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The mother of the two Boston bombing suspects provides an eerie eye into a dark and disturbing world – one of hatred, irrationality, caprice and world-class delusion.

The woman – at the moment, the most offensive excuse for a childbearing vessel we can think of – ludicrously claims the marathon bombings and ensuing madness that killed four and injured 282 others was all a ruse, staged with red paint. She also laments that “America took my kids away from me.”

Never mind the sheer offensiveness of that, coming from the mother of apparent bloody terrorists. Just consider the unequaled irrationality of it.

Oh, and the fact that her surviving little darling has told investigators he and his brother had hoped to bomb Times Square too. Some ruse.

Then again, this is a woman who, herself, was in the terror database and is wanted for shoplifting. Some example.

How can you deal with people so full of bile and detached from reality?

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myfather15 04/29/13 - 09:30 pm

Thanks you for pointing out that I have criticized myself for my long posts. I also struggle with time and don't always read long posts, unless they catch my interest in the first couple paragraphs. I realize MANY will not read novel type posts and I certainly don't expect them too.

The difference in my long posts and dahreese's is; I've never copied and pasted such a long post from another site. If doing that, I just provide the link. My long posts are usually my OWN thoughts from years of studying the Bible and being interested in and learning whats going on in the world. When you know the TRUTH of God's word, you realize EXACTLY what is going on. That this isn't just a rebellion against America, but a rebellion against God.

carcraft 04/29/13 - 10:31 pm
Don't forget we saved athe

Don't forget we saved athe people of Bosnia! I'be been there. No wealth to pillage no national treasure, just thank full people kept from being slaughtered, raped or forced into refuge camps!

dahreese 04/30/13 - 11:00 am
"Dahreese, again; just sit

"Dahreese, again; just sit back, watch more Michael Moore videos and relax. Don't let facts confuse you OR your agenda."

Is that any worse than you and other "conservatives" on here swallowing the right-wing editorials you read (daily) in the AC, or the slanted news you watch/hear on the "major" corporate American media?

"Facts" require that you FIND them, not just take for granted that what you're told is factual, including Michael Moore.

The "fact" is, that politically speaking if you begin to question why we are always in a war 'somewhere', you begin to see just how manipulating the major media can be, and then when you begin to question the government's foreign policy doubts arise and then you worry if you're being anti-patriotic. (Same as "InChristLove" is afraid to question his/her religious beliefs, because when doubts arise, "God's gonna get'cha for that").

As to Vietnam, we weren't asked to come into Vietnam by the Vietnamese.

Korea, and especially Bosina, are something else.

(How 'bout some of you folks tell me where you get your "facts" from).

Darby 05/01/13 - 11:29 am
@myfather15 -

"I take long breaks to regenerate."

Believe me, I understand. We must each handle things in our own way. I just became too tired of attempting to respond to contrived pap and drivel and hate with reasoned thought and logic.

Now I direct my comments to those who are more likely to meet rationality with rationality. Whether they are liberal or conservative.

Thanks again to the Chronicle for the "Ignore" option.

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