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Bill Murphy 3 months ago
Nice !  Sums up the 'issues' really well .
Jim Hall 3 months ago
The terms of being politically correct.  The measure by which anti social is defined.   Off to the mental institute or the gulag, comrades.
Jim Hall 3 months ago
We have the students and the peasants.  Next the workers. Then the army.  Then we can kill the czar and his family and live happily ever after.
William O. Darby 3 months ago
Yeah! That worked well for us Bolsheviks in 1917.  But it ended before we could fine tune our wonderful socialist dystopia. (Them danged capitalists ran rings around us.) Time to try again. 

We could exhume Vladimir Lenin, and let him lead us back to our days of glory!
Roland SASSER 3 months ago
Spot on Rick!
chas cushman 3 months ago
It is obvious the dumocrats ain't very smart. Over 90% of the millions of babies they have killed in the last 40 yrs would have grown up to vote for the dumocrats.


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