Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon


William O. Darby More than 1 year ago
Hey, Ethel! 

Any of that pecan pie left in the fridge?
Roland SASSER More than 1 year ago
Obtain a nice bike and kayak and use them and you will stay in shape. We have the canal, lakes, rivers and plenty of walking/bike paths.
Jim Hall More than 1 year ago
Maybe it is the benign television?  Or is it our surrender to the NOT benign constant companion and mentor.

The smart phone may replace cable tv or not?
Val White More than 1 year ago

Growing up, I never saw very many obese persons.  But then back in the 40's and 50's when I was a kid, people actually worked a full week and we had little to no fast food places or all the new junk food of today.  My grandparents never owned a car and walked everywhere.

Therefore, I get sick and tired of hearing people defending their weight because they have a thyroid problem - there's medication for that; or they have diabetes - a lot of times the Type II is caused by eating habits and those who have Type I should be even more vigilant about their weight; some women blame it on child bearing - phooey!  Don't overeat while pregnant and eat properly and exercise afterward.

Some folks on steroids tend to gain weight, otherwise, there's just no excuse to become obese.



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Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon