Formerly slobbering media now salivating

After a love affair with Obama, it’s nothing short of a war on Trump

The clutching, clawing and grasping just keeps going on and on.


Democrats and their lapdog media just keep searching for any morsel of dirt they can find to bring down this president.

This week, far-left cable network MSNBC thought it had found the holy grail, reporting it had pages from Mr. Trump’s 2005 tax returns. Aha!

Problem is, the pages seem to indicate he was assessed a whopping $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income. Oops.

The network’s Rachel Maddow, who has etched out a career now of hoping Donald Trump is nothing but a Kremlin plant, was even beaten to her own story: After teasing it and teasing it Tuesday night, Maddow’s “revelation” was already old news; the White House put the information out first.

There may be some nuggets of interest in some of Trump’s other tax returns. Who knows? But at this point, they would be overshadowed by the left’s deranged stampede to find something – anything – to hurt this president.

In fact, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered Tuesday night about the infamous and bawdy Access Hollywood video that nearly sunk the Trump campaign last fall: How did the video get from NBC to the Washington Post? And does the NBC brass care?

If not, Carlson wondered, doesn’t that make the network complicit in an attempt to sway a presidential election? Not even the Russians went that far.

NBC isn’t alone, either.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof used Twitter earlier this month to publicly invite IRS agents to leak Trump tax returns – the writer even listing his mailing address.

And last fall, Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times, and Bob Woodward, associate editor of The Washington Post, reportedly acknowledged in a panel discussion that they or their colleagues would gladly serve jail time for publishing Trump’s illegally-obtained returns.

After Rachel Maddow’s embarrassing nothing-burger, CNN’s Van Jones even confessed, “I was hoping and praying that it would show not only that he paid no taxes, he actually charged the government and got money back. I wanted something I could get excited about!”

Wow. Talk about a naked rooting interest! This isn’t being a watchdog. This is just looking for someone to bite.

Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
I agree with every word of this editorial.

It's my understanding that each of Trump's tax returns is around 600 pages because of all the business and the thing is they would not contain any of the things the slobbering media is seeking.  There would be no information as to ties with Russia for instance.

I guess the many of the media have never filed income taxes in order to know what is contained in them.

One gets much more information from a financial disclosure statement filed with the FEC when someone is running for office.

Let's not forget that Reagan never released his either. The media and the Dems are wanting to do it only because of a gotchu that they hope to find.

Too bad they don't look into the shady and unAmerican dealings of the soon-to-be out of business Clinton Slush Fund.

Roland SASSER 11 months ago

Spot on editorial! The Clintons are as dirty as a mud hole, but since they have been elevated to God like status by the Democrats, it may be difficult to flush out the truth. I wonder what percentage of the Clinton Foundation money went to do good deeds and what went into their pocket? I heard or read, 10 % deeds, 90 % pay to play, not sure if that is true.

Speaking of God like status, its amazing how the media downplayed all of Obama scandals especially the ones that could have impacted the 2012 election. Benghazi, fast and furious, IRS targeting conservative groups to name a few. The lame stream media viewership is waning because the reporting is so blatantly biased that anyone with more than one operating brain cell can spot it. 

Vic mccoy 11 months ago
Yesterday -I listened two "educated, professional women" discussing the VP.  They were mocking what they had seen on SNL.  They were talking about the skit about the White House spokesman.  Poor things did not realize the difference between Pence & Spicer  
Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
Vic, You hit on a good point. So many people can't separate fiction from fact.  They see things like  SNL and the Daily Show and that becomes their "news".
chas cushman 11 months ago
The same Marxists, communists and perverts that are running the dumocrat party are running most of the media. They will DO AND SAY anything to achieve their goals. They have no morals and the DA sheeple go right along.  
Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
I was having breakfast with a friend awhile back and he was  telling me when he was in the news business  some decades ago he has talking to his boss about doing a project on values.

Guess what? His boss asked him. "Whose values are we going to use?"  His response was about traditional American values and that seemed to be an alien concept to the boss.

The first thing out of anyone on the left's mouth when you mention "Traditional American values" is, "You want to go back to slavery!"

That is why the media act as they do because they don't really understand traditional American values.  The sixties and Watergate destroyed the media.

I'm just thankful for this editorial page and the people who put it together.
Val White 11 months ago
Me, too.
Val White 11 months ago

Most educated and informed persons have finally had their eyes opened even wider over the past year about the depth of duplicity, the hatefulness and the bias of the MSM.

Of all the Americans, you would think news outlets and their personnel would know exactly the deplorable conditions communist and some socialist countries in which those citizens live.  You would think they, of all people, would realize the dangers of allowing open access to our nation.

Do they all think they have enough power and money that they will continue to live the life style to which they are accustomed no matter if America becomes a communist nation - which seems to be their goal.  Not a thought that everyone of them are sharks and the younger sharks would not hesitate to eat them to gain a position on the totem.

Jerry Whitcomb 11 months ago
We all know from $10 Trillion dollars of additional debt and the results of Obamacare that Democrats cannot do math. If they ever got hold of one of Trump's complete tax returns their heads would explode trying to add up the numbers. 

If the IRS has not put Trump in jail for the past 40 years, I don't need to see his tax return and neither does anyone else.
Karen Goodwin 11 months ago

Well, he does give a LOT to report on.  He's just so darn dumb!  He needs to at least act presidential.

chas cushman 11 months ago
Yeah, ole Trump is 'so darn dumb' he is only worth about $9B and is President of the USA. Just think what he would have done if he was not 'so darn dumb'.  8 more yrs folks, hee, hee
William O. Darby 11 months ago
As POTUS might be inclined to Tweet......  "Sad".


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