What kind of country?

Do you want to live where your children are singled out for their beliefs?

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The following is a stark statement of fact, not opinion:

The Obama administration has been spying on journalists and using the government to impede, if not punish, its conservative opponents.

That’s not open to question or interpretation, either. It’s incontrovertible now.

The only questions are 1) how extensive are the blatant abuses of power, 2) how far up the chain they go and 3) what are we going to do about it?

The ominous and un-American targeting of conservative groups and individuals by the IRS, in particular, is a fact that was well known within the administration prior to last year’s presidential election.

We’re supposed to believe that top Treasury and White House officials knew about it, and never said a word to a president that was in the midst of a close and crucial election. Right.

In addition, if the scandal had been known by the public, the election outcome surely would’ve been different.

We also now know that the Obama Justice Department secretly obtained a wide swath of phone records from the Associated Press and Fox News, in a carpet bombing of privacy and press freedom.

It was reported late last week that Attorney General Eric Holder personally approved the spying on a Fox News reporter and the reporter’s parents..

“They traced the timing of his calls with a State Department security adviser ... They obtained a search warrant for the reporter’s personal e-mails,” the Washington Post reported.

The problem with the IRS and Department of Justice scandals – the IRS one in particular – is that they’re almost becoming too big to comprehend. In the IRS scandal, as many as 500 groups and individuals may have been targeted for delays, harassment and audits – some for the mere act of publicly supporting Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

Other groups and individuals have been targeted for punishing IRS treatment for being religious or for touting the Constitution.

If it’s not a crime, punishable by long prison terms, to use the tax code to harass and intimidate groups and individuals based on their political or religious beliefs, it needs to be.

It’s an interesting contrast: This president comes from a background of “community organizing” for liberal causes; yet, his administration has systematically attempted to prevent conservatives from organizing – delaying their applications for nonprofit status with onerous and arbitrary – sometimes ludicrous – requirements for information, including, in one case, a book report.

These tactics were clearly designed to demoralize conservatives and reduce their ability to raise funds and organize in advance of the election.

These actions are something out of the Iron Curtain, or a banana republic – where the method of governing is to destroy your opposition and control the media.

It strains credulity not to believe such widespread and nefarious actions were directed at a very high level.

This is one reason why we have a two-party system – so one can act as a check on the other. Republicans in Congress need to get to the bottom of these things, particularly the IRS scandal. Let’s hear from as many victims as possible. We haven’t begun to hear all that has gone on.

Meanwhile, we urge any IRS employees with knowledge of this wrongdoing to come forward and willingly share what they know. They need to understand that they serve this country, not any particular leaders.

A new wave of patriotism and citizenship needs to wash over the IRS.

For that matter, that sense of patriotism and citizenship needs to splash the rest of the country in the face.

What kind of country do you want for you and your children? One in which they will be punished for their beliefs?

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Darby 05/28/13 - 04:05 pm
Once it is established that the media is

no longer protected by the First Amendment, then look out!

Once a Republican administration is in office (and that's just a matter of time) then the same media that now protects and shelters Obama will be powerless to look to the Constitution for protection once a 'Nixon' like administration comes after them.

From that point on, it will be a case of "To the victor belong the spoils". Which is pretty much what we are seeing now.

The operative difference being that once the precedent is established, then the principle will apply to both sides and the media will become completely irrelevant as a watchdog for the Constitution and the rule of law. The media won't even be able to protect itself then.

You will hear NO gloating from Bod or Faithson at that point.

Darby 05/28/13 - 04:55 pm
"Promise I gave GW the same consideration."

Of course you did.

I don't remember any serious allegations against Bush, however, that he had committed a crime.

He was accused of lying about every fifteen minutes, but that was about as far as it went. No serious charges were ever leveled, about "warrant-less" wiretaps or anything else.

Everything he did was done in the open light of day, unlike what we see now.

Fiat_Lux 05/28/13 - 05:21 pm
Lefties always forget that part of the two-edged sword, Darby

The whole point was to keep those in power from decimating the country, whether they are left extremist/commies or right extremist/nazis. What kind of idiot would want either extreme of that political pendulum swing running things?

Yet that is exactly what some people are loving with Obummer. What we have seen thus far of this disgusting, outrageous mess that has been happening at his behest, is probably nowhere near the full extent of the actual attack on our way of life by people who think they are so much better and so much smarter that all of us regular Americans in fly-over land.

Just pay attention and remember the little ditty, "When they came for the Jews, I said nothing; when they came for the handicapped, I..."

If you go back and read some of the comments from recent political or values related articles (ie, the one where a SC elementary school run by a religious organization that teaches evolution only as a theory), you will quickly see that the children of Christian parents who hold unpopular--rather, non-PC, views may soon be at risk of being removed from their parents.

For example, there is an active, well-funded lobby doing everything possible to have publicly opposing gay marriage or homosexual relations legally designated as "hate speech", with criminal penalties attached. Protesting the slaughter of the unborn, challenging the validity of sacred scientific cows such as the theory of evolution and natural selection, already arouses such ire from several of our fellow commenters that they label those parents as unfit and child abusers. The next step, obviously, is to "do something" to "protect" these children from their abusive parents.

That, my friends, is how persecution will occur in our country. It already has been happening of course, but the "smart people", the people who know "what's good" for the rest of us, are becoming bolder by the day.

I doubt Techfan or Faithson, specsta or Palmetto have any problem at all with that. Until the pendulum swings back and slices across their lives.

rmwhitley 05/28/13 - 05:52 pm
Sounds like

faithson and bodhisattva have the obama-holder syndrome. All mouth, race baiting commies, who wouldn't know fact from fiction. Faithson, if I understand correctly, has inside information but seems sworn to secrecy. The obama-holder syndreome.

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