Where is their apology?

Afghan response to mistaken Quran burnings lacks moral equivalency

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Afghans eager for a U.S. exit smell more than burning Qurans. They smell weakness.

And to radicals suckled on racism, sexism, nihilism and religious hatred, that’s like smelling salts.

There’s not much you can do for such people.

The violent, inconsolable, irrational reaction of large numbers of Afghans to the Quran burning on a U.S. base – leading to the deaths of half a dozen Americans – makes you wonder if our time there needs to be cut even shorter than President Obama had wished.

Despite the president’s bizarre claim that his administration’s repeated apologies for the Quran burning had actually calmed things down, the murderous violence only continued. Many now believe the apologies may have been counterproductive – perversely validating the over-the-top Afghan anger and showing signs of weakness amid a culture that esteems only strength.

Then again, the president’s long-stated goal that U.S. troops would be leaving might also have sent such a message.

We’re not among those who argue the U.S. should not have apologized at all, though the administration probably should have been more dignified and less groveling about it.

But now the question is: Where the heck is their apology? Let’s have some perspective: We burned some holy books that, arguably, had already been defiled by Taliban prisoners passing messages in them. But we’ve had half a dozen of our people killed. There’s no moral equivalency.

Writer Ben Shapiro provides a bit of context:

“Let’s say you’re driving on a city street with your daughter in the car. You accidentally rear-end a sketchy-looking fellow in a pickup truck, scraping his bumper. He immediately climbs out of the truck, baseball bat in hand, and proceeds to wallop your little girl in the head. Should you apologize for rear-ending him?”

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Thursday we should tell Afghan President Hamid Karzai to apologize for the American deaths – we would add profusely and publicly – or see U.S. troops exit his country,

We agree – except that we’re not sure any apology should slow us down.

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Jon Lester
Jon Lester 03/05/12 - 05:10 am
If you can be bothered to

If you can be bothered to remember facts, the Bush administration gladly oversaw the installation of yet another Islamic republic as a replacement for the Taliban regime, which has been the net result of all of our foreign adventures in the last 20 years. What is Obama supposed to do about it, and how do you expect Muslims to react when you act like your own cosmology is so much better than theirs?

copperhead 03/05/12 - 05:22 am
Another husssein worshipper

Another husssein worshipper praising the murder of U.S. troops-sickening. AND blaming bush AGAIN!

scoobynews 03/05/12 - 06:09 am
What do we expect Obama to

What do we expect Obama to do? Just what he promised - to get our troops out of there! Act as if we are better! We have done nothing but tried to help these people have democracy and they have laughed in our faces as they pulled the triggers to shoot. Most of these radicals sit around stewing in hatred and blaming the U.S. and whoever else for their lot in life. Get over it and do something positive for your people is what I say.

DuhJudge 03/05/12 - 07:54 am
We have got to stop trying to

We have got to stop trying to save Third World countries that prefer the Dark Ages. Afghanistan has out survived Mongols, Greeks, Romans, and Soviets. I predict that when we are gone, the Afghans will still be there, doing their thing. We got Bin Laden. Now come home.

david jennings
david jennings 03/05/12 - 08:16 am
It is a fact there is nothing

It is a fact there is nothing anyone can do to appease their radicalism. Yes bring our troops home and defend our borders.

Riverman1 03/05/12 - 08:32 am
Right after 9-11 the Taliban

Right after 9-11 the Taliban had a rally at a former soccer stadium in Afghanistan with about 100,000 of them celebrating. We should have dropped about 20 cruise missles on that stadium at a cost of about 99 cents a piece and said, "Don't mess with us again." End of war.

JRC2024 03/05/12 - 09:42 am
I could care less about those

I could care less about those people over there. They have been backwards since the beginning and will never change. Bring our men and women home and forget about them.

madgerman 03/05/12 - 09:45 am
If people really want to end

If people really want to end this war and keep us out of the next one - demand that the government start the draft again. That is what it took for us to get out of Vietnam after years of political games.

faithson 03/05/12 - 11:19 am
We are at WAR people, in war

We are at WAR people, in war people DIE. on both sides. You want the killing to stop... than stop WARRING. Attack upon being attacked, for sure. (initial invasion). History will show the ineptitude the Bush administration exhibited in diverting our focus from Afghanistan to Iraq. We were flimflammed into War with Iraq by a cabal of pro-Israeli administration wonks. Had we focused on Al-quida and the Taliban in the beginning, we would NOT be having Editorials like this today.

itsanotherday1 03/05/12 - 11:25 am
Do you agree that our ENTIRE

Do you agree that our ENTIRE government and those of our allies were also flim-flammed? If not, how do you explain the volumes of quotes by Congress and others, many during the Clinton administration, that claimed Iraq had WMD?

BTW, I agree with limiting war to self defense.

JohnRandolphHardisonCain 03/05/12 - 11:50 am
Qur'ans have been burned

Qur'ans have been burned previously by U.S. troops as well as flushed down toilets and used for target practice. President Bush apologized for such incidents. The latest outrage in Afghanistan over the U.S. military burning Qur'ans is not a reaction to a single isolated incident, and beyond desecrating the Qur'an, Afghan are enraged over U.S. air strikes that repeatedly kill innocent civilians as well as their homes being invaded by U.S. special operations forces in night raids. Bottom line: United States has NO RIGHT to occupy Afghanistan for 10 years 5 months and foist endless war on the long sufferingAfghan people in a vain attempt for forge U.S. hegemony over South and Central Asia. According to a Defense Department spokesman, the most recent operation that killed an Al Qaeda fighter was in April 2011--ten months ago. However, there was an "Al Qaeda foreign fighter" captured near Kabul in May 2011, and an "Al Qaeda facilitator" captured in the Paktiya province on January 30 of this year. By comparison, there have been 466 coalition fatalities since April 2011. It has been clear for at least the past 6 years that the U.S. war in Afghanistan is DOOMED. Afghanistan did not earn its reputation as "the graveyard of empires" for nothing. United States should GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN NOW.

CobaltGeorge 03/05/12 - 11:54 am
Yep, "United States should

Yep, "United States should GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN NOW."....but....
but leave it the largest desert in this world!

stillamazed 03/05/12 - 12:18 pm
These people do not want

These people do not want democracy.....and who are we to try to force it on them? Let them destroy themselves and save wars for when our borders are being threatened. Thousands of our young men and women have died from this war in the Middle East since it all started, and for what? What have we really accomplished? Get out and stop depending on the Middle East for oil......start tapping into our own natural resources and start looking for fuel alternatives.

fftaz71 03/05/12 - 12:51 pm
And here is where the

And here is where the American people are getting flimflammed again....Oil/petroleum. We import approximately 60% of the petroleum products we use, of which about 16% comes from the Persian Gulf region. Yet our oil prices are based on what happens there folks. Our largest supply of petroleum products comes from the Western Hemisphere with Canada (18%), Mexico (11%) and Venezuela (10%) being some of the countries we import the most from. Saudi Arabia sends us 11% btw. 16% is hardly a majority and shouldnt be affecting our prices but yet we let government let big oil do this to us.

Bizkit 03/05/12 - 04:35 pm
Weird we would be apologizing

Weird we would be apologizing to our enemy the Taliban. Anyways back in 2010 the Afghans killed some christian missionary. Still waiting for the apology. The Afghans and other Muslim countries frequently burn the christian Holy Book the Bible. No apologizes. Hmmmm. Something seems amiss doesn't it. We should apologize to every country we've ever had a war with. Perhaps the US government should apologize to the Confederate states for the Civil War too. Ridiculous is it not.

socks99 03/05/12 - 08:46 pm
This apology by Obama, again,

This apology by Obama, again, simply adds one more reason against continuing his Presidency come next November. It matters none whether or not the GOP challenger is remotely qualified. Obama has to go, and will go!

As for order in the world, particularly in remote places like Afghanistan, that task arguably should fall on some OTHER international body. Ultimately, the Afghan people themselves will have to decide to establish order or to emigrate.

As order in the world goes, so too does the global economy. It is order that protects the terms of trade and is intended to protect investments and to slow or stop pillage and highway robbery. As order grows, so does the economy, and with it, GDP and a higher standard of living. Unfortunately, so much capital has been gambled away and stolen, that there is less available to enforce order; and the global economy will continue to shrink.

Instead of asking the Afghani ruler for an apology, U.S. authorities should present him with the bill and inquire as to whether he'll be paying with cash or credit?

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