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Burke County champs will carry their success with them

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If you think the Burke County High School state championship is just about football, we’d encourage you to take a time-out and think it over.

If it’s just about football, then how will the school’s first state crown follow these boys the rest of their lives (which you know it will)? They won’t be wearing shoulder pads and cleats in 20 years. But they will carry Saturday’s 28-14 victory over Peach County at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta wherever they go for as long as they live.

That’s not football. It’s something more.

It’s the ultimate reward for hard work, dedication, teamwork, faith and enough other positives that they could form a Boy Scout oath. It’s a lifelong lesson, and one they’ll remember as much or more than any lesson their teachers shared with them in class: that if you mind your P’s and Q’s, stay out of trouble, work hard and play by the rules, you can achieve great things.

These young men have many choices to make for the rest of their lives. But they will make those decisions having the benefit of seeing what happens when you do what’s necessary to win, to create excellence. It’s something they’ll be able to translate into both their professional and personal lives.

It’s why championship teams earn rings – like a string around their finger, the rings serve as a reminder of a great and singular accomplishment. This year, they were the best. And from now on, they’ll know how it’s done.

It isn’t just football, though that would be enough. It’s life.

And these guys are on top.

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Riverman1 12/16/11 - 05:39 am
Congratulations to the Burke

Congratulations to the Burke County Bears. They did something I wish I could have done. They won a state championship and that's big.

I played high school football and was in the Boy Scouts. Football molded me to a far greater degree in a positive way. It comes at that time in your life when you are coming of age, you are strong and your emotions surface. My experiences there have helped me throughout my life. I can remember the bare spots in our practice field to this day. I ran up and down that field so many times in unbearable August heat during summer practice. If I could have only played for a state championship.

avidreader 12/16/11 - 06:31 am
I'm sure these young men and

I'm sure these young men and their coaches are swelling with self-confidence -- and they should be.

faithson 12/16/11 - 10:43 am
Having played on a football

Having played on a football team that won the school's first state championship I can attest to how special such an event is to both the players and the school. At our 40th reunion this year it was great to be recognized as the school sports team to be the first. These young men at Burke County have chiseled a place in their school's History book. Congratulations to the coaches and players.

madgerman 12/16/11 - 05:56 pm
The kids deserve a round of

The kids deserve a round of applause. But I hope they don't turn into Al Bundy. Wouldn't it be greater if football players were required to maintain an A or B average in order to play. That would show true hard work, dedication and a singular accom[plishment. Unfortunately I have known some HS football stars that can't read or write and it is a shame because they were actually good kids.

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