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ET Links 26 days ago
Well thank God you are not my President!
Roland SASSER 26 days ago
If the election had been ...., what a joke! If my Russian reset had not been a complete failure, if I hadn't gotten four people killed in Benghazi due to my incompetence, if I hadn't set up a private e-mail server violating my own State Department rules, If my hacked e-mails had not shown a complete lack of respect for minorities for which the DNC depends on every election, if the Clinton Foundation hadn't been a pay to play scheme, if the DNC hadn't sabotaged the Sanders campaign on my behalf, if the DOJ hadn't been caught red handed compliant in covering up my crimes, if I hadn't been working for one of the most corrupt liars ever to occupy the White House. I could go on and on! 
William O. Darby 26 days ago
Yep! It's ALL the fault of the director of the FBI..

But I take full responsibility for my, loss.  But still.......

....... OzBama didn't go all out for me, Bill wasn't that much help, Donald Trump being an undercover agent for the Russians (He should be shot.), Huma sending my classified emails to that pervert husband of hers, bad advice on where to spend my campaign money and on which states to visit, the general hatred for all women in this country, not to mention whoever it was that ratted me out about my private server, Hispanics let me down and why didn't Blacks turn out for me like they did for BHO....??? 

I could go on........
...........but I won't because I take full responsibility for my loss.

That's what real leaders do....


Mon, 05/29/2017 - 18:10

Miraculous recovery

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