first stage of terrorism and anarchy. They are the enemy of our republic and should be treated as such. 

We are not talking sweet little innocent darlings here. We are talking terrorist who are willing to attack and assault you and anarchists who are attempting to take away your right of free speech. 

Fight fire with fire and make them pay a price for their actions. 


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