The forgotten massacre

Media, state, turned blind eye in Philadelphia abortion horror

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Can you imagine major news media ignoring the massacre at Sandy Hook?

Of course not.

Yet, that’s precisely what they’ve done in the case of a Philadelphia abortionist on trial for killing at least seven live
babies and one mother.

The case has been going on for years, and the trial for weeks – but until late last week, the major news media had largely ignored the alleged mass murder of children.

Apparently because he used scissors, and not a gun. Imagine the news stories if he had!

How much they’ve ignored the horror story right here in one of our major U.S. cities is evident in the fact that website – which researches and reports on “urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation” – recently felt compelled to confirm the existence of the case.

Late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell is accused of inducing delivery of viable babies, then severing their necks and spinal cords with scissors in a procedure he called “snipping” – and which many of us might call “beheading.”

You can see now why “mainstream” media outlets would ignore this story; it holds a light up to abortion, which is a holy sacrament in secular liberaldom. Babies murdered alive are an inconvenience and an embarrassment to news media who protect abortion nearly at any price.

Even liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill acknowledged it this week, saying, “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights. ... I do think there’s a direct connection between the media’s failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left.”

The near blackout in most national media was finally exposed last week in an opinion column in USA Today by Democrat commentator Kirsten Powers.

“Since the murder trial of Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell began March 18,” she wrote, “there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page. The revolting revelations of Gosnell’s former staff, who have been testifying to what they witnessed and did during late-term abortions, should shock anyone with a heart.”

It was, in essence, a baby slaughterhouse. Besides the born-alive babies who were killed, investigators found 47
fetuses in a freezer.

“It would rain fetuses,” one former employee said. “Fetuses and blood all over the place.”

The employee said he personally witnessed 100 born-alive
babies killed with Gosnell’s “snipping” method.

How many Sandy Hooks is that? And how little news coverage or outrage has it inspired?

Consider: While most folks are only now learning about this case of mass infanticide, President Obama was turning his weekly radio address over to a mother from the Newtown killings.

Do you suppose he’ll do the same for any survivors of the Gosnell case? Of course not. Because the evils of abortion don’t fit his political agenda.

In fact, recall that while a state senator in Illinois, he voted against a law that would have protected the lives of babies born alive from botched abortions.

It isn’t just the media that have failed in this case. The state of Pennsylvania stopped inspecting the clinic back in 1993, for fear of putting up
“barriers” to abortion.

Funny thing, they don’t have the same policy with regard to inspecting animal shelters.

Until a woman is shown to have given birth to something other than a little human, it’s fair to say abortion kills babies. It’s just that, in the most savage abortions, the babies are born first.

As our news media have proven, it’s easier to turn a blind eye toward it.

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Bizkit 04/18/13 - 11:45 am
The abortion rate is about

The abortion rate is about the same in whites and blacks-in the thirties, however hispanics have a very low abortion rate. Interesting that two different minorities can display such a profound difference. Both suffer health disparities, are low socioeconomic groups, both discriminated against, etc. yet their morality on this issue is stark.

Bizkit 04/18/13 - 11:48 am
Funny with the semantics too.

Funny with the semantics too. A human egg isn't an egg till fertilization. Meiosis starts before birth, stagnates till puberty and ovulation, and is only complete if fertilized. A woman ovulates a secondary oocyte stuck in metaphase. As soon as the sperm and egg unite their DNA is replicated and they immediately enter mitosis and grow into preembryo, embryo, and after 8 weeks a fetus. But in all stages of this conceptus it is still human-it won't give rise to chick, rabbit, or reptile.

scoopdedoop64 04/18/13 - 12:28 pm
Excellent Article

I agree with this article and am against abortion and view it totally as murder. The psychological effects to the mother after the abortion also are rarely ever covered.

rockymissy1 04/18/13 - 01:16 pm
Abortion is murder ....

but this is not even talking about abortion. This is about when a baby is born and takes a breath and then is murdered.

They call it after birth abortion or post birth abortion to desensitize people to murder.

The fact that "Planned Parenthood" openly supports after birth abortion...I believe it should outrage every American that our tax dollars fund them.

I am Pro-Life but it does not matter weather you are or not. This is not about abortion. This is a living breathing baby that is murdered.

Watch this video about what "Planned Parenthood" says about after-birth abortion.

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 04/18/13 - 01:31 pm
Let us not forget....the

Let us not forget....the President voted to make it perfectly legal to murder children in the manner that this so called doctor did. This is the kind of man that got elected to two terms as President, and won a Nobel Peace prize.....a man who voted to make infanticide legal. Not abortion, but the killing of a child that was born alive.

myfather15 04/18/13 - 02:56 pm

I'm glad to see someone else agrees about the desensitization aspect; as I've argued this for many years.

Yes, there are individual human beings who get abortions for selfish personal reasons, no doubt; but I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the ACTIVISTS who so aggressively fight to keep abortion legal and even progress it to new levels. THEY are the ones trying to desensitize the citizens to destroying human life.

The problem is the uninvolved citizens of the Country who couldn't care less about whats going on, until it directly effects them. They are a large reason these type of things happen, right under our noses. Think about this; how many black people who go to planned parenthood for abortions, actually REALIZE Margaret Sanger created planned parenthood as a way to rid society of black people? I would guess a VERY small percentage, if ANY realize this. If so, why would they still go there? The only reason I could guess, is because they simply don't care who does their abortion, as long as they get rid of the responsibility within their body.

If you think long and hard about this; it's actually very sad that in 2013 we have an organization still in existence, which is funded by tax payers; which was founded by a devout racist, with intentions of dramtically reducing the black population. This was a woman who was a member of the KKK and attended numerous meetings and gave speeches at these meetings.

BUT, whats worse is that this organization has NEVER been branded for what it actually is; and right wing people ARE called racist? The ONLY way this occurs is when the general population is unattached from reality; which they indeed are. When left wing rhetoric and lies is believed more than reality, we are in deep trouble. It's not like this is hidden, Sanger herself in numerous speeches spoke of her own racism. People just don't pay attention or care enough to educate themselves about reality.

myfather15 04/18/13 - 03:15 pm
One of the main problems is

One of the main problems is the secular leftists of the Country have no moral basis. They claim to have high morals, but admit their morals come from within themselves and not some "Ancient mythical book". The problem with this thinking is that; if their moral basis comes from within themselves, that moral basis can change at any moment they choose, which isn't actual morals.

For example; If I say I don't believe its right to murder someone, but that belief is only because [I] believe it isn't right; then I have the ability to change my mind next week and decide it is ok. So if our only moral authority comes from within ourselves, then who is to say we are wrong if we change our minds?

In history; every dictator who committed genocide was godless narcissisists who believe themselves to be superior beings. Again, they had no basis for their morals, beyond themselves; therefore anything they did was perfectly acceptable, even killing millions of people. This is exactly the problem with having no moral basis and believing in no higher being that youself.

Abortionists like this man are a prime example of this. I'm sure he believed himself to be a highly intellegent person, only answering to himself. He believe his personal morals were equivalent to or higher than anyone elses. Why? Because he had no basis for his morals other than himself.

rockymissy1 04/18/13 - 03:27 pm
I 100% agree with you myfather15

For now, at least to try to get this story in the media...

I have done this before and it got a great the news stations and tell them you want them to cover this story...if enough people call them they will cover it.

CNN's Contact info.
Please contact 404.827.1500 and select option 1.

FOX News
Phone Number: 888-369-4762
Talk to a Human: Press 2 and leave a message requesting a call-back.

Main Telephone: (803) 278-1212
Newsroom: (803) 278-3111

(706) 722-6664

Fiat_Lux 04/18/13 - 03:44 pm
@Humble Angela

for the curious, 1.549= Sqrt np(1-p) = SD

But for most things around here, I believe 2 SDs is not far enough from np for you or me. N'est pas?

specsta 04/18/13 - 10:45 pm
Coming Home To Roost...

myfather15 wrote: "It was simply the first step in desensitizing the most powerful nation in the world to killing human beings. This Nation used to be a caring Nation, sensitive to individuals and their lives."

Oh, really? The first step? Perhaps a step back in time to the Middle Passage and the murders and torture of Africans, brought to this country as slaves, might squash that statement. Two million murders during the Middle Passage of Africans is not a "caring nation".

Or maybe a trip back to the internment of Japanese-American citizens during WWII might make that statement null and void.

Or how about Jim Crow laws? Where's the "sensitivity" in that?

Add in the 2.5 million citizens locked up in prisons in this country, more folks incarcerated than any other country on the planet, most of whom face decades in a jail cell for their crimes? Cruel and unusual? Absolutely!

The way this country has treated people in the past is the reason America is desensitized to violence. Wars, slavery, a gun culture, a lack of mercy and compassion on people who make mistakes is the blueprint. Abortion isn't woven into the fabric of America the same way violent behavior is infused. Abortion is a hard choice that some people face and must deal with.

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 04/19/13 - 07:06 am
0 said that all
Unpublished said that all human life is valuable just because it exists.....yet you seem to be defending abortion again. Please explain.

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