A lesson out of school

Greenbrier soccer team's road trip binge was foolish, thoughtless

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Some of a student’s most lasting and most unfortunate lessons are learned outside of a classroom.

Such is the case with 18 members of the Greenbrier High School boys soccer team – who were suspended this week after officials learned they were involved in an alcohol-drinking episode on a recent road trip to Jekyll Island.

No one was physically injured in this incident, and we’ve seen a lot worse behavior. But it’s a tragedy nonetheless, as it has eviscerated the Wolfpack’s undefeated, Class AAAAA No. 2-ranked team. And the guiltless seven players have been impacted by the others’ foolhardiness.

Worse still is the fact that the temporary 10-day suspensions are certain to be expanded upon for some of them after next week’s disciplinary hearings. Some already have been assigned to the district’s alternative school – and that appears to be the least that will happen.

Worst of all is the fact that a momentary act of sheer stupidity will likely haunt these young men for a very long time. They will know they fouled up big-time – and they will always wonder what might have been in their high school athletic careers.

Youthful indiscretions, as we are wont to call them, have forever been with us. And so have the consequences.

Even so, today’s youths are egged on not just by their peers, but by omnipresent entertainment media that seemingly celebrate aberrant behaviors. Today, kids are lucky enough to have the depravity delivered straight to their smart phones.

Very few of those movies, TV shows, videos and video games ever depict the disastrous consequences of imbecilic actions. Fact is, youths may get the misleading message that “everybody’s doing it,” or that it’s no big deal and can be laughed off. None of that is true.

We also have long been bombarded by the liberal drivel that there’s such a thing as “victimless” crimes. Ask the seven innocent members of the Greenbrier soccer team about that. Unwise, illegal and even mere self-destructive acts never affect just one person.

If young people learn nothing else about this incident, may they remember this:

There is always collateral damage.

Would these young men have considered simply running off the field in the middle of a game and abandoning their teammates to face the opposition alone? Well, that is the result of their actions. Participating in a group drink – where several of them apparently also smoked synthetic marijuana – did none of their teammates any favors.

If you can’t toe the line for your own well-being, at least do it for the person next to you.

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Truth Matters
Truth Matters 03/23/13 - 05:27 am

This is a reminder that youth and individuals from all walks of life are capable of unacceptable behavior. I know I did some dumb stuff in my youth that at the time sent my parents' head exploding. For those who think Columbia County is perfect, here's your evidence that it isn't because there are no perfect people .

Learn a lesson kids, and make your parents and school proud.

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 03/23/13 - 05:29 am

Foolish and thoughtless.....was it criminal, too?

Riverman1 03/23/13 - 06:09 am
Just What We Need, An Editorial, Heh

I guess they won the Jekyll Island tournament?

It was reported to President Abe Lincoln that Gen. Grant was drinking during battles. Lincoln replied, “Find out the brand of his liquor because I’m going to send some to all my generals.”

I’ve got some questions about how this was handled by Mr. Nagle. He said if they admitted to wrong doing and “waived their rights” they could probably go straight to the alternative school. So if you admit to wrong doing then you won’t lose any school time? If you don’t waive your rights you will miss time which could very well lead to failing. Interesting that Nagle brought up “their rights.” I assume they do have some by his statement. Could it be their rights were violated by the way this was handled? It could be the whole thing is thrown out on technicalities.

palmetto1008 03/23/13 - 06:43 am
Nice try, ACES, to lay the

Nice try, ACES, to lay the blame for even this incident on liberal cultural brainwashing. But this does not fit into what would be considered a "victimless crime" category.

deestafford 03/23/13 - 10:35 am
Boy, what a lesson is taught!

Many young people will see that actions have concequences. Some of which are negative and can follow you all your life. I'm sure the impact will be felt as far a college acceptance is concerned.
Another thing is how swiftly the school and the board acted in this case to handle it as quickly as possible as to not delay the academic school year impact on the students. They were given the option of getting back into the classroom at an alternative school as quickly as possible or if one contests the charges one loses academic time. Nobody tried to cover this up as have been some recent cases in other states.

soapy_725 03/23/13 - 11:10 am
The glorification of alcohol.

Apparently the majority of adults use alcohol as a euphoric drug. From the leaders of our country, to the pulpit of our churches and down to the gutters of our streets. Therefore none can sit in judgement of their children. Everything is situational morality.

Alcohol is a drug. A mind altering drug. Collective denial does not change the truth. Strong drink is a mocker and wine is raging; whoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

Our "sinless society" is placing its future on a sacrificial altar. No laws, No absolutes. The alcohol industry finally has overwhelmed the Word of God. Drink and have fun, you only go around once. Satan's National Anthem.

seenitB4 03/23/13 - 12:16 pm
Too much

Too much punishment....imo

When I think of some of the foolishness I fell in while a teenager....teen years are learning years.....don't kick them out of regular school.....find another way to punish them..

itsanotherday1 03/23/13 - 12:44 pm
I think kicking them off the

I think kicking them off the team is punishment aplenty.

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