Toxic parenting

Too many parents place their lives above their children's

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From parenting problems (see editorial above) we move seamlessly to parenting

A 37-year-old Augusta woman largely confined to a bed by prescription drugs is now charged with allowing her 2-year-old son to wander off and drown in a pool at the home March 21.

Prosecutors say Lisa Stocker took 10 prescription drugs that day, and stayed in bed most days. She woke up enough about 5:30 a.m. to yell from her bed to get her older sons going to school – and then had to be awakened close to 9 a.m. by a neighbor who noticed her two dogs loose. Eventually, the 2-year-old also was discovered missing, and was found at the bottom after the murky pool was drained.

Elsewhere in Augusta Sunday, officials said a couple was taken into custody after a 5-month-old was found dead at their “deplorable” mobile home. The infant, who lived with four siblings – 1, 3, 5 and 6 – also had bite marks in various stages of healing, authorities said.

Aileen Wright, 26, and the father of the infant and the 1-year-old, Nicholas Womack Sr., 24, were taken into custody and charged with cruelty to children in the second degree and four counts of deprivation of a minor.

Self-indulgence and neglect of children is a toxic mix – and all too common today.

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Riverman1 04/17/12 - 05:06 am
Too many people want to adopt

Too many people want to adopt kids not to treasure and take care of them.

DuhJudge 04/17/12 - 07:27 am
Kids......what a consequence.

Kids......what a consequence. That is the problem. People turn into animals when no one is looking. There are hundreds just like these. Animals I tell you. Animals making more animals. You better start Prepping.

Bruno 04/17/12 - 07:59 am
"A 37-year-old Augusta woman

"A 37-year-old Augusta woman largely confined to a bed by prescription drugs..."

There is something wrong with this sentence.

allhans 04/17/12 - 08:42 am
The doctor, the pharmacist,

The doctor, the pharmacist, the family? this woman had help with this mess and every angle should be investigated.

Jane18 04/17/12 - 10:10 am
A very sorry group of

A very sorry group of parents. Then we have the woman arrested for underage drinking going on at her house after prom. How about the parents of the temper-tantrum-throwing little brat in Millegeville, Ga.? Just because some people have procreating abilities does not make them good parent material. Duh Judge said something that really caught my attention. "Animal mentality", I think so too!!

faithson 04/17/12 - 03:48 pm
Does the child have a 'right'

Does the child have a 'right' to decent parenting is the question. If the answer is YES than there is 'work' to do, if not, than expect these incidents to be the tip of the iceberg.

corgimom 04/17/12 - 07:40 pm
The mother of the 2 year old

The mother of the 2 year old is a prescription drug addict that is addicted to muscle relaxers, according to newspaper reports. Taking 10 prescription drugs is not the problem; drug addiction is her problem. She doctor-shopped until she got the drugs she wanted. The one thing that is common to all drug and alcohol addicts is that they are terrible parents. Who would think that they could stay in bed all day and adequately take care of a 2 year old, that requires constant supervision?

twolane 04/17/12 - 10:26 pm
i know of three other kids

i know of three other kids that died or drowned but the parents lived in more affluent neighborhoods so they were never charged for the same thing go figure

no.such.girl 03/15/14 - 10:59 pm
(This may be cross-posted. I

(This may be cross-posted. I haven't decided yet).

Maybe I should not be here. I am compounding the problem and I'm not sure that my words will be in any way adequate here. But here it is.

Some of you have expressed concern for the well-being of the other two children. They are cared for. They are loved. The details are none of your business.

They also have internet access. And they will wonder what people are saying. I can check their History, but hey, I can't unsee this stuff for them.

You profess to care for these two? Shut up. Period.

They are having a hard enough time adjusting to life without their brother, without their mother. They're good kids. They're really good kids. They can no longer attend public schools. They cannot safely "ego-surf" without finding comments in which totally uninvolved (and let's face it, frankly ignorant) people wishing a horrible death for their mother.

Whatever the circumstances (which, again, you are frankly ignorant of) the boys absolutely do not deserve this sort of attention. They are at that vulnerable age in which they're trying to figure out who they are at the most basic levels.

I pray every day that they know they are not just Daniel's brothers or Lisa's children. They deserve better. You can help ensure they get it.

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