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Val White 4 months ago

I never understood what statement these saggy pants idiots were trying to make - I did hear a few reasons, but I've noticed it's starting to slowly disappear.

Hard to run from the cops and even harder to run from the stores with shoplifted  goods.

Jim Hall 4 months ago
Imitating prison inmates who advertise for services rendered.  More of the same with the fascination with tattoos, gauge and assorted body disfigurements.

Gangs and want a be gangstas imitating their heroes.
chas cushman 4 months ago
Let'em wear them as low as they want, it makes it easy to spot the stupid ones.
Vic mccoy 4 months ago
Aren't you stero-typing, yo no manz, this could also be a white dude. 
Roy Whitley 4 months ago
If a white "dude" does it, he's even worse.
William O. Darby 4 months ago
It also says, "I don't got no job, and I DON'T WANT no job.  If I gotta show up for a work interview then this is my insurance that I get to keep my EBT.


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