Fight the real fraud

As the recount of votes in three states progresses, it occurs to me that we have, once again, focused on the wrong problem. Yes, we have a problem with voter fraud (which occurs at polling places and in counting those votes), but the big problem we have is with voter registration fraud.


Presently, people who are registering to vote are not required to prove their U.S. citizenship. All they must do is claim to be a citizen, not prove it. Anybody can make such a claim, and thereby become a registered voter. Once registered, all a voter must do is prove they are indeed the person whose name appears on the voter registration log.


In the recent presidential election, several states (including Georgia) attempted to require proof of citizenship to register, but the federal court struck down their rules and stopped them from requiring proof of citizenship for voting. Democrat strategy is clear: Flood the country with illegals, then get them all registered (fraudulently) to vote. If this happens, Republicans may have won their final election.

Contact your members of Congress and see what they’re doing about it.

Tom Taber




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