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PhiloPublius 12/20/12 - 10:40 am
Let's not forget

I heard an argument the other day that "the only gun you need is a 9mm handgun for personal protection." The problem with that statement is the right to keep and bear arms was not designed simply for "personal protection". It was created to allow everyone to protect their homes and land from governmental threats both foreign and domestic.

Our forefathers knew that as long as the people were armed, it would be much harder for a corrupt government to force their will on the people.

Our government has forgotten that they are supposed to be a government for the people and not a dictatorship. Unfortunately, even many of the citizens in this country have forgotten everything that we went through to establish this free nation.

Slowly but surely, our government gets bigger and takes more of our freedoms. Once they have our guns, we will be completely defenseless against the very same tyranny that caused us to form this nation over 200 years ago.

Don't let this happen. Stand up for your rights to keep and bear arms!

Jake 12/20/12 - 11:10 am

If only the picture on the left were reality then we wouldn't have the mass killings that seem to occur every so often. Of course this cartoon is totally inaccurate as the NRA openly supports the type of weaponry depicted on the cartoon on the right and that is hardly hunting weaponry.

Jane18 12/20/12 - 11:50 am
Can't Please Everyone...........................................

Hey Rick, I understand your cartoon and what you are trying to "say". I'm sorry some people want to find something different, than what is being pictured.

bdittle 12/20/12 - 12:14 pm
The line

Philo, I do get your point. However, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Matter of fact, there is a line drawn. A stinger missile would be much more help if you were to go into battle against the US armed forces, but you can't buy that arm (legally). At some point we have to ask ourselves which is the more likely scenario? Will your bushmaster be used in a rebel battle against a US tyrannical govt or is it more likely to be used to kill a mass of civilians?? Don't worry though... as long as those southern borders are kept leaky, the illegal arms will flow to you in case you are called in for battle.

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