Crowdsourced: Presidential debates, The Walking Dead, Fall festivals



Hundreds of tweets poured in with the #augreacts hashtag, which locals are using to share their live reactions during each of the presidential debates. Tweet your reactions to the fourth and final debate starting at 9 p.m. Monday.

ANSLEIGHCAROLINE (@ANSLEIGH_12): “is there a debate going on or something??? hahhahha jk #TeamRomney”

LEONSHA ALLEN (@LIL_LEONSHA): “Obama done got a little aggressive on this debate which is good he needs to.”

ALYSSA VEALE (@ALYSSAANNE1592): “I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for yet and this debate isn’t making it any better...”

MS.MONA (@SOULDELISH30): “The last 2 debates put me to sleep. This one, not so much. #augreacts”

AMANDA SAITOW (@A_LINN_S): “This #debate is ridiculous. You can feel the tension from here.”

MIDGETINVASION (@MIDGETINVASION): “I bet I could moderate the debate efficiently. All I would need is a couple of air horns and a stop watch.”

DOUG DUNCAN (@AUGUSTAGOLFER): “Obama “you can’t cut me off!!! I’m the President of the United States!!!!! #augreacts”

ZAK TODD (@ZAKTODD): “I wish my twitter app had a #debate mode that hid every tweet about the #debate. #debate that #debaters.”

Twitter users - including celebrities and politicians - outside Augusta also weighed in.

TWITTER GOVERNMENT (@GOV): “#Debates conversation tonight peaked at 109,560 tweets per minute on the immigration question to @MittRomney and his answer.

“Update: There were just over 7.2 million tweets during the 2nd Presidential Debate at Hofstra tonight.”

MICHELLE OBAMA (@MICHELLEOBAMA): “Tonight Barack showed, as he has every day as president, that he’ll fight to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream. –mo”

IVANKATRUMP (@IVANKATRUMP): “No post debate handshake between the #President and #Govenor? #debate”

STEPHEN COLBERT (@STEPHENATHOME): “I predict tonight’s debate has a DRAMATIC impact on predictions for the next debate.”

Fall festivals

Fall is festival season in Augusta. Chatter on Augusta’s Greek Fest, Hispanic Festival, Oktoberfest, and state fairs filled social media this past week.

LAWRENCE SHAMLEY (@LJEREMIAH): “October fest last night, Hispanic fest tonight, Greek fest tomarrow, and the fair next weekend #ILoveFall”

HOPE HAM (@TWIRLERHOPE): “Really enjoyed Augusta’s Greek Festival today! Gyros...yum yum!!!”

JLVS (@JEANNALUCIA): “I get more excited for Greek Fest than I do Christmas.”

JESSICA SEIGLER (@JESSEIGLER): “At the Greek Festival. Feta Fries, Baklava Sundaes, and Greek Music. Perfection. #myheartisGreek”

BRITANYALEWIS (@AYOOCH0COLATEQT): “Funnel Cakes, Italian sausages, candy apples, cotton candy # Ready For the Fair!.. No Rides Food only for me!!!”

JESSICA LYNN (@INDYACEJR): “They got Chinese food at the fair. Not brave enough for that”

MARY NEGRON IMAGERY (@MSMARYMACMACMAC): “On top of the world!!! Lol!! #ferriswheel #fair”

PORKCHOP (@PANTONE811): “There is a bouncy castle at Greek Festival. If I’m going to be thrown out of somewhere, this is the way to go.”

FORT GORDON DMWR (@FORTGORDONMWR): “Thank you to all who came out to see us at Oktoberfest! We hope you had as much fun as we did! #MWR”

Zombies are back

Season three of The Walking Dead premiered Sunday.

BURT PARKER (@BURTOH): “Walking Dead season premier was insane. Like zombie head exploding insane. I haven’t been this stoked about a show in a while...”

BRIGGS SMITH (@B__RIGGS): “I hate the Walking Dead #saidnooneever”

CORBIN SNELLINGS (@CBIZZLE93): “There was more blood and gore in the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 3 than the other two combined! #TheWalkingDead”

JAY THIBAULT (@JAYTHIBAULT): “If your not watching Walking Dead then your a zombie”

AMANDA WILLIAMSON (@NYLYAKADNAMA): “Lets just all hop on the walking dead bandwagon”

SETH BRYANT (@XSETHBRYANT): “I have to watch The Walking Dead before social networking spoils it for me.”

CHRIS PARRISH (@CAPARRISH): “Really appreciate the fact that nobody in my twitter feed has spoiled Walking Dead for me... #workinglate”

TOMMIE BUTLER (@TOMMIECB): “Just realized the guy who plays T-Dog in Walking Dead was in Blind Side. I knew I saw him from another movie”

BRITTANY LEIGH REESE (@BRITTLEIGHHHH): “Going from zombies to The Real Housewives is a huge change. Hurry up next Sunday. I need my Walking Dead!”

LUKE LAWRENCE (@FLOSEIDON): “Fight the dead. Fear the living. #thewalkingdead #season3”



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