Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon


Roland SASSER 5 months ago
Good one Rick! What's so scary about this guy is the fact that he is a complete nut job in possession of nukes which he has a propensity to use.
William O. Darby 5 months ago
Not only is he likely to use nukes, he is a problem that is only going to get worse and worse.  He's like a malignant tumor growing on the end of your nose that you cover with make-up in the hope that it will eventually go away. 

That insane animal, his father and his grandfather were ignored for decades by feckless US presidents. If we (and or others) don't take action and very soon, then we'll be left with only  two options.......  Submit to nuclear blackmail by a madman (to be followed by more of the same from Iran, ISIS and others) or suffer a shipboard nuke in New York harbor or someplace similar. (Or maybe all of the above.)

It's time, folks!  What kind of future are our kids inheriting?  Do they even have a future?


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Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon

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