When common sense capsizes

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Do they give drug tests in Congress?

They ought to if they don't already.

First up should be Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga.

His line of questioning of a Navy officer during a committee meeting March 25, now famous on the Internet, is so bizarre and comical that it has all the appearance of a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Sadly, it's real. And it's your Congress.

In fact, Johnson manages to make Cynthia McKinney, one of his more oddball predecessors, look absolutely lucid.

Johnson inartfully asks the officer about the dimensions of the island of Guam, pursuant to a transfer of 8,000 U.S. Marines there -- before expressing an apparently sincere concern that adding more people to Guam might tip the island over.

Really. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

"My fear," Johnson says with the utmost seriousness, "is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize."

The officer, who gamely fought back a smile, should get a medal -- maybe for not asking and not telling how foolish Johnson's statement was.

Where, oh where, are the words to describe the patent absurdity of it, and the horrifying realization that a schoolchild is more sophisticated? And yet, this is a man representing the state of Georgia in the esteemed halls of Congress, the pinnacle of the nation's leadership.

Never mind Guam. Pray for this nation. Pray the entire country doesn't capsize.

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Bantana 04/03/10 - 10:45 am
On Friday, Apr. 2 12:28

On Friday, Apr. 2 12:28 carcraft wrote: I watched the video, after the question about the island tipping over he then asked about the ecology..St Thomas US VI has 6 people per sq mile, even with the troop increases Guam only has about 1 person per sq mile, why isn't he more concerned about St Thomas?


Now that sounds about as crazy as what poor Johnson said. Maybe we misunderstood what carcraft said? Guam is 84 square miles. Surely he must have meant to say something more sensible.

H4LJ 04/03/10 - 12:06 pm
Thank you Hank! By the way,

Thank you Hank! By the way, if you dont think he was serious, call your psychiatrist. @Riverman: hahaha...Where can I get that bumper sticker?

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