Membership has its privileges

In the United Nations, that means killing whomever you wish

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Just wondering: What do you have to do to get kicked out of the United Nations?

Is there anything at all that disqualifies you? Like, say, waging an unprovoked war on a neighbor?

Or how about waging war on your own people?

Nope. There are zero standards for membership in the United Nations. And apparently no carpeting, either; it’s easier to clean blood off of marble floors.

There are a number of nations and despots who might have been tossed out on their stump years ago, had the esteemed body had the least little bit of humanity. Iraq under Saddam Hussein comes to mind. Iran, after the revolution and hostage-taking. Myanmar. Libya under Gadhafi.

Few U.N. member states’ leaders are as reprehensible, though, as Bashar Assad – a legacy strongman who has waged open war on his own people now for several years, and is said to be ready to use chemical weapons on them.

Saddam Hussein, you’ll recall, used sarin gas to kill 5,000 Kurds in one fell swoop – while his emissaries enjoyed the commissary at U.N. headquarters in New York.

Just the rogue’s list of possible retirement spots Assad may be eyeing, should he ultimately be forced out, tells you everything you need to know about him: Cuba and Venezuela would apparently be glad to find him a nice condo.

“We believe (Assad’s) fall is inevitable,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this past week. “It is just a question of how many people have to die before that occurs.”

Apparently the United States is about to officially recognize the opposition coalition in Syria as the legitimate government. It’s risky, of course – we can’t be sure how civil or reliable they’d be. But nearly anything is better than Assad.

If only the United Nations had the intestinal fortitude and moral certitude to do the same.

But this body often does the opposite of what’s moral – such as not only allowing murderous tyrants membership in the family of nations, but also a seat at the table of commissions judging other countries’ human rights records. What a joke.

In the case of blithely welcoming members such as Assad, and blissfully turning a blind eye to their unrestrained savagery, the United Nations is more than a joke. It’s a travesty.

Membership in a United Nations ought to come with certain expectations – and perhaps even some rewards. For instance, those nations whose regimes are deemed inhumane, or who wage unjustified war on anyone, should have access to loans and trade agreements and other perquisites of enlightened behavior cut off. Membership, as a famous credit card advertisement suggests, should have its privileges.

But at the very least, when will the civilized nations of the world require more of their world body – or just agree to form a new one with a few fundamental standards of human decency?

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Jon Lester
Jon Lester 12/11/12 - 02:20 am
Be careful what you ask for.

There is no reason to believe that the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council are motivated by anything resembling our concept of "freedom." It's only about supremacy.

JRC2024 12/11/12 - 07:52 am
They are all crazy in that

They are all crazy in that part f the world. Would not go there if you gave me a first class ticket and $100000.00 to spend.

Techfan 12/11/12 - 08:03 am
"Saddam Hussein, you’ll

"Saddam Hussein, you’ll recall, used sarin gas to kill 5,000 Kurds in one fell swoop". Thanks to Reagan, Daddy Bush, Rumsfeld, and Schultz. .

Fiat_Lux 12/11/12 - 08:46 am
I'm just waiting for the mushroom cloud

Then, perhaps, the United States may depart and boot them off US soil.

It would be good riddance to absolute garbage.

omnomnom 12/11/12 - 09:24 am
Republican senators refused

Republican senators refused to sign off one one of those international standards of decency claiming it would undermine American sovereignty. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the U.N. myself , that building in NYC would make keen condos

Fundamental_Arminian 12/11/12 - 09:43 am
Who are our allies in the Middle East?

    There is no reason to believe that the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council are motivated by anything resembling our concept of "freedom." It's only about supremacy (Jon Lester).

I think you're right. As Hillary Clinton has admitted, one of our allies in this fight to "liberate" Syria is al-Qaeda. So there's no reason to think the Arab Spring will be more pleasant in Syria than it has been in Iraq, Egypt, and Libya.

Interestingly, many of Syria's Christians are refugees who fled from Iraq after our supposed liberation of that nation. (Saddam Hussein, evil though he was, was more tolerant of religious minorities than his Sunni successors have been.) So is it any surprise that Syria's Christians prefer Bashar al-Assad to anyone backed by us and al-Qaeda?

Assad is of another religious minority, the Alawite sect of Islam; so Syrian Christians have been hoping he will provide them with some protection.

As you've noted, Mr. Lester, we have no reason to think the freedom fighters we're working with have good motives.

soapy_725 12/11/12 - 09:55 am
Does this fit anyone close to home?

Is there anything at all that disqualifies you? Like, say, waging an unprovoked war on a neighbor? Or former ally? Or former covert war monger partner?

The UN is just the foundation of a Global Government, yet to be named. Why is it on American soil? Are we somehow neutral in world conflicts? Great Britain wanted the building in the USA. Who pays the bills for the impotent peace keeper?

Bizkit 12/11/12 - 02:21 pm
Dang grouse for once we

Dang grouse for once we agree. A country whose leader sends out drones to kill helter-skelter and orders the assassination of its citizens sounds like some brutal dictator and not the President of the USA.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 12/11/12 - 03:19 pm
He's working on it

Obama's working on the dictator part, Bizkit. He's already doing pretty well in the brutal department.

OpenCurtain 12/11/12 - 05:42 pm
The President may run the country

But the State Department plays chess with the world.

Bizkit 12/11/12 - 10:23 pm
The United Nations is an

The United Nations is an oxymoron. Or just a bunch of morons. Either works as well.

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 12/12/12 - 12:23 am
We need the UN

It's one way to keep an eye on the nut case rulers of the world.

KasparHauser 12/15/12 - 07:19 am
You are talking about The Church or Israel, aren't you?

Boy, I read the title and thought this was going to be another bashing of the major religions, or the warmongers in charge in the alleged civil state of Israel.

But, they're all FAR beyond this phase of incompetence and maliciousness, aren't they?

BTW, just how would YOU know that nearly anything is better than Assad? Seems like, by your own accounting, there are states just as bad EVERYWHERE.

In fact, the overstatement and blinkered -phobia expressed in this editorial, by a nameless minion, demonstrates that the alleged evil of the UN pretty much just a reflection of human ignorance and bigotry. And, the UN helps implement US foreign policy while preventing us from having to send sons and daughters around the globe.

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