Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon


Roland SASSER 3 months ago
I hope not!
ET Links 3 months ago
I hope not too but I believe the AC is leaning in that direction.
Vic mccoy 3 months ago
Ain't no way!  What about 2012?
Dee STAFFORD 3 months ago
I read an article yesterday where she was planning to run because she has the money and plenty of supporters.  The article ended by saying, "Welcome to Trump's second term."
chas cushman 3 months ago
I read where one liberal news person thought if Trump was impeached the corrupt old hag would be president. There is a reason they are dumocrats.
Roy Whitley 3 months ago
On the list of morons, she's about #6000. obama has to be gotten rid of, one way or another.
Gary McNeal 3 months ago
Hey, her and ole bill have conned the democrats out of 150 million so far. After Chelsea's husband's business has gone down the toilet, along with the foundation, maybe they can come back for some more. It's not like they have anything to do. 
Apollo Sayer 3 months ago
Uh, no.
William O. Darby 3 months ago
Unprepared (Should be in full SCUBA)....

And still unqualified.

That ship has more than just sailed.


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Rick McKee Editorial cartoon

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