The media’s mini-scandal epic fail

They foamed at the mouth at routine, predictable prosecutor firings

Much has been made of so-called “fake news.” But some news can be quite real, yet contrived nonetheless.


Be aware.

The ginned-up controversy over the Trump administration letting go dozens of U.S. attorneys – over which the “mainstream” media foamed at the mouth this past weekend – is exactly that: contrived.

The reason: It has become part of the transition process. In fact, whereas the Trump administration only let 46 U.S. attorneys go, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno fired 93 of them.

The bias and hypocrisy in the media, while often subtle, is simply unsurpassed: reported in 2009 that President Obama would “replace” a “batch” of Bush-era prosecutors. This past week, Politico wrote, “Trump team ousts Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys.”

There are subtle but profound intonations, and perhaps intentions, between the words “replace” and “oust.” Why does a Democrat president simply “replace” prosecutors where a Republican president “ousts” them?

And why is this even news? As previous presidents have made clear, U.S. attorneys are presidential appointments – meaning the president should have a modicum of choice as to who they are.

In the Augusta area, changes in U.S. attorneys under new presidents are so routine and expected that quiet speculation began building right after the November election as to whom President Trump would appoint U.S. attorney here.

So ask yourself: Why was this such a big deal to the national news moguls? Was it just a slow news weekend? If so, couldn’t they turn to important issues facing the country, such as the economy, homeland security or the national debt?

And how is it that these news outlets always seem to gravitate toward the same word to describe something political? In this case, the media’s word du jour is “abrupt,” as in “the U.S. attorneys were fired abruptly.” When it became clear that mass personnel changes are the norm in presidential transitions, the media whined about how “abrupt” they were. No such complaints with Democrat presidents.

Of course, the mini non-scandal was helped along by the fact that Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara refused to resign and forced the president to fire him – setting him up, one supposes, as some sort of martyr in the media’s eyes, even though Bharara and the media well knew he served at the pleasure of the president.

At least one analyst doesn’t see Bharara as any kind of martyr. Dick Bove told CNBC that Bharara was part of an Obama prosecutorial cabal that used the intimidating power of the Justice Department to shake down major financial institutions for money.

“Getting rid of these guys is fabulous for banking, but it’s also good for the American way of justice,” Bove said. “What we saw in the last four years, I think it’s an outrage against the justice system that supposedly exists in this country. …

“This is a type of McCarthyism that we’re using, if you assume that McCarthyism is gathering a consensus of the American people that some segment has done harm to the country. Once you’ve got that consensus, you’re free to attack the group that you’ve isolated. That’s exactly what happened here.”

The media want to find any morsel of outrage they can with which to try to shame the Trump administration.

Mark this one as an epic fail.

Val White 11 months ago

Appropriate that this OpEd is next to a guest column defending the need for the "checks and balances" the press provides.

This is just one more perfect example of NOT providing "checks and balances" and only putting out misleading information.

Things like this contrived nonsense are why so much misinformation is put out on Facebook and other social sites and why many young people go about their business with the wrong information.  This is why so many young people protest and commit crimes - this is the press that the left defends. 

chas cushman 11 months ago
The Marxists, communists and perverts running the dumocrat party will lie, cheat, steal and kill to achieve goals. The end justifies the means.
Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
Who says the press is supposed to be objective?  Who says the press is to be fair and balanced? Is that not a myth?

The press has returned to its roots of the late 18th and 19th centuries.  If one reads them one sees they were bias and anything but objective.

Apparently, the press got a reputation in the middle of the 20th century to be  objective of just reporting facts when in reality there was not of other information available to see they were not.

I think this "heyday" was after WWII when the country was still pulling together and when America was great and the leader of the world.  Then along came the most disastrous decade in US history as far as long term effects...the Sixties.   

The long term effects of the Sixties have been more detrimental throughout the country in many ways than did the War Between the yankees and the Americans. 

 For the first time in history we had an anti-American culture permeate in all aspects of American society which continues till today.

The seeds of the radical and bias reporting we see today were laid in the Sixties with the educators of journalism and our schools being a part of the anti-American movement.

Informed people will not fall for the leftists propaganda.  Sadly, too many, including some highly visible and influential  positions, are drinkers of the Kool Aide with no critical thinking.
Jim Hall 11 months ago
Yes, post WWII the USA was  the most powerful country in the history of the world.  We were the saviors of the world.  We were the holders of righteous indignation.  We had  the world's gold reserves.  What we did not have, was owed to us.  Prosperity was ours on an unknown scale  A boom in education and home ownership.  We were in essence, the New Roman Empire.   The New Victorian Great Britain.

And then, and then, as with all previous world powers we had only one direction to go.   The pinnacle of American greatness.  The greatest generation fell victim to same causes that brought the others down, greed and lust for more power. 

Fuel the fire with a infiltration of Communism and Marxist Doctrine at every level of culture.

Marxism does not care if endless revolutions fail, because the revolution in and of itself is the goal.   Cuba is not a failure to them.   Only a progression.   Constant chaos and anarchy.

Sound like someone gets their marching orders from SATAN.   The father of lies and confusion.
Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
Jim, Well said
William O. Darby 11 months ago
The Left leans heavily on what they see as the political "illiteracy" and ignorance of the common people.

Yeah, they pretty much "invented" the process of throwing out the oppositions appointees.

With Bill and Hillary, it extended to much of the kitchen staff and the White House Travel Office, replacing them with more dependable loonies, many from the Left coast.

Democrat Socialists are REALLY BIG on the old adage, "To the victor  belong the spoils".  They invented the term and have raised the practice to a modern high art form.

The most dangerous (to the 'American people) is the manner in which they cultivate judges who rule by ideology and not by law.  Which, BTW, will predictably bring down the Republic if not countered.


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