Throwing around the ‘F’ word

Leftists risk doing far more damage to America than Mr. Trump

Even retired Berkeley and Columbia University professor Robert Paxton is loath to throw around the “F” word that has become so fashionable on the far left.


“I’m very, very reluctant to use the word fascism loosely,” he told far-left, “because it’s almost the most powerful epithet you can use. I guess child molester might be a little more powerful, but not much.”

Meanwhile, you want an overbearing government? Try a bill reportedly introduced by Connecticut state Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr. that would mandate organ donation unless you opt out. In essence, the state would own your body after your death. How is that not totalitarian?

Instead, leftists decry President Trump – after less than two months in office, and seeking only national security and American revival – as a fascist.

So much so that one woman recently turned her smartphone on Trump spokesman Sean Spicer while he was shopping in an Apple store – hounding and harassing him with insults as he tried to go about his day as a citizen of these United States.

The woman, identified as Shree Chauhan, proudly posted her badgering of Spicer on social media, in which she insinuated he was a “criminal” who worked for a “fascist,” and asked him what it was like to be “destroying our country.” She asked Spicer if he had “committed treason too, just like the president.”

After the past eight years, it’s fair to question whether a president can destroy America. Conservatives feel like the former president came close.

What’s more certain is that people such as this woman may, indeed, be capable of destroying America – by keeping the country in a constant state of political and social upheaval. By accusing fellow Americans of being fascists – which, you’ll remember, is to the historian Paxton right up there with “child molester.” By harassing fellow citizens in stores who have done nothing more than answer the call to public service.

Who’s the fascist again? Who’s the threat?



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