Push the envelope back

When will public stand up to culture's ceaseless vulgarity?

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Miley Cyrus can frankly do whatever she wants with her own reputation. Sadly, she has. No amount of clean living will ever wipe away the disgusting images she created while blatantly simulating sex acts on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards this past week.

Even in a “gentlemen’s club,” the last place you’ll ever find a true gentleman, the Disney star’s tongue-swaying, bent-over, foam-finger-waving porn act would’ve been simply gross and low-class.

But on national television, even on teen-oriented MTV, it was a new low for Western society. If radical Muslims keep files, they’ve got one on why they hate the West, and Miley Cyrus is now their pin-up gal.

You may think it’s a non-issue, and we certainly tried to ignore it ourselves. But it and impending military action in the Mideast were the talk of the nation all last week. It was Syria and Cyrus. A foreign crisis and a domestic disaster.

The reason it’s important is twofold:

First, it’s a further hypersexualization of young girls, and don’t think for a minute there weren’t plenty tuned in. Seeing it on a national network, even a routinely crass cable outlet, many girls will take it as an endorsement or normalization of aberrant behavior – in public.

Second, it’s yet another landmark in the daily degradation of our corroding culture. With each new low, the entertainment industry, which sees you all as impossibly uptight anyway, must find a new way to shock and titillate. Cyrus has already mainstreamed “twerking.” We just can’t wait for the next big thing.

The kind of lewdness that used to be confined to the privacy of peepshows and the seamy back alleys of civilization is now streaming live not just into living rooms but into young malleable minds, compliments of the likes of Cyrus.

Time was, when parents would never have allowed such a thing, much less approve of it – but Cyrus’ singer-father Billy Ray happily sanctioned his daughter’s salaciousness, essentially passing out the dollar bills.

You can say all you want that no one has to watch this toxic trash, but the truth is many do – and they’re taking the rest of us with them, whether we watch or not. They’re debasing the currency of culture and, as with the devaluing of the dollar, the whole of society suffers.

They’re also tempting fate. Never before in history has so much of a nation’s cohort been at such risk of being ill-bred.

They keep pushing the envelope. When are we going to push back?

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Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 09/02/13 - 08:59 pm
And GAD, you really work far

And GAD, you really work far too hard to convince me of your character defects and ungodliness. Lighten it up, for I am truly convinced.

For you, I pray the blessings of brokenness and a tremendous need for knee pads.

GiantsAllDay 09/02/13 - 09:06 pm
You're talking about praying?

You're talking about praying? No thanks. A modern day prophet has already spoken out on this.

Darby 09/02/13 - 10:30 pm
"Who gives a flip about some music awards

show, when children are being gunned down in the streets?"

What I'm seeing from our liberal/progressive politicians is more along the lines of....

"Who gives a flip about children being gunned down in the streets when there's a music awards show to watch?"

Our problem is that our moral compass isn't just broken, it's shattered into little fragments and will probably never be restored.

Our national emphasis is on freedom without responsibility as well as freedom from responsibility.

You want to stop the shootings, Truth?? Teach morality (No, not saying teach religion), respect and personal responsibility in our schools. Teach that actions have consequences. Teach that anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.

Your "pie in the sky" approach that assigns all the world's problems to the "proliferation" of firearms is pablum for the ignorant.

Guns are here forever. Morality has been fading away for decades.

GiantsAllDay 09/02/13 - 10:50 pm
“Our youth now love luxury.

“Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

Young Fred
Young Fred 09/03/13 - 12:52 am
"In the minds of men"

Some on this site wish to posit that man is capable of setting boundaries on human behavior. All the while ignoring historical record.

I'll tell you what man is capable of, he's capable of self-justifying any and all behavior he wishes to partake. I don't doubt that GAD or Dah have the best of intentions, but history has taught us that man's self placed boundaries tend to result in crimes against humanity!!!

And to think some would willingly follow that path.

Never underestimate the destructive nature of ignorance nor self justification!

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