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Longtime Augustan is an ideal fit for District 6

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The ballot on the District 6 race for Augusta Commission is stacked top to bottom with civically engaged candidates who genuinely care about Augusta’s future.

But among those five candidates, one stands out. Bob Finnegan is the voters’ best choice to represent District 6.

Finnegan’s life embodies what needs to happen in south Augusta to help that part of the city succeed. He and his wife moved to Augusta in 1979, when he still was in the U.S. Navy, and chose to live in south Augusta after correctly surmising the area’s potential.

That commitment – investing his very life, really – spurred decades of civic and political involvement. He serves on the South Augusta Redevelopment Board and the Richmond County Personnel Board, and has served as a member of the Richmond County Human Relations Commission.

Finnegan wants Augusta to be prepared for opportunities, such as the economic boon of the growing U.S. Cyber Command mission at Fort Gordon. “If we seize the opportunities,” he told us, “that will drive the growth.”

He feels that a renewed willingness to work together toward common goals can make divisions go away in local government. And his relentless enthusiasm would be a splendid catalyst for that.

Finnegan grasps the basics that voters have been talking about. They want better roads and sidewalks. They want an end to bickering on the Augusta Commission. They want commissioners to be available and to keep them informed.

So they should want Bob Finnegan. He will make the right choices. Augustans can make the right choice by voting for him at the polls May 20.

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Bodhisattva 05/13/14 - 07:32 am
In the Chronicle's own words:

Finnegan wants Augusta to be prepared for opportunities, such as the economic boon of the growing U.S. Cyber Command mission at Fort Gordon. “If we seize the opportunities,” he told us, “that will drive the growth.”

"If Americans in 2014 shrug our shoulders in ignorance or apathy, or throw up our hands in helplessness, or say there’s nothing we can do, or we’ve got nothing to hide – or that, hey, the government has to spy on all of us to protect us from a few crazy jihadists, right? – then broad government spying on not just us but on future generations will be given the green light.

And we will have failed our progeny.

We owe it to future generations, if not ourselves, to get this right.

The extent of government spying on us was revealed in a big way by fugitive former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden – and summarized neatly in this paragraph from a recent column by Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“Just how massive is this scandal? The Washington Post has reported that the NSA hacks into 500,000 American buddy lists and 600,000 American address books every day, and The Guardian of London reported last week that the NSA seizes 200 million American text messages every day. This is in addition to seizing the content of all cellphone- and landline-generated telephone conversations and copies of all emails sent or received in the United States. And all of that is in addition to seizing all bank records, utility bills and credit card bills of everyone in the United States.”

It truly is amazing the amount of spying we are acquiescing to today, and the lack of outcry in the media – which, of any profession, should be there to safeguard our freedoms.

Even when a government review panel warned recently, in unusually blunt terms, that the NSA spying is illegal and unconstitutional, the news seemed to melt like a wet snow on a spring morning."

Who does the Chronicle think does this spying? Oh, of course under the previous administration it was all candy and flowers, all done to protect us and keep us safe. More yellow journalism from the masters of hypocrisy at the Chronicle. BTW: In the glowing endorsement, accolades, list of accomplishments, and list of boards Bob Finnegan is a member of, was it just a slip or by design that you left out that he's listed as Chairman of The Richmond County Republican Committee on their website? I'm sure it was intentional. Propaganda is like that. Dont tell the truth, or try to fool people by omission. The results are the same.

soapy_725 05/13/14 - 07:44 am
Finnegan, Finnegan, had no hair upon his chinnegan.......

Finnegan, Finnegan, had no hair upon his chinnegan.......

Darby 05/13/14 - 11:40 am
Actually, Bod....

Bob Finnegan is NOT and has NOT been chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party for some time now.

Maybe you should run your fact checker through defrag or something.

And you do know don't you, that the office that Finnegan is running for is NON-PARTISAN? So why would he be inclined to list a partisan board that he served on in the past?

I'm not seeing any of our illustrious Democrats touting their partisan roots and affiliations, are you? Is it because it just plain EVIL in your eyes, to be, in any way related to the racists, homophobic, misogynist, poor people hating, corporation loving, dirty air and water enthusiasts (Help me Bod, what am I leaving out?) REPUBLICANS!

Like I said, it's a NON-PARTISAN race. I'm fairly certain that the Democrats in the commission race would not mind attracting some Republican votes.

Would that offend you?

Fiat_Lux 05/13/14 - 01:17 pm
He's a good choice, the best choice actually

Bob Finnegan really is a good man and he can be counted on to have the best interests of his district in mind in his discourse and his voting. He is a smart, calm, rational person who isn't given to single agenda harangues or pushing forward the interests of one particular group of citizens over another. He is a voice of reason with a great deal of leadership experience and skill. He knows how to talk to people and build unity. He understands unity and the need for it.

He also understands an important concept called "subsidiarity", which, if put into practice by the county commission, would go a very long way in enabling our county deal with its problems and difficulties in the most effective ways possible.

PrayN4U 05/13/14 - 06:00 pm

Just because Finnegan has the Chroincles endorsement does not make him the best candidate.

1. I thought he was running for district 6 not the Augusta Planning Committee
2. He will have no more power over the Cyber Command than any of the other commissioners
3. I live in South Augusta and would like to hear some specifics on his plans for us
4. He has not attended many forums and those that he have he seems very uncomfortable. He doesn't spend time talking to the voters.
5. I want a commissioner that I can connect with
6. Is he planning on winning with the Republican votes because he's the only Republican running in district 6, just an observation.
7. He may be a good choice but not for South Augusta. He have had enough of "good ole boy" politics.
8. Everyone need to vote but educate yourselves who you're voting for.

corgimom 05/13/14 - 09:16 pm
There will be world peace

There will be world peace before the Augusta Commissioners stop bickering.

Fiat_Lux 05/14/14 - 10:25 am

You might want to do a little more research. No one could be farther from "good old boy" politics than Finnegan. And the only place in Richmond County he has ever lived in smack dab in the middle of South Augusta. His children grew up there. He knows south Richmond County issues probably better than you do, and I guarantee he understands better what solutions exist to deal with those issues.

Even more important is that Finnegan is not in this race for himself, but for the people of South Augusta--all the people of South Augusta. He understands what it is to be a servant leader; He's done it for decades. What other candidate would you describe as having that be one of their singular identifying characteristics?

If you just want another buffoon like Marion Williams on the county commission, you'll just get more of the same "good old boy" farce that has been hindering Richmond County ever since consolidation messed things up years ago. Bob Finnegan presents a chance to move away from the stupid gridlock and huge waste of county resources.

If you really care about South Augusta, you owe it to yourself to find who Bob Finnegan really is because you obviously haven't yet. Then decide. Perhaps he seemed uncomfortable in a crowd of virtual strangers, but perhaps he wasn't at all and just looked that way to you. What does that have to do with his quality as a candidate? Do you vote for the candidate who is handsomest as well? I doubt it, but the sad reality is that so many people actually do vote just that way instead of voting for what a candidate stands for and how effective they are likely to be.

But then, ole Marion has always been quite effective at obstructing things, so...

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