What’s in a name?


In Stuart Crosby’s letter to the editor (“Don’t brand school ‘Augusta’,” June 7), the Grovetown resident advised against using Augusta in the name of the new university to be formed by merging Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. Crosby argued that Augusta has no association with any “inspirational ideal” or “noble cause.” The new name, he said, “should primarily inspire those who are directly involved with academia and its output.”



DAVID PARKER: “Take some pride in our city and think confidently upon the merger and how it will improve this area. They could name it something to make it more generic, disassociate itself from Augusta. They could drop another name in there and make it sexy even. But I like Augusta and I’m not ashamed of our obscurity, so put the flippin city name in the school name and to heck with everyone else.”

JUST MY OPINION: “I think this letter was very well written and makes the writer’s point extremely well. Those of you who may be offended by it, seriously, read it again and read it WITHOUT emotion. You will see it makes more sense than you first thought. As for me, I didn’t really care if “Augusta” was in the new name or not, but now I can see how it’s not a good idea, but only because it doesn’t serve a “branding” purpose.


Rockin’ out

Area residents flocked to Twitter on June 8 to post pictures of the Rick Springfield concert at Lady Antebellum Pavilion in Evans as WBBQ-FM celebrated its 65th “Birthday Bash.”



@SHERELADD (SHERE LADD): Great night seeing @rickspringfield in concert you rocked Augusta please come back again soon!!!

@BRANDI_LOVE (BRANDI LOVE): Rick Springfield is playing “jesse’s girl” and I’m loving life! #Ilovetheeighties

@JMIAHONLINE: Holy Cow! Rick Springfield is 62!!!!!! But he’s rockin’ the stage like he’s 25!!!


Double vision

News that University of Georgia German professor Max Roland Reinhart was arrested June 7 for dressing as a woman and agreeing to have sex with an undercover officer in Gwinnett County sparked a flurry of comments among readers.


LITTLE LAMB: “I’m sure his defense attorney will insist that the activity is legitimate academic research into his Goethe studies.”

REDAPPLES: “This just doesn’t come to my mind as a category of crime that I am really concerned about. Who’s the victim? Now someone attacking and
eating another person’s face, that’s what I call a crime!”

WILLOW BAILEY: “Legalizing prostitution will not cut down on the behavior, health or legal problems; if anything, it will increase them. Legalization will also spill over into the practice of human trafficking and will have devastating results on both adults and minors. Prostitution amounts to selling bodies, which is nothing more than slavery at its highest form. It is another one of Pandora’s boxes, that if opened will spill out more vile than anyone can imagine...”


Sign of strife

When a Ku Klux Klan group announced its intent to join Georgia’s “Adopt-A-Highway” program for litter removal of a highway near the Appalachian Mountains, readers quickly shared their opinions. The issue could cause legal problems if state officials deny the application.

BIGCLAUDE: “Let the KKK clean one side of the road and the Black Panthers clean the other side. Maybe we will get lucky and they will just wipe each other out.”

SHENYSE86: “They are a group like all others... As long as they are not going to be dressed in their regalia while cleaning the side of the high way or burning crosses in the bush, I say let them do it.”


Flood threat

People jumped on Twitter to talk about the potential for flooding, or lack thereof, as the National Weather Service issued a f
lood watch in the Augusta area through Wednesday morning.



@DGIBBS88 (DAMIEN GIBBONS): Augusta about to flood!!!

Its supposed to rain all week but its not raining... okay Augusta.



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