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William O. Darby 17 days ago
So, Donny demonstrates leadership at last and does what he should have done on January 20th. He does what the lefty-loonies have been saying should have been done since Comey  "Cost Hillary the election" and they're SO conflicted now that they're beginning to look like the Keystone Cops of old.

The last Democrat to show any leadership at all was a president who made far too many really bad decisions. The Bay of Pigs fiasco and getting us into the Cuban Missile Crisis top his list. Gotta to give him his creds for the moon mission in 1969, though.  (Not too sure where Miss Monroe fits into the list.)

Liz (Pocahontas) Warren said yesterday at a commencement speech, that we now have a "Department of Injustice".  

No, princess, not yet. Not until Attorney General Jeff Sessions meets secretly (on a tarmac someplace far from DC) with a disgraced and crooked former president about his disgraced and crooked wife!

Then we can talk about corruption at the Justice Department.
William O. Darby 17 days ago
Trump could pledge allegiance to Karl Marx, Bernie Sanders and OzBama. Give Gitmo to the Castros and declare that all illegals have the right to instant citizenship. Then make capitalism a criminal offense.  It would change nothing.

This politically motivated hate fest will not end, not ever.  Unless the Socialists-Democrats accept that they own Hillary's failed campaign. 

That ain't gonna happen. Not in this reality.

Best thing to do is just ignore those twits.


Mon, 05/29/2017 - 18:10

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