Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon


Jim Hall 5 months ago
So now it is  the governments fault that people commit felonies?  The fact that there are laws defining criminal acts has no bearing on their condition.

It used to be the devil made me do it.  Now the government made me do it.

Circular logic.  God created everything.  So God created sin.  Everything God created was good.  So sin is good.

We are in for a world of hurt with this perverse mentality.
William O. Darby 5 months ago
Jim - I'm thinking that this one (like some others) is open to interpretation.

I believe that Rick is telling us that what makes the problem almost impossible to solve is that illegal immigration has deep roots in this nation and has become accepted by much of the population and much of the bureaucracy that would be needed  to "uproot"  and end the problem.

The roots on THIS side of the wall nourish the tree on both sides.


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Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon

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