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Angie Hicks 6 months ago
This just in.......Rachel Maddow has taken custody of Al Capone's vault.  Geraldo is quite relieved.
Val White 6 months ago

At least Geraldo (whom I am not at all fond of so can't believe I'm defending him) did not know what was in the vault, so he looked foolish, but in an honest way.

This witch knew what those returns said before she presented them and still didn't have the good sense to realize they made Mr. Trump look good.  In the real world she would have been fired.

Roland SASSER 6 months ago
I honestly can't believe that some of these so called commentators, reporters, journalist or what ever you want to call them, have any audience left. There must be a lot of stupid gullible people who believe any thing they are told without question.
Vic mccoy 6 months ago
There is a lot of stupid-gullible sheeple.  I meet them in the halls all day long.
chas cushman 6 months ago
Before even just 4 yrs of Trump is up the heads of the Marxists, communists and perverts that run and support the dumocrat will explode.
Jim Hall 6 months ago
These talking heads have a script.  They don't believe anything of substance.  They are all performers.  Screened and selected for their "particular appeal" so to speak.  If the rating go down, they will be gone.

From O'Reilly to Maddow, and all in between, they are money makers.  Getting their audience all worked up like a hell fire and brimstone tent revival.

24/7/365 pick your own propaganda.
William O. Darby 6 months ago

You actually put that clueless, classless oxygen deprived bimbo in the same class as O'Reilly?

William O. Darby 6 months ago
"Rachel Maddow IS losing it" ???????????

There's good reason that she's been called Rachel "MadCow" for years now.


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Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon

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