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gaflyboy 03/02/13 - 11:22 am
Amazing isn't it?

With all the problems facing our country, our government spends all it's time on problems it has created, supposedly governing!

Darby 03/02/13 - 01:07 pm
Congratulations to the Republicans for.....

standing up to the lies and propaganda.... for the moment.

Now the real test will begin. Obama and his tyrants will now set about creating one "crisis" and pitfall after another. Accompanying each with tales of the dire consequences and suffering "caused" by recalcitrant Republicans.

The bottom line of the administration's propaganda drive will be that relief will only come through the application of new and higher taxes. Taxes that don't hurt anyone because they will only affect the filthy, evil rich who everyone knows, have more money than they will ever need anyway.

Our salvation lies in having government take money that would otherwise be invested in free enterprise, filter it through the great bureaucracy that is Washington DC, and then let what is left trickle back into the states at Obama's direction.

If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy, consider the fact that, at 92%, Obama's administration has the HIGHEST percentage of members with ZERO business experience in American history.

If you are a thinking, rational person, that alone should give you some sleepless nights.

chascushman 03/02/13 - 04:11 pm
“lies and propaganda”

That is all the Obama administration knows but give him credit he can tell a bald face as well as anyone I have ever seen.

nocnoc 03/02/13 - 07:57 pm
The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

So say the Liberals and Chicken Little.

Hardly, or even more appropriately said,
they are lying about the Sequesters impact.

To listen to our politicians United States Of America has come to an end. The same Politicians overspending and allowing 35 Cents of every dollar to be paid in interest on a growing the National Debt.

The Sequester factually amounts to 2.2 cents of every current budget dollar. An it lower the National debt by 2.2%. Hick they increased our hidden taxes over the last 4 years by 3x's that amount.

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report gave a sampling of the vastness of what could be cut, consolidated and rationalized in Washington with NO NOTABLE IMPACT. The GAO suggested cuts amounted to a Total annual savings of $100 billion to $200 billion, about 2x to 5x times the entire domestic sequester, that the liberals say will KILL people.

What is interesting is the GAO items listed are OUTRIGHT WASTE ... PORK ... being spent in duplicate programs and/or programs already in place by the states.

I support the Sequester. It limits the Fed's ability increase spending and waste. MAYBE, after many years we'll even finally see a Balanced Federal Budget.

Until they figure a Bi-Partisan way around it.

Darby 03/03/13 - 12:37 pm
"it lower the National debt by 2.2%...."

I haven't done the math but I wish sequester did lower the National Debt by 2.2%. Truth is, it lowers the INCREASE in the current discretionary spending levels by that amount.

If I had to make a guesstimate, I'd guess that it might lower the National Debt by something closer to .0000000000000000000002%.

Actually that's not true either because even with sequester, we going spend well over a trillion bucks this year, money that we don't have, thereby INCREASING the National Debt, not lowering it.

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