We're being played for suckers

Muslim extremists funding anti-Western hatred on taxpayer's dime

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Let’s just be honest with ourselves.

For all our military and economic might, for all our history of cultural and geopolitical dominance, Western civilization has grown fat, complacent and suicidally weak-willed. Not to mention morally adrift, civically indifferent and financially

Our southern border remains porous while we consider legalizing illegals and having them invite their relatives to join them. Our legal immigration and visa system may be in worse disarray, as we let in people willy-nilly, especially students, including those from countries that hate us. Then we have no idea where those people go or how long they stay.

Even more than a decade after 9-11, our intelligence community couldn’t spot a budding terrorist – the older brother in the Boston bombing – although the Russians, hardly our best friends, warned us about him several times. And even though the guy was promoting jihad on the Internet.

And when it turns out that some of our guests wish us dead – and actually see to it – some Americans instinctively blame America. Meanwhile, our government still considers a radical Muslim attack at Fort Hood to be “workplace violence.”

Does that sound like a civilization on the rise?

Evidence of the West’s impotence and incompetence has been all around us for some time, but has become incontrovertible and inescapable with the news that the Boston bombers and their relatives were on public assistance. All the while, the older bomber’s wife worked up to 80 hours a week and her husband somehow found the finances to live the life of an international man of mystery, jetting off to Mother Russia for six months before cynically bombing the hand that fed him.

As somebody else noted, only in America can you be on a terror watch list and the welfare rolls at the same time.

And please note: While all this has been going on, you good, hardworking, taxpaying citizens who helped feather the Boston bomber’s nest have a government that is preparing to fine you for not buying health insurance.

What a country! Where upstanding, gainfully employed citizens can be threatened and punished by a government that’s spoonfeeding derelict, death-dealing terrorists.

We’re being played for suckers, folks.

Lest you think the Boston bum’s gaming of the system is a solitary case, far from it. In fact, it’s a transnational strategy of our enemy: Britain’s radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has brazenly urged his followers to get on public benefits there – calling welfare a “jihad-seeker’s allowance.” He ridiculed British taxpayers and their working 9-5, saying living off them makes holy war easier.

“You work, give us the money,” he was secretly recorded telling fellow Muslims. “Allah Akbar; we take the money.”

It’s a strategy radical Muslims have employed throughout Western Europe as well.

Of course, pilfering taxpayers is a despicable game being played by many: There are now record numbers of people on food stamps and disability, meaning we’re increasingly becoming a nation unable – or perhaps unwilling – to feed ourselves or work. Did the Russians hit us with an invisible bomb that makes us unable to care for ourselves? How is it that so many are suddenly so helpless?

Absolutely we must feed and accommodate the hungry and truly disabled. That’s not the issue. The issue is rampant fraud.

“When asked why he robbed banks, Slick Willie Sutton famously answered, ‘Because that’s where the money is,’” writes Liz Peek at TheFiscalTimes.com “Today, millions of Americans appear to have jumped onto our disability rolls for the very same reason.”

When are we going to get smarter? No time soon, apparently: The U.S. Department of Agriculture says there is $750 million in food stamp fraud each year – more than double the number cited in a 2006-2008 study. And yet, get this: Not only is the government advertising to encourage more people to get on assistance, but recruiters are being paid to sign them up. The Washington Post wrote of one food stamp recruiter charged with signing up 150 people a month.

Yes, a quota to increase the public assistance rolls.

One audience we needn’t recruit: radical Muslims.

They know all about the free goodies here.

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specsta 04/26/13 - 08:22 pm
Fraud That Kills

Well let's see - it is estimated that there is $750 million in food assistance fraud. That's out of about 46 million Americans currently receiving SNAP benefits.

Now let's look at ONE CASE of corporate fraud - GlaxoSmithKline, in 2012, plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges and agreed to pay 3 BILLION dollars for the largest case of healthcare fraud in US history.

GSK broke laws left and right. They received kickbacks, failed safety protocols for drugs like Avandia, pushed Paxil to teenagers, etc. Corrupt to the bone.

In a similar case of criminal corporate fraud, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion to settle allegations it improperly marketed 13 drugs.

Let's also not forget the 25 BILLION settlement with banks over fraudulent foreclosure practices announced in February of last year.

Drug fraud. Banking fraud. BILLIONS of dollars of criminal and civil charges. I've only listed THREE examples. This versus a drop-in-the-bucket SNAP benefits fraud.

This corporate criminal fraud endangered the lives of thousands of Americans. I know of NO ONE IN HISTORY whose life was endangered due to an extra person listed fraudulently on an application for SNAP benefits. Nor I have I heard of ONE INDIVIDUAL who swiped someone's else's SNAP card that caused one's home to foreclose.

But yet, some folks are more worried about their neighbor buying a few extra cans of tuna with a SNAP card they shouldn't have, than companies who practice criminal decisions that harm and destroy families and individuals.

Fraud is wrong. But to think that some poor person is some kind of monster for wanting to feed themselves or their children, and are desperate enough to do it outside of proper protocols is very distasteful to me.

myfather15 04/26/13 - 08:50 pm
In every case you've

In every case you've mentioned; it appears they have something in common. They were caught and "plead guilty" for paid massive settlements. So, the system caught these theiving low life pieces of crap. I couldn't agree with you more about corporate fraud; it's rampant and disgraceful how greedy these rich people are. They will cheat, lie and fraud ANYONE to make a buck; and it's disgusting.

My problem with your comments is how you methodically word them to make it seem that the only people scamming are RICH people. You're deceiving people and trying to make them believe the only people scamming the snap are poor people who can't afford to feed their families. Your words sound so compassionate; that is unless you someone like me who knows reality.

I'm someone who has worked the poor neighbors for many years and witnessed it with my own two eyes. I see those who are on government assistance; driving Chrysler 300's, Large expensive SUV's. I get to go in their homes and see the 60 inch HDTV's in the living room, a playstation AND Xbox sitting in the floor.

Working in these neighborhoods, I see how many are selling drugs; making money hand over foot and still getting government assistance because their income isn't recorded and after all, they can; so why not? It's just more money for them, right?

Oh yes, there are people out here who truly need the assistance; but for every one like that, there is one who doesn't need nor deserve it; who are receiving it. But, no one ever claimed drug dealers to be of the highest character; so it's no wonder they make thousands of dollars a week and still apply for assistance. They are SCUM!!! We've busted MANY drug dealers in possession of NUMEROUS EBT cards. Why? Because addicts get the cards, then sell them to the drug dealers for 25-40 cents on the dollar. The addicts will also sell their EBT cards on the street for the same amount, then use that money to buy dope.

I also get to go into the TRULY poor peoples house. I see them with nothing but maybe a couch in the living room. Mattresses without box springs, just sitting on the floor. Dust and bugs everywhere. You look in their refridgerator and you only see a pack of bologna, hotdogs, maybe a loaf of bread and small milk. Basically, I know exactly where my compassion should be; and it is with those people. The rest I have ZERO sympathy for because they are helping to destroy the greatest Country in history.

But, I suppose your comments are more aimed towards those that are ignorant of the truth. I'm sure you realize you can't convince people who KNOW the truth; so you aim your comments at those you can deceive with misinformation.

KSL 04/27/13 - 01:56 am
Well said, myfather.

Well said, myfather.

Darby 04/27/13 - 09:46 pm
"But to think that some poor person

is some kind of monster for wanting to feed themselves or their children, and are desperate enough to do it outside of proper protocols is very distasteful to me."

First of all, Specsta horrendously low-balled the "Food Stamp" fraud, using numbers only a Democrat could love.

Second, selling your stamps for ten cents on the dollar to finance a drug habit, buy lottery tickets or sex is not "Feeding themselves or your children"

No, they are not monsters, they are thieves. Plain and simple. At the very least they are taking food out of the mouths of children who might really need it.

There has never been a give-away program that Democrats don't love or would not be willing to lie to defend fearing it would cost them votes at the next election. (As it surely would.)

One more thing... All the liberals seem addicted to cutting and pasting in support of whatever thesis they happen to be defending at the moment. It really get tiresome. Some original thought would be so nice.

So sick of the robotic droning, on and on and on about the evil corporations. The alternative to corporations is government control.

Now there is where you get some really top drawer corruption that makes what we get from corporations look like what goes on during kindergarten nap time.

Not gonna happen, so learn to live with it.

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