Another survey, another insult

Request for input on logo rightly greeted with skepticism

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The fine folks behind Georgia Regents University want your opinion on the new school logo and colors.

This time, they swear they’ll listen.

After a $45,000 survey on what the new name should be for the consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University – and after the survey results indicating that people nationwide preferred “University of Augusta” were completely ignored – Augustans are understandably just a tad cynical about being asked their opinions now.

“Haven’t we heard this before with the NAMING of the University?” one reader posted below a Chronicle story about the new survey of alumni and others, being conducted via e-mail.

“If it is like the last survey, it is meaningless,” wrote another. “I don’t think I am speaking for myself, I DON”T TRUST THEM.”

“Fool me once, shame on you ... Fool me twice ... well you know the rest,” declared another.

Is being surveyed about the logo and school colors – choices the school administration itself came up with – supposed to make us feel better? “Here are the choices we’re giving you,” school officials are essentially saying. “Which one do you think we did the best job on?”

Brilliant. Not only do we get to go through the process of giving input again – the last one was phony enough – but this time the further insult is that we’re being asked to rubber-stamp the choices that school officials are spoon-feeding to us.

One graphic expert we asked said the choices being voted on in the survey are clunky, dated and uninspired. It looks like art by committee.

Did they ask graphic design students at Augusta State University for input? Or were they afraid what the answer might be? As can be discerned from the above online comments, this community is still feeling pretty disrespected and disenfranchised about how cynical and disingenuous the naming process was.

Fact is, the Georgia Board of Regents, who were asked to approve the Georgia Regents University name, were never told the $45,000 marketing survey that revealed “University of Augusta” was the most popular choice of respondents nationwide. By contrast, Georgia Regents University was given the unenthusiastic welcome it deserved.

Now they swear your opinion counts. And it may – since you’re being asked to select among the officials’ top choices anyway.

Results of the survey, which was sent out Friday, were expected to be compiled as early as today.

The thing is, the residual anger and skepticism – folks just don’t trust these officials anymore – will last a lot longer than any email survey.

But they’ll probably just ignore that too.

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shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 12/12/12 - 02:04 am
Colors and logo

The colors can be gray on front and green on back. (like money. $45,000 to be exact) The logo can be Azziz high fiving the Regents.

Techfan 12/12/12 - 05:53 am
For the logo:

How about Azziz giving the finger to alumni?

Riverman1 12/12/12 - 06:47 am
Just Call ASU.....Augusta

Yeah, it's disgusting the way they even admit the earlier mistake by emphasizing THIS survey will matter. We're stuck with an almost impossible name.

It reminds me of Georgia College and State University. They had to add the state university part to the name back when Augusta College had to become ASU in another regents' edict. But what happens with GCSU is the old name of Georgia College is still used by most when referring to them. I suspect for sports reporting in the media and informal conversation, ASU will simply be known as Augusta. Works for me.

curly123053 12/12/12 - 08:03 am
We'll see.........

How about Azziz mooning the Augusta community!

crkgrdn 12/12/12 - 08:54 am

And, how much is this survey costing us?

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 12/12/12 - 09:10 am
You guys are funny

Good ones Techfan and curly! You made my morning!

Jon Lester
Jon Lester 12/12/12 - 09:26 am
Commenting guidelines prevent me from expressing

what I really think of the Regents, and they've really gone out of their way to undermine my already low regard for the whole lot. Save the A.

Fiat_Lux 12/12/12 - 09:36 am
They're all swine.

And yet, they hold their own opinions in such high regard while snubbing the people who make it possible for them to be who they are.

I guess alpha hogs are arrogant as well.

OpenCurtain 12/12/12 - 02:52 pm
Yeah! Right!

I believe every word and promise.

(sarcasm )

Gage Creed
Gage Creed 12/12/12 - 07:20 pm
I suggest pomegranate and

I suggest pomegranate and puce, these colors made famous by Frostbite Falls High School seem well suited for the Rocky and Bullwinkle antics we have been exposed to by this adminstration.

I still think Azziz missed the mark by not using Wottsamatta U. as the name for the GNU U.

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