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Val White 6 months ago

Bill had a really good program.  I always enjoyed his "Talking Points", but also got mad at him when he was wishy-washy on some obvious situations.

We never really know what goes on in others' private lives, but what bothers me the most about his dilemma is when it's a "she said, he said" deal.  Do men with status or money have to filter everything they say to a woman for fear of being accused of harassment or perhaps always be sure to never be alone with a woman unless she's dating him.

Not necessarily saying I don't believe these women, just don't think every time one accuses someone who could benefit them financially should be rewarded unless there is a confession from the man or credible witnesses.

Dee STAFFORD 6 months ago
I think O'Reilly is someone who has an inflated opinion of  himself and his influence on matters. He would always say if something did not go right for the people to get in touch with him and he would fix it.

He did do some good things such as support for the Wounded Warriors and donating the profits of his Factor Gear to charity.

Like so many famous people, he thought he could get away with things and there is a different set of rules and standards of behavior.  I think that is just part of human behavior and one finds it throughout history.

I think Tucker Carlson will be a good replacement and he has become a breath of fresh air on FOX.
RALPH ANGELO 6 months ago
This cartoon is BS. If O'Riely had done anything as rediculous as what McKee is suggesting in this smear job, who would have been arrested. I know that old men are easy targets. And I know that the standards for social interaction between the sexes has changed radically over the last 40 years. And I know that it is politically incorrect to ask, but what does a women do if she feels that the comment or action by an aquanintace or associate or friend, is not acceptable to them? If O'Riely says, "good morning hot chocolate", and the remark is not acceptable to the receiver, doesn't the receivier have to say something, at the time of the occurance? Or report it and get it on the record with an authority. The whisper campaign about how I was worried about my job doesn't work unless you really aren't interested in correcting the situation, but are looking for something else.
Unwanted attention is exactly that, unwanted. Let the instigator know that you don't want to be approached, in no uncertain terms. If they take a job action against you, your concerns are on the record for the EEO case. If a supervisor fails to protect you, you are on the record. And if you are just playing games, its also on the record.   
Dorothy Newton 6 months ago
What bothers me about this cartoon is that Wendy Walsh was on Bill's show thirteen times after the "how about coming up to my room" incident . So why must we assume that Bill is a dirty old man. Let's face the facts that guys will try to bed a date but she has the right to reject the suggestion . And that rejection must be respected. 
This entire Fox sexual harassment issue is troublesome. A number of former employes complained about  harassment after working on Fox for a number of years. These are the same women that accepted the sexy wardrobe and big paychecks.  Where is their integrity to their moral values. 

William O. Darby 6 months ago
To the best of my recollection, this is the first time that Rick has created a drawing based solely on unsubstantiated innuendo.

O'Reilly was perhaps the ONLY member of the media to shut down the BS whether it came from the Right or the Left. He was unwilling to suffer the ignorance of fools. (Not that he was always correct, because he wasn't.)

The lefty-loonies have to be thrilled.
William O. Darby 6 months ago
"Let's face the facts that guys will try to bed a date but she has the right to reject the suggestion."
That's what most reasonable people call "reality". 
Will Jones 6 months ago
Sorry Rick, this doesn't happen very often, but this one is a "miss" for me.  There will be another "hit" soon....
chas cushman 6 months ago
Rich, you are way over the top on this one. Have you been smoking pot?
ROBERT HAWKINS 6 months ago
This disappointed me as much as seeing the Falcons lose the Super Bowl Rick is normally spot on he could not hit the broad side of a barn with this one!


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