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In Congress, Rick Allen can help save our country from disaster

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We had every intention of sitting this race out. We generally don’t endorse in primaries if there’s a contested election later.

But the 12th Congressional District race is too important – and Rick Allen is too good a candidate not to endorse.

We urge you to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Rick Allen for Congress.

An Augusta native, Allen is a respected business owner, president and CEO of R.W. Allen & Associates, Inc., construction company. He is an esteemed peer and acknowledged leader in the crowded and fiercely competitive construction industry statewide and nationally.

Like the steel he has erected over the years, Rick Allen has been forged by the fires of faith, family, community and dedication to his craft. And a list of his civic affiliations and contributions alone reach the length of some people’s entire résumé. From schools to churches to nonprofits to hospitals and more, Allen’s architectural and construction footprints in this town are

matched only by his fingerprints over all the important and worthy causes out there.

Allen is so grounded in his Christian faith that you will rarely meet anyone who exudes its peace and kindness more.

With his conservatism and his real-world business background, Allen is precisely, absolutely, utterly the prototype of the citizen legislator that we are desperate to send to Washington to fix all that the career politicians have wrought.

And he’s a job creator to boot – another thing we need more of in Washington!

But one thing you can’t list on a résumé is Allen’s gravitas – a political cliché these days, but a word that, unlike any other, describes Rick Allen: “substance; weightiness; a serious or dignified demeanor.” It shows in the way he carries himself, in the way
he greets you, in the way he thoughtfully answers questions and more.

It hardly gets any better: We can send to Congress a true,
sincere, genuine citizen
legislator who comes already equipped with the sophistication and poise of a 20-year congressman.

But without any of the self-serving baggage or cynicism so rampant in Washington.

All of those qualities will
serve Rick Allen well in the November general election, when he goes up against Democrat John Barrow, a slick entrenched incumbent who, despite liberal tendencies, has made an art out of surviving in a largely conservative district.

He plays the game so well that voters don’t realize they’re being played.

The conventional wisdom in Republican circles is that Rick Allen’s runoff opponent, Lee Anderson, simply does not have the dynamic punch it will take to detach Barrow from the people’s seat.

Rick Allen does.

Again, we strongly urge residents in the 12th Congressional District to vote for Rick Allen on Tuesday. You need to request a Republican ballot – and you may do so if you voted Republican or nonpartisan in the July 31 primary – and even if you didn’t vote in it at all.

Rick W. Allen is a man who has already left his mark in the Augusta area, in the form of new and renovated structures throughout the area.

Now he can make his mark in Congress – and, with our prayerful support and his knowledge
of construction, perhaps even
help save this great nation from ruin.

That’s what a builder does. He builds.

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soapy_725 08/19/12 - 08:16 am
In Congress, Rick Allen can help save our country from disaster

History says this is balled faced lie, an impossible dream and BS. The US government has been growing and taxation has been growing since 1790. The most Rick can do in Congress is see that he and his handlers get richer. Allen, Anderson and Barrow are all the same in character. Wanting to feed at the trough of Big Government. Take your barf bag to the voting machine. Smile when you see a flash. Ben Dover will waiting outside for your exit poll.

Riverman1 08/19/12 - 10:23 am
Reap What You Sow

Yeah, well, you reap what you sow. I’m going to vote for Rick Allen because he is the best remaining candidate to end our disgrace of having a Democrat Congressman. But the Chronicle's silly tactics attacking Wright McLeod for everything under the sun including which side he parted his hair on, plus telling Republicans not to vote in the Congressional race and crossover could very well result in a Lee Anderson nomination. And that could very well result in Democrat John Barrow again.

Petaltothemetal 08/19/12 - 04:48 pm
As a Communications major at

As a Communications major at ASU, I was told that any respectable media outlet does not endorse a candidate. So I am asking for the author to show their name. Take credit for this media shame. For all we know, Rick Allen could have written this, and paid the Chronicle for its publication, like he's tried to pay his way into everything else. Also, like he has been trying to buy the 12th district. Who needs fundraisers when you have a bank account full of government building development money, including SPLOST funded projects. He tried to turn that one around, and anyone with sense could see right through these scared campaign tactics. Wrong doing brings guilt, and guilty people lie to cover up, and play dirty. Allen is a glorified construction boss trying to pay his way to D.C. I want experience representing us, and if D.C. needs a building constructed poorly, he's the man. Rick Allen has absolutely no experience with being a political leader. Anderson made a good point in one of his recent mail outs with Rick Allen's dream team...he just should have included Kay Allen and Charles Allen to the team. The family is trying to take over Columbia County for what, a title is all I can guess. Lee Anderson is a selfless individual that radiates integrity! He knows how to get the job done. He knows what is best for the 12th Congressional District.

SHAME ON YOU AUGUSTA CHRONICLE. Send your employees back to school, or better yet get rid of Barry Paschal. A newspaper should not be bias what so ever!

crkgrdn 08/19/12 - 05:28 pm
Lee Anderson, the humble public servant

Like others throughout the early decades of this great nation who made their living from the land and looked after their neighbors' best interests, Lee is one. He has great humility, is honorable and has a record of representing WE THE PEOPLE.

Riverman1 08/19/12 - 07:43 pm

Petaltothemeta said, "As a Communications major at ASU, I was told that any respectable media outlet does not endorse a candidate."

I liked to see the text book that came out of. Barry Paschal must really have hurt feelings with a communications major saying he should be fired. :)

derekdugan 08/19/12 - 08:20 pm
I have intended to write a

I have intended to write a letter endorsing Rick Allen but it would have said the same thing. As a member of the committee that selected RW Allen for construction of the Kroc Center - a 100% privately funded project - we selected RW Allen for many reasons but a key one being the love he has for his community. The Kroc Center was constructed with a majority of local supplies and subcontractors - a criteria Rick Allen supports to keep our money local. It was also built very, very well which is a testament to the local architect team and RW Allen.

I got to know Rick through a working relationship and now admire him and see him as everything that was stated in the editorial. Rick's commitment to Augusta leaves little doubt to me that he will be a great Congressman.

BROADVIEW 08/19/12 - 09:16 pm
Tuesday run-off Allen vs Anderson

Lee Anderson is just another self-serving career politican...He hids behind the fake humility of a farm tractor protraying himself to be a Farmer/Statesman.......HOG WASH..........If he gets the nod in the run off,Barrow gets my vote.At least John Barrow is educated....and speaks correct English.....Pay attention to the verbs Lee. They stand out like grease on a light blue Ban-lon shirt.......

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 08/19/12 - 10:08 pm

Petaltothemetal posted:

As a Communications major at ASU, I was told that any respectable media outlet does not endorse a candidate. . . . A newspaper should not be bias (sic) what so ever!

I tremble for the future of journalism under Gru journalism school if Petaltothemetal is to be believed. Please tell me it isn't true what he/she says.

Newspapers have endorsed candidates since Gutenberg. It's what they do.

JRC2024 08/19/12 - 10:32 pm
Petal as long as I can

Petal as long as I can remeber and as long as I have been voteing the newspaper has always endorsed the canidate they deemed to be the best. I do not think that will ever change.
Also, justthink, I do not believe RWALLEN built the jail on Walton Way either. If I remember correctly that company was an out of town company that has gone out of business.

glfr8 08/19/12 - 11:19 pm

I may not have majored in Communications, but I do know that your "rant" is full of incomplete and run-on sentences. If you are going to brag about being a know it all, when it comes to communications, use correct grammar and sentence structure. Nothing like a communications major criticizing a newspaper that has been around since the 18th century. They have been a successful paper without your help thus far.

ASU must not have taught you the definition of integrity. So I will let you read it for yourself. Unless there is another definition out there I don't see how this describes the Lee Anderson running for Congress.
From ''
"in·teg·ri·ty   [in-teg-ri-tee]
1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull."

The latest TV ad and mailers by Lee Anderson are terrible and don't come close to the truth! Can I say I am surprised? No. This is just the same old thing politicians do all of the time. I haven't heard of anyone that is believing these lies. I think it will backfire on Mr. Anderson.

SGT49 08/19/12 - 11:34 pm
What we don't need in

What we don't need in Washington is an old backwoods Georgia farmer gosh 'n golly'n down the halls of Congress. We need someone educated, who can understand the issues and speak their mind clearly. Sorry, Lee. I'm sure you're a fine man. You represented my district well on the Columbia County council. But this is the big leagues.

PC in Dixie
PC in Dixie 08/20/12 - 12:28 pm
Rick Allen (R) vs. John Barrow(D)

Admittedly I don't have a dog in this fight (I live just outside the district), however, isn't Barrow the Democrat who moved from Athens (his real home) to Savannah in 2006 to run for Congress in the newly-redrawn GA 12th. District, where the African- population (and heavily Democratic) would almost assure his reelection?

Now, he has not chosen to move again and will run in the newly redistricted 12th. from his "home" in Savannah. He is a "Blue Dog" Democrat, but a Democrat nonetheless. Sounds like Allen would be the better choice from what is printed.

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