Traffic a big problem

There is a three-way stop sign at the intersection of Chamblin Road and William Few Parkway. The traffic in the morning – with three schools, and being the nearest route to Interstate 20 – is unbelievable. It’s also busy when school lets out, and workers come from I-20 and Fort Gordon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, a new supermarket has opened on the corner of Lewiston Road and William Few.

One way to speed and move the traffic is a red light that will let Chamblin Road traffic turn left and right into William Few Parkway. Then, the light going to Lewiston Road would flow traffic straight and right into Chamblin Road. Then the light going to Columbia Road would flow traffic straight and left into Chamblin Road. This, I believe, would help move traffic and cut some of the backup (sometime more than a mile both ways).

I hope someone in authority in Columbia County reads this, because a change is needed. I hope that any fire unit or ambulance is not called for me or any of my friends during these busy traffic periods.


Charles Slechta




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