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One of them just couldn’t read the tea leaves. The other didn’t even try.

When a video surfaced last fall showing Rutgers University men’s basketball coach Mike Rice repeatedly abusing his players verbally and physically in practice – violent shoves, kicks, hard-thrown basketballs, profane slurs – the athletic director watched it. The president of the university did not. Both inexplicably – but conveniently – agreed to let the coach quietly stay on.

When the video became public this week, Coach Rice was an easy termination. Athletic Director Tim Pernetti followed shortly. What’s keeping university President Robert L. Barchi? He had ultimate responsibility for this outrage.

How dare they allow student athletes to be treated worse than rented mules – while living high off the money those kids make the school? What a disgrace.

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Truth Matters
Truth Matters 04/06/13 - 05:32 am
Student athletes

ACES, I so agree with you. There has been a subculture in college sports, and some say high school as well, that has fostered and quietly sanctioned this type of behavior. Even the best kids won't "rat out" the coach. Many college fraternities and sororities and not too far down on this totem poll of this kind of behavior.

Maybe it's time to look at compensation of college athletes (above and beyond room/board and tuition. Some body is making big, big, money off these fellows. They all had better remember why they entered college__to get an education, I hope, and if they can parlay that into a lucrative sports career, that's fine.

It makes one wonder about the mind set of students who don't speak up. I believe kids who feel less dependent on having to succeed in college sports to get that pro contract will be the ones to not tolerate this. .

Education first!

Riverman1 04/06/13 - 08:25 am
Harnessing the Energy

There’s a line and this coach crossed it. It’s a close call with some coaches. I observed a (he’s retired now) successful local high school baseball coach for a few years as my son’s team played against his team often. He was a red faced fiery, aggressive coach. His teams won and if they didn’t he acted.

There were chewing (cursing them out really) outs of almost every player that went on for an hour. There were wind sprints in the outfield after a losing game that went on way into the dark on school nights.

This coach also knew the game and paid close attention to every batter, pitch and play. He KNEW every opposing player, something uncommon in high school. The players responded to the energy he put into the game and team. The trick for coaches is to harness that energy.

itsanotherday1 04/06/13 - 10:21 pm
In your face cursing and

In your face cursing and ranting is never OK, much less any kind of physical contact. I'm surprised one of those college "boys" didn't beat the snot out of that jackass.
I am really surprised that bench warmer caliber players don't expose them. I understand those who have a lot to gain not wanting to jeopardize their goals, but a 3rd stringer knows he isn't going anywhere.

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