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Vic mccoy 7 months ago
After all the other scandals the EX-prez has been involved in, I'm sure his hands are clean...Just like Hilda, Bill and all the rest of the lying bunch. 
Val White 7 months ago

Unfortunately, all the scandals during the last 8 years were either covered up, blamed on the Republicans or blamed on one of BHOs agencies being rogue - of course, the "rogue(s)" were never  fired or prosecuted.

Tweeting is mild compared to the policies we were subjected to  by BHO.

William O. Darby 7 months ago
When the dust has settled, odds are that we'll find that Trump WAS indeed surveilled.

For some unknown reason, folks are being diverted and misdirected with this talk of FISA warrants which are "SO HARD" (But not if an influential president goes judge shopping and calls in a favor.) to come by.  

No mention though of the multitude of "black bag" surveillance operations that have become commonplace in American politics.

And the beauty of that type of operation is that while giving OzBama (or whoever) "plausible deniability",  the scope of such operations are in no way restricted by pesky rules, laws, ethics or even morality.

Let's not forget that OzBama interfered in the Israeli elections and wire tapped Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.  How many others (aside from Fox News reporter James Rosen) did he illegally spy on?  

The last eight years have seen the Chicago thug mentality rule Washington DC, yet no one has paid the price.
William O. Darby 7 months ago
What's the difference between mistakenly tweeting that most of the offending terrorists released from Gitmo were released by OzBama. (Most were turned out by Bush) and deliberately lying about OzBamaCare (You can keep your doctor and your plan and save $2500) just to get it passed?

(Just one example)


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Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon

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