Crowdsourced: Webb for the win, RIP Rodney King, a historical moment for Baptists, R-rated moviegoers

Webb for the win


Webb Simpson’s U.S. Open win provided plenty of fodder for weekend tweets. The golfer, basking in his first career major title, had this to say:


@WEBBSIMPSON1 (WEBB SIMPSON): “Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. Humbled to win the US Open!! Thankful to God for His grace in my life. #nosleep”


Simpson’s caddy, PAUL TESORI (@_SOKI_), thanked golfer JOSH MCCUMBER (@JOSHMCCUMBER) for the congratulations he offered after the win:


“The Lord blessed Webb and I to the fullest buddy. What an amazing experience. Thanks and God Bless my friend.”


The area director for the Greater Augusta Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which hosts big-name golfers at an annual Masters Week breakfast in Augusta, cheered Simpson on.


GREG WILSON (@FCAGWILSON): Webb Simpson = US Open champ! Can FCA’s Augusta Golf Breakfast be too far behind? Webb, c’mon wit’ it!


The highlight for some golf fans came after the tournament when a man leapt in front of cameras and interrupted the trophy presentation with what appeared to be a series of bird calls. Security guards whisked the man away, leaving the new champion to quip, “Enjoy the jail cell, pal.”


MELISSA NIX (@_MELLLLYYY_): “I mean really though. I had to rewind it to see if it was real. #USOpen”

EMILY RAWL (@EMILYRAWL): “man stood up and squawked in front of Webb Simpson while he was getting his trophy. “enjoy the jail cell pal”. #dead #USOpen #golfisfunny”


R.I.P. Rodney King

Rodney King, the black motorist whose videotaped beating by police officers led to some of the most destructive race riots in the country’s history, died Sunday at age 47.


JINO RODRIGUEZ (@SONNYSONNYLEE23): RIP Rodney King u helped bring to light the wickedness that plagued the LAPD for so long.

MARK AMARGO @MARKAMARGO): “Wondering if the Rodney King incident would have been as sensational if it occurred in today’s YouTube generation?”

NOCNOC: “Lets not go and made this guy out to be some hero.

“Mr. King was a known serious alcohol and drug user, who had serious run ins with the law prior to the incident that made him infamous. ...”


A first for Baptists

On Tuesday, the Rev. Fred Luter became the first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention in the denomination’s 167-year history.


SOAPY_725: “free at last, free at last....... We hope this will help the SBC. We hope this will “heal the wounds”. Now we have to figure out the motives for recent retirements? Inclusive Theology helped the LDS.”

CURLY123053: “It’s not about the color of the skin, it’s about the heart. We all have to have the heart to do God’s will no matter who we are. This move is more about looking forward to where God wants us to be going, not looking back to another time. Good luck Dr. Luter!”

SAYWHATAGAIN: “... It goes right over my head what’s the big whoop over the prospect of a black SBA President. God in heaven people! Every day 150,000 people plunge into eternity and the overwhelming of those into a Christless grave. Let’s move on to something vastly more important than the color of someone’s skin.”


R-rated moviegoers

Last week, a man and woman were arrested and charged with having sex inside an Evans movie theater. Claude Lamar Harris Jr. works for New Life Worship Center and Angela Prater Veale is employed by WJBF-TV, according to police.


ALLHANS: I thought I had seen it all. Yuck. Evidently these two have no self respect, or respect for others, They probably think that what they were doing is okay.


BIGBROTHA44: Please respect the fact that they and their families are going through an incredibly difficult time right now and we don’t need to see them being insulted and ridiculed. It’s hard enough.


DIXIEMAN: 1. What movie did they buy tickets for?

2. What movie did they actually go see?

3. Did they buy popcorn or other snacks?

4. Did they do the math and realize that two tickets plus a few snacks are very close to the cost of a private motel room?

5. Who saw them and reported them to management?

6. Are you kidding me???!!??



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