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Dee STAFFORD 16 days ago
This is one of the best.
chas cushman 16 days ago
This shows just had screwed up the Left is. Maybe I should have said just how STUPID the Left is.
William O. Darby 16 days ago
Stupid, asinine, screwed-up, feckless, disoriented, clueless, foundering, coreless, untrustworthy,   directionless,  incompetent, feeble, shallow, schizophrenic, disingenuous, mendacious....

....so many words work so well.

Anyway, given their collective dishonesty, socialist ideology and ruthless behavior since the  60's it's probably a safe bet to call just about ANY Bolshevik lefty-loony a "MOTHER"......

.......wouldn't you agree? 
chas cushman 16 days ago

Tom Golden 16 days ago
Leave it to the Asinine Propaganda Brigade to get excited about politicizing gender and Mother's Day. 

Help is available.

William O. Darby 16 days ago
Intelligent people have ALWAYS known that help is available, Tommy.

What's so puzzling is your refusal to seek it.

I will admit to politicizing gender. (If standing up to stupidity is to be seen as politicizing.) 

I'm from a time when men were men, women were women and both were happy to be that way.
chas cushman 15 days ago
The old pervert Saul Alinsky in his playbook for radicals told the Left to use ignorant blacks and confused, dumb people to achieve their Marxist, communist and perverted goals.
Angie Hicks 15 days ago
Leave it to Mr. Golden to obtusely miss the point.
chas cushman 15 days ago
Many of the sheeple have been brainwashed by the dumocrats and can not see reality.
William O. Darby 15 days ago
Angie - I'd give Tommy more credit than that. I am pretty certain that what he was attempting to do was misdirect the discussion away from the facts.

When the truth is not with you, you look for other tools.
Angie Hicks 15 days ago
That was why I added "obtusely."
Tom Golden 15 days ago
Both of you missed the point.

Gender issues are not partisan issues. That's the point.

Trying to spin them as "Democrat" is politicizing them. It is engaging in propaganda. 

The misdirection and obtuseness here is in the childish simplification of the world, that what you think is "Republican," and what you disagree with is "Democrat" (or vice versa, depending on the "you"). It's divisive, propagandistic, and mindless.

It's also lazy and simple, so perhaps that's the appeal for people. 
William O. Darby 15 days ago
You're really funny, Tommy. You really want to believe that there's a normal person anywhere on the planet who thinks that it's acceptable for grown men to capriciously switch gender on a whim, just so he can expose himself to little girls?
"Gender issues are not partisan issues. That's the point." 
The hell they're not!  You might argue that they weren't until the loony sickos made it so.

Next, I fully expect that the DNC will be pushing to have us accept weirdo's decisions to declare themselves stewed tomatoes. (Or something along those lines, IF they can anticipate a political benefit.to it.)

As OzBama would surely say, "Sí, se puede "

Angie Hicks 14 days ago
Right...there are Republicans everywhere supporting this morphing gender notion...right?
William O. Darby 16 days ago
We observe just about anything and everything else. Why not have an "open enrollment" day every year for those who decide that last time around they picked the wrong gender and want to switch back or even "invent" a new, heretofore unknown gender or sexual identity?

That could be enlightening and might even give the loonies something to occupy their time.
Angie Hicks 15 days ago
Doesn't the "B" in LBGT imply that there are only 2 genders?
William O. Darby 15 days ago
Angie - applied logic will get you nowhere with loonies.
Tom Golden 15 days ago
And with that, you both have demonstrated that you don't even understand what you're talking about.

"B" stands for bisexual, as you know. Gender and sex are two different things. So no, the "B" doesn't imply two genders. Thinking that gender and sex are the same thing is not "applied logic"; it is a total lack of understanding of the difference between the two.

Willie, if you are going to pretend you understand something when you clearly don't, you might want to be a bit more circumspect with the "loonies" label. (Or maybe not -- it's cheap, lazy, and easy to just discredit someone by throwing an insult at them, and maybe that's just what you want to do).
William O. Darby 15 days ago
Sorry, Tommy, but YOU DONT get to write the rules for everyone else. Neither does the DNC or any other socialist organization.  Until you guys turned it into politics, gender was nothing more that a refined way of saying "sex" so as not to offend little old ladies or to please the academic types.

But I'm sure that the left is working overtime to rewrite dictionaries and social studies programs even as we speak. (Kind of like those Arab maps for school children that don't show Israel.) 

But once you get that done, it won't change reality, just your perception of it.

You guys are SO reminiscent of Mao's youth group, the Red Guards. They were fanatically determined to "re-educate" the people  just as your group does. They even attempted to change traffic lights in Beijing so that "red" meant go. Everything was hyperbolically political with them as it is with America's lefty-loons.

In the end, though, they proved too much even for Mao, who, after they served their purpose, banished them to the countryside.
Angie Hicks 14 days ago
Gender:  Male or Female
Sex: Male or Female

You're right....completely different.  How did I not see that?
Roland SASSER 15 days ago
I just miss a simpler time when it was just a special day for mom and dad!
William O. Darby 15 days ago
And a day to help kids understand the value and greatness of a solid and healthy family life.

Now the official line is, "Well, kids, having a mom and dad is okay, as long as you remember that it's really just one of SO MANY possible choices out there, all of them just as good., some even better."
Tom Golden 15 days ago
"I just miss a simpler time when it was just a special day for mom and dad!"
For most of us, it still is.

I'm not sure what the obsessive compulsion is that motivates cartoons like this, or that motivates the commenters that view Mother's Day as a partisan reflection of gender issues. 

Perhaps if they didn't have partisanship, they would not know how to think of themselves.

Vic mccoy 15 days ago
Sad--very very sad.  Lets just do away with mom & dad day,( just like Wash. & Link birthdays combine to have Prez. Day) and just have "parents" day.  Get rid of Grand Parents day too. Just made up-feel good days.  Flower shops love it though!
William O. Darby 15 days ago
Cheer up lefties, in thirty days you can all have a big party to celebrate Che's birthday.

It's never too late to start planning.


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