Just give Trump a chance

About 45.7 percent of Americans voted against President Obama in 2012 – yet they did not protest, riot, loot or burn. Actors didn’t promise to leave the country. Race relations have been hurt more than by any other president, but he hasn’t been called racist. America’s relationship with one of our greatest allies, Israel, has been hurt.


Donald Trump has not done anything against the LGBTQ community; he even was endorsed by the Miami chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, which called Hillary Clinton “detrimental.” Yet he’s labeled a homophobe. Trump has pledged to help all Americans, but certain citizens refuse to give him a chance.


Trump has vowed to destroy ISIS. Obama in eight years has done very little. Trump has vowed to keep us safe by rebuilding our depleted military, deporting criminal illegals and building a border wall. Obama has allowed free entrance to those who want to kill us. Obama has lied about health care while Trump vows to fix the system. Trump wants to create jobs, yet many who are out of work and living off the taxpayers refuse to give him a chance. Obama has seen the actual jobless numbers increase to 94.7 million, but he and the mainstream report a 4.7 percent unemployment rate.

What’s the difference? I think the difference is the silent majority has finally had enough. We always felt that actions taken should be lawful, without causing harm to others or their property. Protest by voting the person out in four years, not by getting a free looted TV in the name of “protesting.”

Will anybody truthfully miss the Hollywood entertainers who vowed to move if Trump got elected? Let those crying about how cruel we are toward immigrants set an example for us by welcoming about 25 young Syrian men into their homes to prove we will be safe.

America cannot continue giving money to countries that hate us. How’s that “hope and change” working for you?

Finally, uphold the Constitution and this magnificent country will be great again.

L.D. Wilkes