Crowdsourced: George Kitchens, Georgia's 12th District, and the Olympics

George Kitchens, a Glenn Hills High School graduate and All-American at Clemson, is competing in the 2012 Olympic Games in long jump. Locals turned to Twitter to wish him well at the games.


DREW (@DREWTHEQUE): “S/O to my former teammate and classmate, Olympian #GeorgeKitchens... #GlennHills stand up... #AugustaGA stand up #TeamUSA stand up!!!”

LADY K (@KRISTINAJ83): “Good luck in the #2012LondonOlympics #GeorgeKitchens Represent #HephzibahAugustaGA doing big things #longjump”

#USHOULD’VESNOWN (@IHASNOSHAME): “Ready to see my uncle GEORGE KITCHENS walk out representing the USA”

CONGRESSMAN JOHN BARROW (@REPJOHNBARROW): “Good luck to the @USOlympic team and George Kitchens from Augusta at the @London2012 games starting today. Make us proud. #ga12”

Each candidate in the race for Georgia’s 12th District Congressional seat, held by Barrow, uses Twitter to talk to supporters.

On Tuesday, Georgia’s General Primary, RICK W. ALLEN (@RICKWALLENGA12)tweeted: “Election Day has finally arrived-make sure to get out and vote to send a businessman to Congress, not another career politician or lawyer!”

WRIGHT MCLEOD (@WRIGHTMCLEOD): “Got my voting done early this morning. RT if you’ve cast your ballot already for my campaign! #ga12 #gagop”

MARIA SHEFFIELD (@MARIASHEFFIELD) acknowledged the end of her campaign as results rolled in Tuesday night. She tweeted: “For Everything Under Heaven There Is A Season - #GA12 #gapol #gagop #tcot #gop #nrcc” The link led to a letter to supporters, in which she wrote, “Tonight, we step aside with thanksgiving and humility; thankful for our time in the arena.”

Constituents, meanwhile, turned to Twitter to talk about how they voted. The TSPLOST referendum, a one-percent sales tax to fund transportation projects, drew ire.

WILL SCHAFER (@AUGUSTACARGUY): “Hate the “penny on the dollar” saying about #TSPLOST. On a car, that’s a whole lotta pennies! NO to #TSPLOST.”

AYMAN HOSSAM FADEL (@AYMANFADEL): “If u live in #Georgia #USA, remember to vote today, especially vote NO on T-Splost!”

E. NICHOLE (@MS_LANEY13): “First of all, we already pay .07 so 1 more penny shouldnt hurt, right?? WRONG!”

Political talk, however, couldn’t keep up with the fast-and-furious pace of Olympic tweets. The games stole the show, with tweets on everything from the opening ceremonies to popular prime-time events, and then some.

J. GOTTI (@JALENLAMPKIN): “What if Augusta held the 2016 Olympics!”

KELLY MCGAHEE (@ELENORAKELLY): “USA, can I design the outfits for next time? That way they will actually look classy. And I’ll make sure they’re made in America. Please?”

JOHN HART (@JOHNDARWINHART): “This men’s water polo match is never going to get anywhere if someone doesn’t start yelling “Marco!” #olympics”

AMELIA JANE CARTER (@AMILLIJANE): “When you can’t decide if you should watch the gymnastics you missed last night knowing that you would just miss more Olympics #decisions”

KATHE JONES (@KATHJONEZ): “that awkward moment when you realize the current Olympic womens gymnastics team was born the year I was just reminiscing about. #96Atlanta”

KEVIN B (@KEVINAPPLE): “I really (commercial) like (commercial) watching (commercial) (commercial) the (commercial) Olympics. #commercials #Olympics”

Several Olympians reply to and retweet fans, even during the games. With more than 400,000 followers and counting, swimmer Ryan Lochte says he’s grateful for the support.

RYAN LOCHTE (@RYANLOCHTE) tweeted on day two of the London Olympics: “I have THE BEST fans. Thank u guys for all the support. It’s one of the reason I keep going!”

Locals aren’t shy about tweeting to him directly with everything from well wishes to marriage proposals.

KATHE JONES (@KATHJONEZ): “@ryanlochte can I have swims lessons? when you get back to ‘Merica of course. #KiddingUnlessYouSayYes”

CASEY MARIE (@CASEYROX1998): “@ryanlochte I know you’ll never see this but, you’re my inspiration in swimming! I’m so proud! Congrats on the followers! Love you!! xoxo (:”

MARY LIZ GOODELL (@MERRYLIZBETH): “@ryanlochte congratulations!!! in addition to that gold medal, i also offer you my hand in marriage.”

TIFFANY CANEDA (@TIFFANYCANED) tweeted @ryanlochte with an e-card that said, “Congrats, Ryan Lotchte. You’ve successfully made Ryan Gosling look kinda, ‘meh.’”

BRANDIE HARTMAN (@BRANDIEJHART): “Hey all u news outlets, please keep the “Phelps is done” reports coming because its only gonna fire @MichaelPhelps up! #teamphelps”

LIZ GRANT (@ELIZABETFORREST): “Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time. He also gets my vote for the most attractive.”

XAVIER T. (@_OBEYZAE): “Shoutout to Michael Phelps for setting the record for the most Olympic gold medals. Hard work pays off.”

But after Phelps took silver in the 200-meter fly, JASON GOODING (@JD_GOODING95) tweeted: “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Ohh....whoops, sorry Phelps. Shoulda listened to Dori.”



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