Crowdsourced: Run for Aimee, 'Blowback' feedback, hair-raising crime, #RIP Andy Griffith

Run for Aimee


Hundreds of runners turned out for last weekend’s Run for Aimee, a 5K run/walk that raised money for prosthetics for Aimee Copeland, the graduate student who contracted necrotizing fasciitis after a zip-lining accident.


Evans High School student JUSTIN WEEGAR (@WEEGARUNNER) finished in first place. The 15-year-old donated his $100 prize money to Copeland. Weegar tweeted: “Won the 5k for Aimee Copeland this morning. Felt great to give back! Stay Strong Aimee”

Columbia County’s Ryan Bowers, whose recent claims to fame include a stint on season eight of The Bachelorette, spoke prior to the run. Bowers is the owner of AthElite Sports Training Academy in Evans, and tweeted a few photos of the race, along with his well wishes for Aimee.

RYAN BOWERS (@RYANBOWERS22): “Had a great time supporting the lovely Aimee Copeland at the 5k dedicated to her as she battles a flesh eating disease”


‘Blowback’ feedback

The July 2 editorial “Blowback for bullying” called for action in response to the viral video depicting a 68-year-old school bus monitor in New York being verbally abused by middle-school students. While nearly half a million dollars have been given in an online fund-raising appeal to benefit the woman, the editorial encouraged readers to do more: “Let’s not just throw money at this problem. Let’s put our hearts and souls into fixing this.”


JIC: “And your gay sons and daughters endure this throughout their childhoods and you argue that the bullying is free speech!”

SEENITB4: “This is a sample of what we have produced in the last years.....& some say no to spanking....give me a break!”

EB97: “Well, just look at how corrupt our local, state, federal government has been and look at how they behave at meetings and elsewhere in the public eye. The children see this and have learned that it is acceptable behavior. The adults need to teach the youth by example, not just words. We can turn this thing around but it takes everyone on all levels. If we don’t, God help us all.”


Hair-raising crime

Puns and punch lines sprung from a Monday news story that ran with the headline, “Hair thief attacks with pepper spray.” Richmond County investigators say a woman entered a Windsor Spring Road beauty supply store, grabbed two packs of hair, and headed for the exit. Employees attempted to stop her, but the bandit squirted them with pepper spray before fleeing the scene. The hair was valued at $240.


INSIDER INFORMATION: “Simply un-beweavable. In all seriousness, this is a hairy situation. If cops don’t get on top of it soon, the problem will grow. Hair thefts need to be cut out and not swept under the rug.”

BOBBIE920: “Guess pepper spray is one way to get what you want.”

LITTLE LAMB: “I think Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has included hair in the list of services that medical insurance providers must cover under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Therefore, no crime was committed.”


#RIP Andy Griffith

Beloved actor Andy Griffith died Tuesday at age 86. Twitter users were quick to comment on both the man himself and the theme song for the TV classic The Andy Griffith Show, starring Griffith as the small-town sheriff of Mayberry.


DAVID BRUNSON (@DAVIDBRUNSONJR): “Andy Griffith. The absolute best actor ever and a true gentleman friends with my step father in NC. May you rest in peace.”

DAVID SONS (@DAVID SONS): “Andy Griffith’s passing is a tough one. I think I learned what comedy was by watching his show. Sad day.”

DUSTY WAMMACK (@DKWAMMACK): “Thanks Mr. Griffith for inspiring me to learn how to whistle. May you rest in peace.”

D. MORG (@ONLYMORGANESQUE): “gonna whistle on my way out for honor of andy griffith”



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