Editorial: Coup by a thousand cuts

A study of the Clinton campaign should remind Dems why they lost

Has your favorite sports team ever lost a game by playing not to lose, or attempting too early to run out the clock?


That may sum up the 2016 Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

A new study by the Wesleyan Media Project concludes, as one news report put it, that Clinton’s campaign was “without a doubt one of the worst-run political operations in years.”

By holding back on advertising and failing to engage Americans on meaty policy issues – and, at the same time, concentrating mostly on divisive identity politics and demonizing the opposing candidate and even his supporters – the study says Clinton’s campaign was “devoid of policy discussions in a way not seen in the previous four presidential elections.”

Clinton, a notoriously poor campaigner anyway, was also a very poor candidate: She was dogged until the end by unanswered and troubling questions over her use of a private email server and the risks to national security that caused.

Truth is, all the as-yet unsubstantiated concerns about the Trump campaign’s conversations with Russian officials pale in comparison to Clinton’s national security lapses, which she has yet to be held accountable for.

It’s clear she and her handlers thought she had the election in the bag – so they limited her exposure to voters and her exposition on the issues. She, in effect, thought she could run out the clock.

All this is important to note because, some four months later, Democrats have yet to come to grips with why she lost. They seem to want to blame the Russians. They want to believe it was a messaging problem rather than a substantive one.

This is the worst case of Election Denial in modern American history – and its high fever has led to protesters, rioters, talking heads, celebrities, social media users and, especially, congressional Democrats trying to sabotage the Trump administration, subvert democracy and indirectly invalidate the results.

They show no signs of switching tracks, either. A strategy memo last week by a liberal political action group, Priorities USA, proposed continued personal attacks against Trump and warmed-over tactics from the failed Clinton campaign.

“The memo essentially urges politicians to use the same strategies against Trump that failed so miserably in the 2016 election cycle,” writes DailyCaller.com.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Political warfare doesn’t have to be unceasing. We used to do spirited battle every four years and then lay down our arms until the next election. Not anymore. Democrats are still litigating last November’s election.

We implore our Democrat friends, especially on the national stage, to accept the election result and to recognize their responsibility in it. And we beseech them to abandon their apparent strategy of coup-by-a-thousand-cuts — if for no other reason than the inestimable damage it is doing to the republic.

In the end, it won’t matter what letter our leaders have after their names – “D” or “R” – as long as we join hands in an effort to move this country ahead.

Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
A very spot-on editorial.  Paragraph 4 sums it up very well.

Clinton and her people were a perfect example of living in a bubble and paying attention to your own horn blowers.

They dismissed the crowds of tens of thousands at both Sanders and Trump's rallies.  They should have realized when they couldn't fill a high school gym and her two opponents filled arenas something was not right. Her limp-wristed VP candidate drew only ten people at one event.

This is what one gets when one develops an entitlement mentality and believes one is owed something. In this case, she felt it was her time after wanting this ever since she was in college and for all she had done to climb the political ladder, she was entitled to the position of president.

Thank God she did not get it because the country would have been on a trajectory toward socialism/liberal fascism that it would have never recovered.  Not only that, with the demographic changes she would have brought about, the Republicans would have never won another national election.

Dee STAFFORD 11 months ago
As far as the Democratic party is concerned, it at all levels, and especially the congressional level, is showing what it is made of and that is anti-Americanism.  

The Democratic party puts the party ahead of what is best for the country. It has no intention of getting along with Trump or the Republicans in any way. Schumer is a sorry scumbag following in the footsteps of the scumbag named Harry Reid.  Even if Schumer were not there the Democrats have numerous replica scumbags in waiting.

I want the Republicans to realize the Democrats are at war with them and will do everything they can to marginalize and eliminate them.  They want Trump out of office anyway they can.  Sadly, to say there are a few RINO"as (McCain, Graham, and Flake just to name a few) who would love to see Trump gone as well.

I want some Republican leaders in Congress who will beat the Democrats into the dirt and do it so badly they will never survive as a party.  There is enough support in fly-over country to back that up. 

Maybe, if they are beaten that badly a rational party would rise out of the ashes.

The future of the country hangs in the balance between the true traditional, America-loving conservatives in Congress and the anti-Americans known as the Democratic party.
Vic mccoy 11 months ago

"Join hands and move forward"  PLEASE you have go to be kidding.  I'll join hands when Mrs. Clinton is behind bars.

Val White 11 months ago

How do you join hands with a party dead set on destroying America.  The ones who support the democrat party are ones who believe government should take their earnings from them and spend it for them. 

They are the younger generation who have been brainwashed into thinking everyone should be equal - which is an impossibility unless we have a police state that actually FORCES everyone to think and act alike or suffer prison or death, such as China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea citizens.

Some on the left want to throw Sweden up as an example of socialism working.  Sweden has the population of Atlanta and has very little racial, religious or wealth diversity - can't even come close to comparing to the U.S. 

 Sweden also has free drugs to keep their folks high or mellowed so they have no ambition or reason to change their way of life.  A life that only gets them from birth to death with little in between.  Sweden also has a high rate of suicide for such a small country. 

Why don't the democrats show their people the REAL effects of socialism/facism/communism.  Better yet, why doesn't the left finance a month-long group tour for their followers to one of the above mentioned countries so they can get a look at the what your leaders want you to live like.

Tom Golden 11 months ago
Val, who keeps  feeding you this bogus information, and what else are they feeding you that's false? Last month you claimed the Netherlands had a very high suicide rate, now it's Sweden? BOTH HAVE LOWER SUICIDE RATES THAN WE DO IN THE U.S.. 


And the claim that Sweden keeps its people happy with drugs? THE U.S. HAS THE HIGHEST ANTI-DEPRESSANT PRESCRIPTION RATE IN THE WORLD. It is 150% HIGHER than Sweden's.


The facts are the facts. So as to your question about people not being shown the real effects of a socioeconomic system, you should ask yourself -- why are you being given information about suicide and mental health that is demonstrably false? Who is not telling you the truth, and why? These aren't subjective opinions, either. These are plain facts that someone has lied to you about.

Angie Hicks 11 months ago
Straw man alert!  Cherry picking just one type of drug.
Tom Golden 11 months ago
"Sweden also has free drugs to keep their folks high or mellowed so they have no ambition or reason to change their way of life."
Sounds like anti-depressants to me. 

But lets look at recreational drug use:


The U.S. beats Sweden in every category of recreational drug, with usage rates up to 10x greater, depending on the category.

So what other drugs would you have me look at, Angie? I've provided data. Where's yours and Val's? The suicide claim was false (twice), and it looks like the drug claim is false as well.

Do either of you care? Why does Val's vision of America need to rely on fiction? And who needs folks like Val to believe the lies their being fed?

And that was neat the way you picked just one of my arguments and ignored the others to accuse me of cherry-picking.
Angie Hicks 11 months ago
What makes you think my comment was directed at you?

Tom Golden 11 months ago
Ah, troll mode today. Have a good one.
Angie Hicks 11 months ago
So when you are willfully obtuse, it's NOT trolling?  Just giving you a taste of your own medicine.....and as predicted, you resort to the childish name calling.
Angie Hicks 11 months ago
Attempted rationalization of straw man alert.
Jim Hall 11 months ago
She was high on her own supply.   She was ordained to rule the world by the anointing of her god Karl Marx.


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