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Dee STAFFORD 20 days ago
Never before has a president's speeches on the campaign trail be used as evidence in an Executive Order. 

The only other time I've heard of something a president has written in personal correspondence be used in a decision is when Thomas Jefferson's personal letter to the Danbury Baptist mentioning a "wall of separation of between church and state" to protect churches from the government was the 1947 case of Everson v. Board of Education.

In it the SCOTUS used out of context his stance as to how the government's position should be in matters of religion. The phrase was never in any laws or other official documents.

Many people don't know it but congress has authority over the number and jurisdiction of all federal courts below the SCOTUS and hopefully they will exercise it with the Ninth Circuit.

Jerry Whitcomb 20 days ago
If words out of a politicians mouth can be considered in a court of law then Obama's "you can keep your doctor, your insurance, and your healthcare bill will go down $2500 a year" should have struck down Obamacare on the first lawsuit.

These yo-yo judges want to use rhetoric in a campaign speech as evidence when they cannot even rule properly on the laws AS WRITTEN.

William O. Darby 20 days ago
Come on, Jerry....

Do you seriously expect Socialist-Democrat fanatics to hold themselves to the same standard they set for everyone outside their twisted and perverted cult?

If that were so, they'd be praising Trump to the rafters for firing Comey. after all, that's what they've been demanding since he "meddled" in Hilary's campaign and ""cost her the election."

Instead, (Now that Trump has given them what they want), they're comparing Donny to Tricky Dick and Watergate.  Hypocrisy, thy name is DNC. 

ROY WHITLEY 20 days ago
As I heard on the "news"; "if it wasn't for the double-standard, democrats would have no standards at all."


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